11 of the Best Pizza Restaurants in Rome

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Preparing to head to the gorgeous Italian capital of Rome? We hope you’re hungry, because this city is an absolute culinary paradise and one of the top foodie destinations in the world. 

So, where better to sample the most famous of all Italian delicacies, the pizza?

Thankfully, you certainly won’t find yourself short on places to sample this staple dish during your Italy food vacation. The bustling metropolis is bursting with pizzerias that serve up everything from classic Margheritas to tasty pizza pockets that combine all the deliciousness of the traditional snack into an easy-to-transport triangle shape. And Rome’s pizza restaurants are some of the best in the world.

You’ll be able to eat your way through this famous city, getting a taste of its enchanting charm by sampling its most iconic dish. 

With so many fantastic eateries to choose from, you may be wondering which are the best pizza restaurants in Rome Italy. You’re in luck as we have gathered together a list of the 11 best pizza restaurants in Rome so you can meander through the city, sampling the local cuisine at its prime without a care in the world. 

Read on to discover the best pizza places in Rome.

1. Emma

An absolute gem when it comes to pizza places in Rome, Emma dishes up some of the best pizza in Rome. Large yet charming, this restaurant is nestled in the Jewish Quarter of the city was founded by Francesco Roscino and Pierluigi Roscioloi and opened its doors to customers in 2014. 

Emma is renowned for serving up paper-thin crusts with an exquisite crunch and topping their bases with the vibrant flavors of top-notch local produce. Expect your base to be blessed with the spectacular taste of 30-month-old Parmigiano or creamy buffalo mozzarella from Paestum. 

While enjoying such tasty rich flavors, you will of course be craving a refreshing beverage to wash it all down with. Luckily, Emma boasts an extensive drinks list including lush wines from the top to the heel of Italy’s boot as well as a large selection of soft drinks.

2. Il Trapizzino

If you’re looking for somewhere to try an Italian pizza with a twist, head to Il Trapizzino, where you‘ll find white triangular-shaped pizza pockets. Back in 2013, a well-known pizza maker called Stefano Callegari made huge waves in the pizza-making industry by establishing the first Trapizzino shop close to the Testaccio market. 

All in the name, Trapizzino is a pun that merges the Italian term ‘tramezzino’, meaning triangle sandwich, with pizza. So, the scrumptious delicacy offers all of the best parts of both of these classic Italian snacks in one sensational snack. 

Nowadays seen as a contender for being the best pizza in Rome, trapizzinos combine the vibrant flavors of the pizza with the super convenient and easy-to-carry shape of the tramezzino. Thus, you can relax and enjoy this tasty snack while on the move and exploring all that the city has to offer. 

3. Seu Pizza Illuminati

Close to the Tiber River lies Seu Pizza Illuminati, a pizzeria whose dough boasts the most outstanding texture. Said to be one of the best pizzeria in Rome, the pizzas here are airy and puffy, delivering that all-important crisp base.

Prepare to be absolutely blown away by the pizza at Seu Pizza Illuminati, as the texture is undeniably delicious, satisfying and unique. The restaurant also offers an extensive range of toppings to suit everyone’s taste, with classic options such as mozzarella and basil for those wanting to stick to tradition as well as more innovative options for the more experimental eaters. 

4. Ai Marmi Pizzeria 

Dishing up some of the best Roman pizza in Rome, Italy, Ai Marmi, also known as Panattoni, is a traditional pizzeria in Trastevere, the most scenic neighborhood in the city. Expect classic, thin and crispy bases at this restaurant as well as a straight-up, no-frills approach to the dishes. 

This is not to say that the pizza won’t take your breath away however, as the pizzeria has got this classic style down to a tee and is an absolute must-visit for anyone wishing to taste the dish at its most authentic. As well as the delicious pizza, you will also be able to sample other classic Italian dishes such as fresh cod filets, bruschetta and beans all’uccelletto (in a tomato sauce) – perfect side snacks to enjoy alongside your main meal.

With an energetic and bustling atmosphere, Ai Marmi makes a fantastic late-night spot and a great place to visit if you’re looking to try authentic food while basking in the magical ambience of the charming Italian capital.

5. Pizzarium

Located nearby the Vatican, Pizzarium is an ideal spot for those seeking a quick, delicious snack while exploring some of Rome’s famous sights. Founded by Gabriele Bonci – a huge celebrity in the pizza world – you are set to be left dazzled by the sensational food served at this buzzing establishment.

However, with such a fantastic reputation comes a lot of admirers. You may find yourself having to queue before being able to bag a slice from this renowned pizzeria, but we assure you that it will all be made worth your while as soon as you take that first bite. 

The pizzas here are known to be out-of-this-world and make the eatery a popular spot amongst locals and tourists alike. 

While you can opt for classic toppings such as tomato and oregano, you can also veer off the beaten track and sample the more adventurous options such as artisanal cured meat. Either way, you are eating at one of the best pizza places in Rome so it is sure to be delicious. Plus, the toppings options change regularly – sometimes even within the day – so no need to over-think this one, just turn up and prepare to be impressed. 

