There are several destinations for an unforgettable honeymoon in Italy. From Venice to Rome, the Amalfi Coast to Lake Como, there is enough diversity in the offing as well. Tuscany has consistently ranked as one of the more popular destinations for honeymoon in Italy. And the most notable hotspots in Tuscany are Florence, Siena, San Gimignano and Cortona.
These great Tuscany honeymoon towns have been a favorite for a long time now. It isn’t just today that Tuscany has gained the spotlight and that is because of its sheer picturesque locales. The place has inspired too many artists to count. As an old saying goes, there are certain things that cannot be explained. While the landscape and the experience of honeymooning in Tuscany can be put into words, it is rather inexplicable.

Florence is as much about history as it is about the present moment. Get a great hotel, enjoy stunning views and then head out to explore the art that the city has to offer. From Michelangelo’s David to Botticelli’s Venus Rising, Florence is home to more than what any art lover can long for. There are numerous small cafes and eateries where you can have an affordable meal without compromising on the ambience or quality of food. Then you have the Boboli Gardens to explore and a walk by the Arno River. Taste some wine, buy some amazing aromas at affordable prices from boutique and souvenir shops or just fall in love all over again. Florence is for lovers in Italy what Paris is in France.

Siena is another stunning town in Tuscany. The views, the landscapes and even the very air you breathe in exudes romanticism. And there are many things to do for newlyweds. Explore the Contrada of the city, the various clans that make the seventeen districts. Go on a quest to find the hidden battlements, experience San Domenico, witness the largest wine exhibition in Italy or just spend an afternoon gorging on the delicacies at any of the street-side eateries. You wouldn’t have one boring hour in Siena on your honeymoon in Italy.

San Gimignano and Cortona are not as popular as Florence and Siena but they aren’t any less spellbinding. Known as Italy’s Medieval Manhattan, San Gimignano presents you La Rocca di Montestaffoli, Torre Grossa, gelatos that you may not have tasted before, wild boar salami that you would fall in love with and there are enough shops to buy some unique pieces to take back.


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