Like Lots of Food Without the Crowds?

Major cities across the world have always had a tradition of choosing a distinction. In some cases, the distinctions have been chosen by tourists or some celebrated public figure and in some cases the city has accorded itself. Bologna is the self claimed food capital of Italy. And it is one distinction that no one has even tried to argue or dispute. It is truly Italy’s food capital. If you are a foodie or someone who just appreciates good food, then your trip to Italy will be incomplete without visiting Bologna.

Let us begin with a few fact checks. Bologna is not as popular as Rome or Venice. It is not as crowded as Florence or the hotspots in Tuscany. At times, Bologna will appear to be void of tourists. But it is the place wherefrom you have got your tortellini, lasagna, Parma ham, spaghetti Bolognese, parmesan cheese and balsamic vinegar. Most cured pork concepts have also originated from this erstwhile wealthy city.

If you know a fair bit about Italian cuisines then you will be aware that the country has two distinctly divided approaches to cooking. The Emilia Romagna region of the country focuses more on cream and butter. Tuscany and several provinces focus more on olive oil and tomatoes. Bologna goes a step further and generously adds mushrooms, chestnuts and truffles, variants of several dishes and also experiments with its own delicacies.

When you check out Italy travel packages, you may come across food theme packages centering Bologna. But don’t think that you can just waltz into one of the more popular restaurants in Bologna and have your fair share. The more reputed places are chockablock when the tourists fly in thick and fast. You need to book in advance. For normal eateries that are not as celebrated but should be you can just walk in.

You may be wondering while planning your trip to Italy about the places that you should end up at in Bologna. Well, go to Caffé Opera e Tulipani, Caminetto d’Oro, Drogheria della Rosa, La Vecchia Malga, Ristorante Papagallo, Trattoria Anna Maria, Trattoria Meloncello, Eataly, Serghei, Trattoria da Gianni, Ristorante Da Fabio, Osteria Broccaindosso and Ristorante Diana.

You may not be able to visit all these fine restaurants and bars in Bologna on one trip. See what you can accommodate in your Italy vacation packages and choose the places that serve your favorite foods.

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