New High-Speed Train Service between Rome and Pompeii! 

Written by Rem Malloy, since 1995 Rem has been guiding and designing trips to Italy and all of Western Europe and is considered an expert in his field for over 30 years.

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Train Rome to Pompeii

Starting August 6th, Italy’s newly unveiled direct train service between Rome and Pompeii is finally up and running! 

The journey time from Rome to Pompeii is now a mere one hour and 47 minutes. This makesit quick and convenient for travelers seeking to explore the ancient ruins and soak in the rich history of Pompeii. On the return trip, the train will whisk you back to Rome in just two hours and 15 minutes. The route is scheduled once monthly. Book your travel for the next available dates, August 20, September 17, and October 20. The train will depart Rome at 8:43 a.m. and return at 6:40 p.m.

While on board, passengers are in for a treat! You’ll enjoy an intriguing video about the fascinating history of Pompeii, setting the mood for the adventure that awaits you. Additionally, the train offers the convenience of buying entrance tickets to the archaeological park right before hopping onto a shuttle bus from Pompeii station to your final destination. 

This fantastic direct connection has been made possible through a collaboration between the culture ministry and Italy’s state railways group. It adds to the 50 daily round-trip journeys already available between Rome and Pompeii. This ensures that more travelers can experience the magic of this historical wonderland. 

So, whether you’re a history enthusiast, an archaeology buff, or simply someone who loves exploring new places, the new direct high-speed train service between Rome and Pompeii promises an unforgettable experience. 

Plan your trip now with Italy4Real and immerse yourself in the ancient allure of Pompeii, all in just a comfortable train ride away from Rome. Happy travels! 

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Rem has family in Italy and his mothers home town is Cava di Terrani, near the Amalfi Coast. The family has a street named after them in Sorrento, Via Luigi de Maio; a relative who was mayor of Sorrento.

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