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Milan is one of Italy’s most important and iconic cities. The current population is about 1.3 million people, but the metro area, which spreads much wider, is said to have about 7.3 million people. Fashion Week in Milan is known all over the world. The fashion houses of Gucci, Prada and Fendi are among Milan’s best known; they along the main shopping street of Corso Vittorio Emanuelle II. It is simply a must see for tourists visiting Italy.


Milan is known for fashion, culture and history but it also has a local flavor you will not find in other Italian cities. Milan is trendy and tends to be on the cutting edge of fashion and design and most recently foodie breaks which have become very popular.


The Brera area of Milan is known for its foods and you can take a Milan foodie walking tour that will introduce you to the flavors and tastes that only Milan can offer.


Milan also has a canal district where you can find trendy hotels, cafes and eateries to please almost any taste.


Don’t forget the amazing history with The Last Supper, the amazing church and the Scala opera house; all are worth going to visit while you are in the city.


Top Tours of Milan, Italy

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Top things to do in Milan

Milano is a city in every sense of the word, it has less green space than any city in Italy. Milan may be big, but it has lovely squares, such as Piazza Duomo, with the world’s oldest shopping mall.


The people of Milan are called “Milanese,” and are considered modern in their work styles because they don’t take the typical Italian break from work during the day. Milan is also the host to the Universal Expo in 2015, a perfect time for tourists to visit Italy.
Sightseeing in Milan should include some of the major attractions found in the city such as:
MillanoLa Scala Opera House – The official name is Teatro alla Scala, but many know it as just the “Scala.” It is considered the most popular opera house in the world, and it is a prime destination for visitors to Italy. The interior is impressive, and after the most recent renovation, it is even better. The Scala’s history includes Guiseppe Verdi, who helped turn Milan’s opera house into an international sensation.


Last Supper Painting by DaVinci – This is considered one of the masterworks of art known to the world. Thousands of tourists flock to see this painting every year. The painting has gone through two hundred years of restoration and upkeep. Tickets can sell out fast in the summer months, so make sure to order yours prior to your trip.


Piazza DuomoPiazza Duomo – This is considered the heart of the city, and contains some of Milan’s most popular sightseeing destinations for tourists. The main square contains the Duomo Cathedral, Royal Palace, and the GalleriaVittorio Emanuele II. This main square is the ultimate place to people watch in Milan, and it has the most trendy shops, restaurants, and clubs – all located within easy reach of this city center hot spot.


Tempio_della_vittoriaTempio della Vittoria – This memorial was inaugurated on November 4th, 1928, during the 10th anniversary of Vittorio Veneto. This is a war memorial dedicated to those lost from Milan in World War II.
Your Italy travel plans must include a visit to Milan, because it is one of the most important Italy cities in the Lombardy region.


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