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Savor the best of Italy during a golfing Journey with Italy4Real.

Dreaming of a golf vacation with a side of Italian magic? You’re in the right spot with Italy4Real. Imagine playing your favorite game surrounded by Italy’s stunning views – olive trees, vineyards, and those oh-so-gorgeous landscapes.

Golfing in Italy is more than just a game. It’s living the Italian dream. Start your day on the green, explore ancient sites or sip some local wine in the afternoon, and end with a dinner that’s all kinds of delicious.

At Italy4Real, we tailor-make your golf vacation. Fancy challenging yourself on Italy’s best courses, discovering secret spots, or just playing with a killer view? We’ve got you.

With nearly 30 years in the biz, we sort out everything – cozy stays, cool sightseeing, and smooth rides. Our trips, lasting at least 7 days, include everything you need to just relax and enjoy.

Ready for an unforgettable golf adventure in Italy? Check us out! Our team, including the super helpful, and our staff is here to make your golf dreams come true.

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Golf Vacations Italy Highlights

Get ready to tee off on the adventure of a lifetime with Italy4Real, where every round of golf is a journey into Italy’s heart and soul. Our Golfing Vacations are your ticket to exploring the best greens and fairways across this stunning country, each with its own flavor and charm. From Tuscany’s wine country to the historic courses of Sicily, we’ve got your dream golf getaway covered.

Tuscany: Picture yourself swinging away under the Tuscan sun, surrounded by vineyards and ancient towns. The courses here are as beautiful as they are challenging, making every game feel like you’re part of a Renaissance painting. And when the day’s done, nothing beats a fine glass of local wine to celebrate those birdies.

Piedmont: Up next, Piedmont invites you with open arms to its alpine views and lush courses. This region is a golfer’s paradise, offering serene fairways with a side of the finest Italian wines and truffles. It’s a place where every shot is framed by stunning scenery.

Veneto: From the coast to the Dolomites, Veneto’s golf courses are a feast for the eyes. Imagine playing a round surrounded by historic villas and sipping on Prosecco afterwards. It’s a mix of golf, culture, and sheer joy that’s hard to beat.

Rome: Golfing in Rome is like stepping back in time. The city’s courses are dotted with ancient ruins and landmarks, making for an epic backdrop to your game. It’s more than just golf; it’s an experience steeped in history.

Central Italy: The heart of Italy offers diverse golfing experiences, from Umbria’s peaceful hills to the coastal vibes of Le Marche. The beauty and cultural richness of Central Italy are reflected in every course, inviting you to a round you won’t forget.

Southern Italy: Down south, the courses bask in the Mediterranean sun, offering breathtaking views and warm welcomes. From Amalfi’s cliffs to Calabria’s serene beaches, it’s a golfer’s dream with a dose of southern charm.

Sicily: Cap off your Italian golf adventure in Sicily, where ancient history and modern fairways meet under the Mediterranean sky. The island’s courses are a testament to Sicily’s unique landscape and heritage, promising a truly one-of-a-kind round of golf.

With Italy4Real, you’re not just booking a golf trip; you’re signing up for an unforgettable journey through Italy’s most iconic golfing spots. We handle all the details, from top-notch places to stay to private tours and transportation, so you can focus on enjoying the game and the beauty of Italy.

Keen to hit the links Italian style? Swing by [italy4real.com](https://italy4real.com/) for more on our golfing getaways. Let’s make those golf dreams a reality, with a side of Italian magic.

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Golfing in Tuscany

Imagine this: You’re standing in the heart of Tuscany, golf club in hand, soaking in some of the most breathtaking views around. Feels like you’ve stepped right into a dream, doesn’t it? Well, that’s exactly the vibe we’re going for at Italy4Real. This isn’t your average golf getaway; it’s your ticket to playing amidst Italy’s jaw-dropping beauty.


First up, picture yourself at Ugolino Golf Club, where every swing is set against the backdrop of Chianti’s legendary landscapes. It’s like you’re living in a postcard. Then swing by Royal Golf La Bagnaia, where the rolling hills of Siena add a whole new level of awesome to your game. And Castelfalfi Golf Club? It’s surreal, with every glance offering a view you’ll want to bottle up and take home. For the history buffs who like a side of past with their putt, Marco Simone Golf & Country Club is where it’s at, buzzing with Ryder Cup energy.


