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The Big 3 – Venice, Florence and Rome

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For first time visitors and experienced globetrotters, the Big 3 is a staple in travel to Italy. If you are planning your first trip to Italy or your 100th; Venice, Florence and Rome are almost always in everyone’s travel planning bag of tricks.


No matter if you start your trip in the North in Venice and then travel South toward Rome or vice versa; Florence is a logical mid-way stop in-between the two iconic cities. Traveling this way is called an open jaw route; where you begin your trip in one end of the country and finish your trip in the other. This allows you the most efficient and enjoyable traveling without the hassle of having to backtrack to fly home.


When you are planning your trip to Italy make sure Venice, Florence and Rome are included even if you have already been to these great cities. Each offers the return visitor something new to see if you know where to look.


Venice is known for its Gondolas but few know about the morning fish and veggie market that takes place in Venice. The Venice fish market is alive with personality, lively characters selling their products fresh off the boat and handpicked from local farms.


Michelangelo’s David statue in Florence may bring thousands of tourists to the city each year; but few get to see some of Florence’s lesser known areas where local artists set up shops and display their artwork around street side café’s in the summer.. a great city stroll for any visitor to Florence.


Rome may be the capital of Italy but is offers so much more to the return visitor than the Vatican or the Colosseum. Rome offers some of the most interesting neighborhoods around; such as Trastevere; which is on the west bank of the Tiber river and is filled with vine covered cobblestone streets and great squares to sit and people watch.


No matter which Big 3 Italian city you choose. Italy4Real can help you plan a customized trip to Italy or anywhere in Europe that is fun and affordable!

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Venice, Florence and Rome

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