The amount of diversity within the small, boot-shaped country of Italy is immense. Whether you’re planning a trip to Italy for a weekend, or spending a few months abroad, you will feel the Italian culture undoubtedly through the food, the café culture, the art and history and of course, through the kind and generous Italian community.
It’s hard to think of another country that combines ancient monuments, world-famous sights, impressive high-fashion shopping and some of the best food and coffee in the world. Luckily, your next trip to Italy will encapsulate that and more.

City Breaks in Italy


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City Breaks Highlights

No matter where you travel to in Italy you’re sure to experience the richness of culture, history and the delicacy of Italian cuisine. You may find yourself aimlessly walking the halls of the Vatican in Rome and being utterly fascinated by the beauty and craft of the Sistine Chapel. Or perhaps you treat yourself to the remarkable food and scenery of Tuscany. Imagine the robust, bold flavors of wild boar over fresh pappardelle pasta followed by a sip of ruby-red Chianti, all the while overlooking the orange glowing sky setting beyond the infamous rolling hills of Tuscany.

Where to Go?

A holiday to Rome, Florence and Venice will show you some of the world’s best cities, not only for their impressive architecture but also for their richness of culture and history and of course, their undeniable cuisine. Sightseeing in Milan is a great way to see the city; especially known for notably high fashion, art and the Scala Opera House.


Visiting Florence is an artists’ dream come true. You’ll feel captured when you get to skip the line tickets to Michelangelo’s David. Walking along the cobble-stoned streets will allow you to imagine what the Renaissance must have been like. With Florence architecture and history surrounding you, it’s an undeniable historical love affair.


Floating as a real-life postcard, travelling to Venice is begging to get lost in. With the smell of fresh fish lingering through the air, and gondolas passing you by at any given moment, Venice is truly unique of all the Italian cities. Arriving at Venice is unlike the start of any other weekend getaway because you’re immediately presented with canals and bridges. Having absolutely no itinerary while travelling to the floating city is the perfect way to experience all that Venice has to offer. Hopping on and off of the water taxi’s also allows for stunning perspectives of the incredible island. With a private Venice sightseeing tour, you can discover the charming streets and canals, beautiful churches and grand palazzi, it’s no wonder Venice has attracted poets and artists for years.


Referred to as the world’s open-air museum and the Eternal City, Rome is filled with countless monuments, incredible sights and many plates of carbonara. You could spend an entire month alone getting lost in the Vatican. However, having a city break in Rome is ideal in order to fulfil your days in a short amount of time, making it the perfect little taste of the Italian capital.


Known for its sophisticated fashion, and historical architecture, Milan is a refined city that showcases iconic churches, with a heritage-rich city centre while maintaining the classic Italian lifestyle. Attractions are plenty in this North Italian fashion capital; skip the line tickets to see The Last Supper by Da Vinci is worth noting as well as the huge Gothic Duomo di Milano. You can’t travel to Milan without going shopping. Home to one of the world’s first shopping malls, the Galleria Vittoria Emanuele II- it’s no surprise that Milan is one of the most impressive hotspots for shopping in the world.

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