What sets us apart is how we make these golf trips all about you. We mix the thrill of the game with Tuscany’s irresistible charm, customizing every detail to fit what you’re into. At Italy4Real, golf is just the beginning; it’s about jumping with both feet into the Tuscan way of life, one incredible hole after another. Whether you’re aiming to up your game or just here for those postcard-perfect views, we’re on it. So, ready for the ultimate Tuscan golf trip? Let’s bring that dream to life!

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Golfing in Venice and the Veneto Region

Think about hitting the links in Venice and the Veneto region, where golf isn’t just a game, it’s an Italian adventure. This place is way more than just canals and stunning old buildings; it’s a golfer’s paradise tucked away in Italy. Picture yourself at Cà della Nave Golf Club, swinging your club in a park that’s been around for ages.


Or how about La Montecchia Golf Club? It’s like playing in the middle of a vineyard, with views that’ll make you want to take it slow and enjoy every moment. And then there’s Golf Club Venezia, just a hop from the heart of Venice, where history meets your golf game on one of the most scenic courses you’ll ever set foot on.


Golfing here in Venice and the Veneto is all about mixing your passion for golf with the irresistible charm of Italy, turning every round into a story worth telling.

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Golfing in Milan, the Italian lakes and Lombardy Region

Golfing in Milan, around the Italian Lakes, and throughout Lombardy feels like you’ve stumbled into a secret golfer’s haven, but with that unbeatable Italian flair. This spot isn’t all about the latest trends and historic sights; it’s also where you’ll find some of the most stunning golf courses ever.


Imagine teeing off at Monticello Golf Club, with its lush surroundings making every round feel special. Or hitting the links at Villa d’Este Golf Club, where the vibe is pure elegance and the views are so gorgeous they’ll distract you from your game. And then there’s Pinetina Golf Club, your perfect getaway into nature, where each hole offers a moment of zen.


Here, golfing is more than just a game; it’s about embracing the breathtaking landscapes and laid-back luxury of Northern Italy, one swing at a time.

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Golfing in the Piedmont Region

Golfing in the Piedmont region of Italy is like discovering a hidden gem where every round is a mix of challenge and charm. This place isn’t just about the wine and truffles; it’s also a secret haven for golfers.


Imagine playing a round under the shadow of the Alps at Skyway Monte Bianco and Aosta, where the views are so epic, they might just mess with your concentration. Then, there’s the Royal Park, affectionately known as “I Roveri,” offering that royal feel with every swing amidst the lush landscapes. And let’s not forget about the Golf Club Torino, or “La Mandria,” where history and sport meet, making every game feel like you’re part of something grand.


Golfing in Piedmont is all about soaking in the scenic beauty, indulging in the rich culture, and, of course, enjoying some top-notch golfing.

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Golfing in Rome and Central Italy

Hitting the links in Rome and Central Italy? Oh, it’s an absolute vibe. Imagine teeing off at Antognolla Golf Club, right in the heart of Umbria. It’s like every hole is a little journey through some of the most stunning landscapes you’ve ever seen. And then, there’s The Acquasanta Golf Club in Rome. This place isn’t just old school, it’s one of the OGs of Italian golf, dripping with prestige and stories.


Playing here feels like you’re swinging through layers of history, all with Rome’s epic scenery chilling in the background. It’s more than just golf; it’s about diving head first into Italy’s rich culture and history, one round at a time.


Trust us, whether you’re all about nailing that perfect shot or just here for the incredible views, golfing around Rome and Central Italy is something you’ve got to experience.

Golfing in Sicily and Southern Italy

Golfing down in Sicily and Southern Italy is pretty much a dream come true for anyone who loves hitting the fairways under the sun. Thanks to the awesome weather, you can pretty much golf here any day of the year – no joke.


Picture yourself at Borgo di Luce I’ Monasteri Resort & SPA, where you can swing your clubs in the morning and then chill at the spa by the afternoon. Then there’s I’ Monasteri Golf Club, which is all about those serene vibes and stunning views. Don’t forget about Il Picciolo Golf Club, where the greens are as lush as it gets, nestled right at the foot of Mount Etna.


And Acaya Golf Resort & SPA? It’s the kind of place where you can perfect your putt and then pamper yourself right after. Seriously, golfing in Sicily and Southern Italy isn’t just about the game; it’s an all-year-round vacation where every stroke comes with a side of sunshine and relaxation.

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