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Luxury Tours in Italy

Luxury isn’t hard to come by while visiting Italy. The undeniable charm that exists throughout the European country is vast. Not only does Italy offer some of the world’s most desired cuisine, it’s also been home to many artists who’ve left their impression on the country for centuries. You will just as easily find yourself captured by the physical beauty of Italy due to its diverse regions. Let Italy sweep you off your feet and give you a lavish vacation of a lifetime.

Italian Tours with a Luxury Touch

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No matter where you travel to in Italy you’re sure to experience the richness of culture, history and the delicacy of Italian cuisine. You may find yourself aimlessly walking the halls of the Vatican in Rome and being utterly fascinated by the beauty and craft of the Sistine Chapel. Or perhaps you treat yourself to the remarkable food and scenery of Tuscany. Imagine the robust, bold flavors of wild boar over fresh pappardelle pasta followed by a sip of ruby-red Chianti, all the while overlooking the orange glowing sky setting beyond the infamous rolling hills of Tuscany.


You can’t visit Italy on a luxurious vacation, without taking a trip to the second-largest city, Milan. Milan is known for everything high-fashion and haute-couture. Not only will you find name-brand collections from designers such as Gucci, but you can also indulge in one of the worlds most renowned opera houses- La Scala. A trip to Milan is a must to see the capital of indulgence in Italy.
For a slower paced environment that still maintains a lavish vacation, A trip to Venice is the perfect escape. Take a tour to Murano from the “the floating city” where you can shop for fine glass that is hand-blown in the neighboring island,. Or pick up some of the handmade lace from Burano, a colorful island, just a short boat ride away via water taxi from Venice.


A holiday to Florence is ideal for the artist, the foodie and the shopper alike. Sniff your way through the leather market and take home a piece of Florentine leather that’ll last you a lifetime. Or visit one of the many museums such as The Uffizi and see art such as The Birth of Venus by Botticelli. There are endless options to pleasing your palate in Florence. Have an Aperol spritz to start at The Westin Excelsior that offers a stunning view of the river, and then indulge in the famous Bistecca alla Fiorentina (steak) dinner that Florence is known for. Luxury is around every corner, especially in Florence.

Why Go Anywhere Other Than Italy for Your Luxury Escape?

Italy is as diverse as the artists that once lived there. It is a country that encapsulates luxury; from the local art being sold in the piazza (square) to a gondola ride in Venice through the canals, you’re guaranteed to have a luxurious trip when you travel to Italy. Indulge your palate, enjoy a private walking tour of Venice, purchase a fabulous new piece of jewelry or simply take in the luxurious environment around you. No matter where or how you choose to spend your vacation, you’re guaranteed to feel luxurious while in Italy.

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