Coastal vacations in Italy. From the Mediterranean and the Ionian to the Adriatic and the Ligurian, stunning views and azure waters surrounding this culture infused country. A drive around the coasts will offer more than just beautiful scenery, as these areas have been important for the Italian people over the years.
Take a drive down the coast to get a glimpse of fishing villages, defensive harbors, historic towns, and rocky beaches. While you can stop off at tourist attractions and well-loved eateries, you can also wander off into lesser-known villages and secluded destinations. Hop in the car and take a drive along the coastline when you’re feeling ready for a little adventure that’s away from the tourist crowds.
If you are ready to put aside your worries and relax amongst culture and natural beauty, a coastal vacation in Italy might be just what you need.

Coastal Tours of Italy

Gallipoli’s harbor with castle and boats

8-Day Southern Italy E-Bike Journey from Alberobello’s Trulli to Lecce’s Baroque Architecture

10- Day Venice Golfing Adventure: Venice Golf & Gondolas

Sorrento Lemon Grove Tour and Tasting 🍋

collection of Sicily ceramics on wood table

8-Day Enchanting Western Sicily: A Luxury Journey Through History and Beauty

map of Eastern Sicily

8-Day Sicilian Elegance: A Luxury Journey Through The Timeless Wonders of Eastern Sicily

Sicily and the Aeolian islands

12-Day Enchanting Sicily and Aeolian Splendor: A Grand Tour of Sicilian Highlights and Island Wonders

ruins of taormina

8-Day Sicilian Delights: Culture & Cuisine Group Tour

Sicily Ruins

8-Day Odyssey of Unforgettable Beauty, Culture, and Flavor Discovering the Soul of Sicily

lake maggiore garden and castle

13 Day Primo Italiano Luxury Small Group Tour of Italy

Cinque Terre Many Colours

8-Day Rome, Florence & Cinque Terre Italian Tapestry

Rome Trevi Fountain

7-Day Odyssey From Rome’s Eternal Grandeur to Sorrento’s Sunlit Splendor

Milanese sights

12-Day Italian Odyssey by Train North to South Through Culture, Culinary and Coastlines

The Amalfi Coas

10-Day Italian Journey by Train: Discover Italy with Italy4Real

8-Day Small Group Sicily Foodie Tour

Experience the Majesty of Venice: Doge’s Palace & St. Mark’s Basilica Tour

The Aeolian Islands Tour

Agrigento Temple Valley

A 10-Day Journey Through Sicily with Rem at Italy4Real – Memories of a Lifetime

Scale an Active Volcano – Mount Etna Tours

7-Day Sicily Tour

Cycling Through The Trulli Villages Of Puglia

8-Day Sicily Wines & Foods Tour

8-Day Amalfi Coast, Sorrento & the Region of Apulia

8-Day Foodie Tour of Rome, Amalfi Coast, Sorrento & The Region of Apulia

8 Day Rome, Amalfi Coast Custom Tour

6-Day Apulia Region Tour

6-Day Rome, Sorrento and The Amalfi Coast (Add-On)

6-Day Cinque Terre and Piedmont Wine Trails (Add-On)

15-Day Magnificent Tour of Italy

11-Day Rome, Amalfi Coast and the Boot of Italy

15-Day Rome Tuscany, Amalfi Coast Cinque Terre and Italy’s Boot


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Coastal Highlights

The area of the Sorrento Peninsula or Sorrentine Peninsula is also known around the world as the Amalfi Coast and a must-see experience through private Amalfi coast tours. The highlights of this area span many miles along the coastline and offer the traveler many opportunities to see the remote towns and major sites of the area. The Amalfi Coast is the most popular coastline but there are other areas of Italy which offer wonderful coastal vacation options. Tuscany offers a lovely coastline as well as the area along the western edge The coastal area can be host to many outings such as Rimini which is a lovely coastal town in the region of Emilia Romagna; which is also the region that holds the food capital of Italy; Bologna.

Amalfi Coast

This well-known and loved stretch of coastline is a prime destination for road trippers and nature lovers. It’s located south of Naples and is famous for its rugged coastline and quaint towns that border the sea. Amongst the fishing villages are beautiful hotels, ready to accommodate travelers. While visiting, make time to wander through the boutiques, ceramic shops, and eateries.


This charming fishing village is a popular destination for yachting holidays. The town is quite small but is filled with quaint boutiques and hole-in-the-wall restaurants that serve up traditional Italian meals. Tour the harbor, grab a coffee at one of the nearby cafes, and just watch the world go by before sailing out to sea.


More of a fishing village than a beach resort, this coastal town is perfect for visitors who love history and traditional culture. It’s a romantic destination that is well-loved by photographers, artists, and anyone who can appreciate some fresh seafood in local eateries.

Cinque Terre

This rugged bit of coastline has become popular with hikers and outdoor enthusiasts over the years. The scenery is comprised of sea views and charming villages that are perched atop the mountains here. Visitors love to find traditional accommodation amongst the fishing villages that make up the landscape. Walk the nature paths, enjoy the views, and visit some of the protected natural areas and UNESCO Heritage Sites.

Monte Argentario

Located in southern Tuscany, this hilly, coastal town is a hot-spot for wealthy locals. The unspoiled beaches are part of the allure, as well as the high-end restaurants and shopping that is available to visitors. There is also plenty of opportunities to get active by cycling or walking along the scenic trails.

Porto Venere

Located in Liguria, this picturesque town is home to one of the most beautiful harbors in Italy. This port is close to museums, wooded islands, churches, and castles. Many day-trippers come for a visit, but those who stay a while can explore both Porto Venere and the surrounding areas that are full of history and culture.


Located on a plateau that overlooks the Bay of Naples, this destination has been popular with tourists for years. The seaside town is at its best during summer and offers a little something for every kind of visitor. Explore the olive groves, take sea excursions, do a limoncello tasting, eat seafood in the fishing quarter or take day trips to Mt. Vesuvius.


Located in Sicily, this is one of the most historic coastal destinations in the country. Catering to tourists for centuries, this is the place to go if you want comfort and luxury on your vacation. Taormina has been visited by famous travelers throughout history and is considered a top spot for an opulent honeymoon.

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