There are many ideal honeymoon destinations in Italy but the focus is invariably on Venice, Rome, Florence, Siena, Capri, Turin, Umbria and Sardinia among a few others. While these are lovely places for a honeymoon in Italy, especially Venice and Florence, there are some lesser explored places which offer much more. Amalfi Coast for instance is an ideal choice, although it does get ranked as one of the favorite honeymoon spots every time a list is compiled. The places that don’t get much mention, which they deserve, are Lake Maggiore, Lucca and Verona among a few others.

The Amalfi Coast is a paradise on any given day. It is one of the most popular choices among newlyweds. The picturesque coastline complemented by the steep landscape, unique villages and beautiful towns, the serene views and luxurious resorts on substantially high cliffs form a perfect combination for a honeymoon in Italy. From short cruises to spas, various kinds of massages at the hotel to the lovely gardens, there is enough to see, do and indulge in at the Amalfi Coast. A honeymoon at the Amalfi Coast is going to be an unforgettable experience.

Lake Maggiore is nestled between Italy and Switzerland. The climate is extremely pleasant for most of the year. Even winters are relatively pleasant due to the lake. Anytime is a good time for a honeymoon at Lake Maggiore. There are several towns along the lake so you can get to choose. From sparkling wine to rich cuisine loaded with cream and fresh cheese, Lake Maggiore has enough ingredients for the secret recipe to a great honeymoon.

Verona would be a popular destination for anyone who has loved Romeo and Juliet. It is debatable if Shakespeare had ever been to Verona or sourced inspiration from the place and obviously the balcony that has now become famous owing to the fictional lovebirds is a manifestation of pop culture but that doesn’t take anything away from the place. Verona has rich history, culture and there are tons of things to do. Kissing your partner on the balcony is something you may get started with.

Lucca is another very cold city in Italy. While Florence and Siena in Tuscany have received their fair share of attention, Lucca with its old architecture, historic city center and an old world charm has always satiated anyone who is a romantic at heart.

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