There couldn’t be a better destination for our Italy family vacation packages. They offer activities and scenery that will excite each member of the family, no matter what their age. And, Italy has been welcoming tourists for centuries, making it an accommodating destination for a comfortable and safe family getaway.
Italians are known for their family-oriented culture, which makes the people and places extremely accommodating to families from abroad. Italy is full of family-friendly destinations, such as Rome, FlorenceVenice, Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast so scroll down for which ones are best for your next trip.

ITaly Family Vacation Packages

biker in countryside with tree and sun

Tuscany E-Bike Adventure: Montalcino & Brunello Wine 🚴‍♂️🍇

Sorrento Lemon Grove Tour and Tasting 🍋

collection of Sicily ceramics on wood table

8-Day Enchanting Western Sicily: A Luxury Journey Through History and Beauty

map of Eastern Sicily

8-Day Sicilian Elegance: A Luxury Journey Through The Timeless Wonders of Eastern Sicily

8-Day Milan & Lake Como Explorer: Fly & Drive Adventure

Sicily and the Aeolian islands

12-Day Enchanting Sicily and Aeolian Splendor: A Grand Tour of Sicilian Highlights and Island Wonders

ruins of taormina

8-Day Sicilian Delights: Culture & Cuisine Group Tour

Florence panoramic view

9-Day Rome, Florence, Venice: The Big 3 Small Group Tour

Sicily Ruins

8-Day Odyssey of Unforgettable Beauty, Culture, and Flavor Discovering the Soul of Sicily

Cinque Terre Many Colours

8-Day Rome, Florence & Cinque Terre Italian Tapestry

Rome Trevi Fountain

7-Day Odyssey From Rome’s Eternal Grandeur to Sorrento’s Sunlit Splendor

Milanese sights

12-Day Italian Odyssey by Train North to South Through Culture, Culinary and Coastlines

The Amalfi Coas

10-Day Italian Journey by Train: Discover Italy with Italy4Real

7-Day Northern Lakes and Cities Tour

Siena skyline

8-Day Tuscan Elegance: An Immersive Journey

7-Day Odyssey by High-Speed Train

8-Day Small Group Sicily Foodie Tour

🌟Discover Venice and Its Enchanting Islands by Private Boat🌟

Private Venice walking tour with a Local Guide

Venetian Cicchetti and Wine Tasting Experience

An Evening Electric Bike Ride Through Tuscany

Italy Cruise and Wine on the Tiber River

The Best of Italy and Paris Custom Tour

The Aeolian Islands Tour

Agrigento Temple Valley

A 10-Day Journey Through Sicily with Rem at Italy4Real – Memories of a Lifetime

Rome to Pompeii Day Trip

Scale an Active Volcano – Mount Etna Tours

The Scala and Last Supper

Leonardo Da Vinci: Milan Tour Including Ticket to ‘The Last Supper’

Tour Rome by Foot with a Local Guide

A Discovery of Florence by Foot

Guided Vespa Tour of Rome: Explore

Eating Your Way Across the City of Milan

Cooking Class in a Florentine Home

Fantastic Cooking Classes in Rome: Fresh Market Experience

7-Day Sicily Tour

Day Trip To Pisa Tour From Tuscany: A Journey

Cycling Through The Trulli Villages Of Puglia

Bologna’s History, Food and Wine Walking Tour

Astonishing Experience To Pompeii


Agrigento Tour: The Valley of The Temples

A Mesmerizing Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel and St. Peters

8-Day Sicily Wines & Foods Tour

8-Day Amalfi Coast, Sorrento & the Region of Apulia

8-Day Customized Rome, Florence & Venice

8-Day Foodie Tour of Rome, Amalfi Coast, Sorrento & The Region of Apulia

8-Day Italian Alps, Matterhorn Views & Northern Italian Lakes

Wine and Cheese

8-Day Foodie Tour of Northern Italy

8 Day Rome, Amalfi Coast Custom Tour

7-Day Wine Food Tour of Tuscany from Rome

7-Day Tuscany Tour

7-Day Emilia Romagna Foodie Tour

7-Day Back Roads of Northern Italy

6-Day Apulia Region Tour

5-Day Piedmont Region & Lake Maggiore (Add-On)

