As it is so often said, this sun-drenched country is a feast for the senses. The food is Italy in simple and pure; the ingredients fresh and seasonal. In just one bite, your palate is electrified. Think of bruschetta. It’s only a few easy ingredients, but the traditional antipasto dish is delectable. The sweet perfume of fresh tomatoes, both an explosion of color and flavor, lie on top of crunchy, garlicky crostini (bread) and is combined with olive oil and aromatic basil pairing impeccably to produce the perfect bite. When you add a glass of local wine and the ineffable spirit and joy of the people of this culture, you’re guaranteed an experience of pure pleasure. No wonder travelers choose Italy for their cooking vacation.

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Cooking Highlights

As the saying goes, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” It could be argued that the way to anyone’s heart is through eating Italian food, and therefore through their stomach. Italy is not only the land of love, but the land of food. Tradition is maintained and passed down from generation to generation by implementing the importance of feeding your neighbor, and feeding him well.
Sometimes cooking is perceived as difficult or can be daunting because of the laundry list of ingredients one has to purchase in order to make a serving size portion for two. Fear not, Italian cooking is all about simplicity of ingredients and using the best food items possible. Think seasonal, fresh, locally grown ingredients that decorate your plate and satisfy your palate. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy fresh pasta is to make. Or to learn that marinara (tomato sauce) is really only a few ingredients that you can easily recreate at your home post-vacation.


On your next trip to Italy, take a cooking class in Tuscany and learn all about the traditional cuisine to that region. Learn to pair food and wine to have an extraordinary culinary experience. Indulge in the luxurious ingredients home to Tuscany like cured meats, tagliatelle al tartufo (truffle pasta) and some of the most impressive cheeses you’ll ever taste.

Emilia Romagna

Discovering a region means tasting their tradition, in Emilia Romagna, a region in northern Italy, you’ll find bold and refined cuisine perfect for your culinary trip to Italy. Bologna is the region’s capital, and it’d be a shame to visit the region without stopping here to try their mortadella. Bologna has always been famous for their exceptional cuisine and it’s now even more intriguing with the addition of FICO World, what one might refer to as a culinary Disneyland. Here you can taste over 40 of the best recipes, traditional flavors and restaurants that Italy has to offer. It’s an experience a group or a family can easily enjoy, too!

The diversity between the Apennine Mountains and River Po offers visitors to Emilia Romagna breathtaking views, in addition to beauty for the eyes, the aromas of this region will entice you all on their own. While you’re visiting the Emilia Romagna region, you must visit Parma, not only to indulge in the familiar and popular parmesan cheese, but also for their incomparable Parma ham. Pair the two together and feast on the perfect panino!

Try Cooking in Italy Yourself!

Italy loves to eat and it’s no wonder why. With locally-produced ingredients, the quality of the food is incomparable. Having a meal in Italy is an integrated experience, and it will last hours. As each hour passes, you’ll find yourself indulging in the culture and appreciation it has for food and how it brings people together. Like Tuscany, Emilia Romagna is another region of Italy where gastronomy is specialized and impressive; it’s a region that will provide you with the best tastes of Italy and beg you to return. Take your next cooking vacation in Italy and find not only your palate being delighted but the memories you take home being incomparable.

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