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Your trip to Italy should be special and the way you want it. Italy4Real can customize guided tours of Italy and provide add-ons to your tour package. Also, Italy4Real can accommodate any requests to make your Italian vacation more enjoyable. From requesting your favourite wine, to reserving a seat at the most famous opera in Italy, our concierge service can accommodate your wishes. Italy4Real’s Concierge Service gives you the opportunity to fulfill any of your desires while on your escorted tours of Italy. Our concierge service allows you the ability to customize your tour package any way you like. We know creating a custom experience on your own can be overwhelming, so we modify our tour/vacation packages or make them from scratch to save your time and energy for exploring Italy.

Tours of Italy

Our private tours of Italy are unique, fun and surprisingly affordable. Our Travel Experts are experienced travelers themselves and personally know each destination they offer.

We never book hotels or tours blind from the internet or use an impersonal computer that spits out offers; we offer our customized tours to Italy and Europe through personal relationships developed over many years which sets our clients apart from the general travel crowd.

All of our guided tours of Italy and services can be fully customized to fit your travel style, group size, special occasion and budget. Are you ready to experience the difference an expert can make in your trip; give us a call or send us a message; we welcome your inquiry.

Florence panoramic view

9-Day Rome, Florence, Venice: The Big 3 Small Group Tour

Sicily Ruins

8-Day Odyssey of Unforgettable Beauty, Culture, and Flavor Discovering the Soul of Sicily

13 Day Primo Italiano Luxury Small Group Tour of Italy

Cinque Terre Many Colours

8-Day Rome, Florence & Cinque Terre Italian Tapestry

Rome Trevi Fountain

7-Day Odyssey From Rome’s Eternal Grandeur to Sorrento’s Sunlit Splendor

Milanese sights

12-Day Italian Odyssey by Train North to South Through Culture, Culinary and Coastlines

The Amalfi Coas

10-Day Italian Journey by Train: Discover Italy with Italy4Real

7-Day Northern Lakes and Cities Tour

Siena skyline

8-Day Tuscan Elegance: An Immersive Journey

7-Day Odyssey by High-Speed Train

8-Day Small Group Sicily Foodie Tour

Experience the Majesty of Venice: Doge’s Palace & St. Mark’s Basilica Tour

🌟Discover Venice and Its Enchanting Islands by Private Boat🌟

St Peter's Basilica

🌟 Vatican City Exploration: Papal Audience & Delightful Lunch 🍴

🏛️ Imperial Rome & Baroque Rome: A Private Journey Through Time 🕰️

Exclusive Evening at the Vatican Museums

Private Venice walking tour with a Local Guide

Venetian Cicchetti and Wine Tasting Experience

An Evening Electric Bike Ride Through Tuscany

Italy Cruise and Wine on the Tiber River

The Best of Italy and Paris Custom Tour

The Aeolian Islands Tour

Getting Around Easily – Sightseeing Rome by Hop on Hop off Bus

Agrigento Temple Valley

A 10-Day Journey Through Sicily with Rem at Italy4Real – Memories of a Lifetime

Rome to Pompeii Day Trip

Rome Catacombs Tour

Romantic Roman Afternoon Wine Tasting and People Watching

Drive a Ferrari for the Day in Rome or Tuscany

Scale an Active Volcano – Mount Etna Tours

The Scala and Last Supper

Leonardo Da Vinci: Milan Tour Including Ticket to ‘The Last Supper’

Italian Supercar Racing Experience

Tour Rome by Foot with a Local Guide

A Discovery of Florence by Foot

Guided Vespa Tour of Rome: Explore

Gallieo and Gardens Tour of Italy

Eating Your Way Across the City of Milan

Cooking Class in a Florentine Home

Fantastic Cooking Classes in Rome: Fresh Market Experience

7-Day Sicily Tour

Day Trip To Pisa Tour From Tuscany: A Journey

Cycling Through The Trulli Villages Of Puglia

Bologna’s History, Food and Wine Walking Tour

Astonishing Experience To Pompeii


Amazing Herculaneum Undiscovered

Agrigento Tour: The Valley of The Temples

A Mesmerizing Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel and St. Peters

8-Day Sicily Wines & Foods Tour

8-Day Tuscany Wine Tour for wine lovers

8-Day Amalfi Coast, Sorrento & the Region of Apulia

8-Day Customized Rome, Florence & Venice

8-Day Foodie Tour of Rome, Amalfi Coast, Sorrento & The Region of Apulia

8-Day Italian Alps, Matterhorn Views & Northern Italian Lakes

Wine and Cheese

8-Day Foodie Tour of Northern Italy

8 Day Rome, Amalfi Coast Custom Tour

7-Day Wine Food Tour of Tuscany from Rome

7-Day Tuscany Tour

7-Day Emilia Romagna Foodie Tour

7-Day Back Roads of Northern Italy

7-Day Cooking In The Abruzzo Mountains Tour

6-Day Apulia Region Tour

6-Day Rome, Sorrento and The Amalfi Coast (Add-On)

6-Day Cinque Terre and Piedmont Wine Trails (Add-On)

6-Day Best of Rome & Florence (Add-On)

5-Day Piedmont Region & Lake Maggiore (Add-On)

15-Day Magnificent Tour of Italy

11-Day Rome, Amalfi Coast and the Boot of Italy

15-Day Rome Tuscany, Amalfi Coast Cinque Terre and Italy’s Boot

Create Your Own Tour of Italy & Europe

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If you can't find what you want here, or just have some specific questions about your vacation in Italy, our team of travel specialists are ready to help.

What to See In Italy

When it comes to travel, We never want to say, “You can’t visit Italy without seeing [fill in the blank].” We know that everyone’s “must-see” lists are going to be a little different depending on their personal preferences, so we try to provide a diverse amount of tours.

Some Italian Standouts Include:


Venice, Italy is a very unique city. For travelers and tourists, it can be a beautiful maze of scenic bridges and winding alleyways. Venice is the capital of the region of Veneto.

Venice Tours


Milan is one of Italy’s most important and iconic cities. The current population is about 1.3 million people, but the metro area, which spreads much wider, is said to have about 7.3 million people.

Milan Tours


The city of Florence, Italy is full of things to see and do for all tourists visiting Italy. This Italian town is the capital of the region of Tuscany, and has the highest population in the region, with about 400,000 people.

Florence Tours


Rome is truly one of the most historic and romantic cities in Europe. Legend notes that Rome was built by brothers, Romulus and Remus, on the seven hills flanking the Tiber River.

Rome Tours


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