Food is one of the main reasons people come to Rome. And, while there’s a lot of options, pizza tends to top the list.
It won’t be difficult to find pizza in Rome, but, you may have a hard time narrowing down where to eat.

We want you to experience the best pizza Rome has to offer, so here are the 5 best restaurants which we recommend you try on your visit to Rome.

1. La Pratolina

This pizza is not only one of the best, but it is one of the most ancient. It’s like a history lesson and a foodie experience all in one.
Guests are usually surprised to find that the pizzas are oval instead of round. They are made with a mixture of different flour that is left to rise for 48 hours.
This gives the pizza a thicker crust, similar to focaccia. Apparently, this is the way that the ancient Romans liked to eat their pizza.
While this pizza spot gets quite busy in the evenings, it’s known to be one of the friendliest. Guests receive free Prosecco and will never be rushed no matter how late it gets.

2. Da Remo

This classic pizza spot serves up another style of traditional, Roman pizza. The crust is crispy and thin, and there is usually a line of people waiting to try it by 8 pm.

The pizzas are made in a wood-burning oven and are designed for only a couple of toppings. Past guests have said that the simpler options are usually better.
The marinara pies and Margherita are some of the best choices. If you’re visiting during summer, make sure to enjoy the outdoor seating.

pizza oven

3. Farine

While the menu here is small, the flavors are big. There are only five pizzas offered to guests, but each one is made carefully with love.

The pizzas are Roman-style and the dough is left to sit for 72 hours before being cooked.

Prices are cheap, the food is as authentic as it gets, and guests love the close-knit atmosphere. In fact, Farine has been dubbed a favorite of the locals.

4. Life Pizzeria

While this pizza spot is pretty far from traditional, it’s a great healthy twist on the classics.

It’s the first organic pizzeria in Rome and it includes both vegan and vegetarian options. This way, even travelers with food restrictions can still enjoy the food scene in Rome.

They also offer some pretty unique flavors like ginger, dark chocolate powder and chili powder.


5. Panattoni

This spot is often referred to as Ai Marmi (marble slabs) and is a great late-night spot. The pizza is thin and crispy and when the weather is nice, guests enjoy it outdoors.

A classic margherita pizza is a great choice, but the other toppings are delicious too. Aside from the perfectly crispy pizzas, the bustling and loud atmosphere makes this an authentic stop for dinner.

Getting ready to head to Rome? We hope you’re hungry because you’ll be eating a lot of pizza while you’re here. If you’d like to start planning your Italian getaway, or if you have any questions, then please do get in touch with us today.

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