Italy is a country filled with spectacular cities. From flooded streets to foodie havens and houses built into the cliffs, there’s a destination suited to every traveller. If you’ve already been to some of Italy’s most popular cities and are trying to plan your next trip to the country, you might have found yourself stuck trying to decide between visiting Milan or Florence. And what a decision to make!

Florence is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Italy, home to an incredible array of Renaissance buildings and known as one of the best parts of the country for history and art. Milan, on the other hand, is the global capital of fashion and Italy’s financial hub, offering a much more cosmopolitan but still very cultural experience to travellers.

Perhaps there’s something in particular that you’re looking for on your next Italian holiday, or you’re just wondering which city is better suited to your interests. From the food to the culture and ancient history, we’ve put together this comparison guide that is sure to help you decide whether you should visit Milan or Florence.

Sunset in Florence