15-Day Magnificent Tour of Italy

11-Day Rome, Amalfi Coast and the Boot of Italy

15-Day Rome Tuscany, Amalfi Coast Cinque Terre and Italy’s Boot


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Italy Family Vacation Package Highlights

Planning a Italy family vacation package takes quite a lot of time, attention to detail and understanding of the destination so that each member of the family has a great time.
Getting each family member on the same page can be quite difficult. When planning your trip to Italy; make sure you sit down with each of your family members early on; and get their feedback on what they would like to see and do so that you have a bit of information on what each person likes and expects for their trip.
Next, work with one of our Travel Experts to find the right solution for your family and budget. No matter if one person wants to take a cooking class in Rome and another wants to take a walking tour through Venice with a local guide; we will have a solution for everyone.

Best Spot for Babies

Families with babies tend to gravitate towards South Sardinia because of the baby-friendly beaches. The waters here are quite calm and the beaches are sandy instead of rocky, making a nice, safe place for babies to enjoy the coastline. The hotels in this area are used to accommodating babies as well, so you will be sure to find a coastal Italy vacation that works for your family.

Best Spot for Toddlers

Aside from the natural beauty of Tuscany, this particular spot is great for toddlers. It’s a medieval town that is surrounded by historic walls and is mostly free of traffic. It’s spacious so that the children can play, and there are plenty of cafes and restaurants to stop off at for a meal. Lucca is mostly flat, making it easy for the kids to walk and for you to push a buggy. Toddlers will love to play at nearby Pinocchio Park too.

Best Spot for Grade School-Aged Children

Grade school-aged kids will love the adventures that await them in Sicily. There are family attractions everywhere, including puppet theatres, ice cream shops, swimming, castles, and fun rides. Hotels here will be more than happy to accommodate families, as will the restaurants and cafes.

Best Spot for Teens

Full of history and architecture, Rome is a great spot for teens to see their history lessons in action. They’ll be able to fill their days with pizza, pasta, and gelato, while Instagramming some of the most famous attractions in the world. Plus, there is plenty of shopping so that they can impress their friends with souvenirs when they get back home.

Best Spot for Multiple Ages

This famous region of Italy really has it all. There is a natural beauty, wide-open spaces, and relaxing atmosphere that the older generation will love. Also, Tuscany is filled with incredible dining experiences, wine tastings, and nightlife that parents or young adults may crave. For the teens, there are cooking classes, bicycle trails, and plenty of outdoor adventures. And, for the kids, there are parks, a general sense of quiet and safety, and plenty of accommodating hotels.

Tips for Traveling to Italy with Children

  1. Many shops and restaurants in Italy are closed from 1 pm until 4 pm. Make sure that you pack some snacks or get the kids fed before the restaurants and cafes shut down.
  2. Bring nice clothes for the kids. Italian families take pride in their clothing and the way they look. Make sure to bring some nice outfits along with the more casual ones.
  3. Learn a few key phrases in Italian so that you avoid misunderstandings. If your children have any allergies or special needs, make sure to figure out how to convey that in the local language.
  4. Pack any essentials like baby food, diapers, and formula. While you can get these things in Italy, they may be more expensive and you might not find the kind that you usually use.
  5. Plan as much as possible. Make sure to work out the accommodation, transportation, and the itinerary of activities before you leave for Italy. Traveling can be hectic and it will be better for the kids if you keep your trip running smoothly.
  6. Write down the name and address of your hotel as well as your phone number and put it in the pocket or backpack of each of your children. If you somehow get separated, your kids can give the information to someone so that they can find you.

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