6. 180g Pizzeria Romana

Opened by the incredibly talented chef Jacobo Mercuro back in 2012, 180g Pizzeria Romana prioritizes serving up the most delicious traditional Roman pizzas. Picture crisp-thin crusts made by the hands of skilled chefs, topped with high-quality ingredients from small producers in the area…bellissimo!

Free from the restrictions of a set menu, the pizzas on offer at this spectacular restaurant change on the daily. So, if you’re tempted by the sounds of 180g, just head on over and check out what tasty delight is coming out of the oven on the day. No matter what, the freshness and quality of the first-rate ingredients will have you convinced that this is the best pizza place in Rome. 

7. La Gatta Mangiona 

Situated in the Monteverde neighborhood, La Gatta Mangiona is another of the best places to eat pizza in Rome. Picture seasonal, high-quality toppings atop delicious dough made from speciality flour in what is a spectacular combination of fresh, vibrant flavors. 

Aptly named, La Gratta Mangiona translates to ‘The Greedy Cat’ and there is no doubt that you will find yourself so engrossed by the deliciousness of these pizzas that you will be left with no choice but to loosen your belt a notch or two! 

Boasting a wide and varied menu, you will not only be spoiled with a fantastic selection of tasty pizza options but also appetizers, and handmade desserts such as panna cotta and tiramisu. There are also plenty of alcoholic beverages and soft drink options to cleanse the palate in between courses.

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8. Sbanco

An Italian pizzeria at its finest, Sbanco has an edgy, industrial appearance that greets you with a cool, casual atmosphere. Here you will be able to enjoy refreshing craft beer alongside your delicious wood-fired dishes. 

Sbanco has a fantastic selection of classic and alternative toppings which will give you plenty to choose from during your visit. This buzzing spot is also owned by the famous Stefano Callegari (owner of Il Trapizzino), and it’s safe to say that he knows what he’s doing when it comes to pizza as this little gem is also frequently said to be the best pizza restaurant in Rome. 

Whether you are looking for a chilled-out meal on the sofa area or a more formal dining affair at one of the dressed tables, you are free to carve your experience to your liking or whatever takes your fancy on the day in this charming pizzeria.

9. Pizzeria da Remo

Pizzeria da Remo is a traditional pizza spot serving up classic Roman-style pizza. You can expect crusts to be thin and crispy at this popular eatery, as well as the topping selection to be fresh and varied. 

A queue of eager visitors tends to have already gathered outside this sought-after spot by 8 pm. Be sure to arrive early to try to beat the crowds or embrace the buzz by bringing a refreshing drink to sip at while basking in the exciting atmosphere around you.

The pizzas are made in a wood-burning oven and are designed for only a couple of toppings – simplicity is key at this establishment. Previous guests have praised this no-frill approach to the meals. In fact, this is the place to head if you are looking for the best Margherita pizza in Rome.

10. Piccolo Buco

Translating to “little hole”, Piccolo Buco is a quaint little spot near the Fontana di Trevi that dishes up some of the best pizza in Rome in a small, charming site beside one of the city’s top attractions. One of the oldest pizzerias in the city, Piccolo Buco opened way back in 1916 and this seems to have given the restaurant plenty of time to nail its dishes! 

Despite its size, this adorable eatery has an extensive menu that includes classic pizzas for the traditional eaters alongside gourmet options for those looking to push the boat out. The fantastic food and romantic location mean that Piccolo Buco tourists and locals alike flock over to the eatery to sample its famous food. Being such a popular spot, it is definitely worth booking a table in advance to avoid any disappointment.

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11. La Pratolina

La Pratolina is not only one of the best pizzerias in Rome, but it is one of the most ancient. It’s like a history lesson and a foodie experience all in one! 

Yet, this traditional pizzeria does not come without its quirks. Guests are usually surprised to find that the pizzas are oval instead of round. 

The delicious dough is made from a mixture of different flour that is left to rise for 48 hours. This method gives the pizza a thicker crust, similar to focaccia which is said to be the way that the ancient Romans liked to eat their pizza. 

While this spot is quite likely to be busy in the evenings, the friendly ambience at La Pratolina means that you are sure to enjoy the wait almost as much as the food! Guests are even treated to free Prosecco and are never rushed – no matter what the hour.


You simply cannot visit Rome without checking out some of its fantastic pizzerias. A huge part of the culture in Italy’s capital, pizza should always be at the forefront of your mind while planning a trip to this magical part of the world. There are so many places to choose from that it is simply impossible for you to find yourself without anywhere to go.

On the other hand, the plethora of fantastic eateries can make it difficult to choose which one to head to! Whether you are a stickler for tradition or want to try modern twists on this staple of Italian cuisine, there are certainly options to suit everyone’s taste in this fantastic city. 

As one of the best places to visit in Italy with family as well as a romantic escape or fun getaway with friends, Rome is a truly sensational destination that simply cannot be missed out on.

If you’re planning a trip to Rome and want more advice on where to go and what to do, get in touch with Italy4Real and speak to one of our team about our bespoke range of tours.

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