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Serenity and History – A Quaint Package in Lake Maggiore


Lake Maggiore, also called Verbano, is located at the foot of the Alps, where it was formed in the glacial era. Its beautiful perimeter is 100 miles, long and its deepest point is 372 meters. The lake is surrounded by Hills and mountains, which protect it from the rigors of the north, and creates an environment in which the warmth of the temperate climate is combined with the fresh air from the mountains. Italy4Real suggests the lake region for our clients because it represents unspoiled lakeside towns where you can rest, explore and enjoy without crowds. It is simply a must see for tourists visiting Italy.


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Italy4Real recommends staying in one of two towns in Lake Maggiore, Baveno or Stresa.


Facing the Borromean Islands, Baveno is situated in both a lakeside and mountain setting. It is characterized by precious examples of architecture, 19th century villas, and by the famous pink granite quarries. Baveno is a site of noteworthy antiquity, as it can be seen from the Roman tablets on the facade of the Parish church.


The monumental complex of the provostry collegiate church, in the town center, includes the baptistery, whose original octagonal structure dates back to the Palaeocristian age (5th century), Renaissance frescoes inside. The church, dedicated to Saint Jervis and Saint Protasio, still bears intact the original 12th century facade, square of partially plastered stone.


Since the early 19th century, it has been well-known for the beautiful villas of the surrounding area among where Queen Victoria stayed, and villa Fedora, which belonged to the composer Umberto Giordano. The quarrying of the precious pink granite, still carried out today, reached its peak in the early 20th century. Some of the most important monuments in the world have been made of this material.



This sleepy Swiss/Italian town is situated in a central, but also panoramic and picturesque position along the lakeside roadway. Stresa stands just in front of the breath taking Borromee isles.


Piazza Marconi, with its landing-stage and the Church of S. Ambrogio, stretches from the beautiful beach of the lakeside road. Just at the back of the church, you see Villa Ducale, the first one to have been built in 1770. There is great sightseeing around the lakes which makes Stresa a great base for tourists visiting Italy.


From Baveno and Stresa you can see one part of the region of Lombardia with Cerro, Laveno up to the Rock of Calde, as well as the bank of Piemonte with the Peak of Castagnola, Pallanza. Baveno is the smallest of the two towns we recommend; but no less charming.


Whichever town you choose, you can’t go wrong either way during your stay in Lake Maggiore.



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