Oldest Pizzerias – Best Pizza in Naples

It would be wrong to say that Naples is the birthplace of pizza. Flatbreads were common in many European cultures and as early as the ninth century, experiments had paved the way for flatbreads with toppings, which is basically what a pizza is. But, by and large it is agreed upon that Naples has had one of the most significant contributions to the nomenclature, concept, recipes and evolution of pizza. It is thus obvious that Naples will be home to some of the oldest pizzerias in Italy and indeed in the world. While many old pizzerias are no longer operational, there are a few and those who have a modern approach to making pizzas have also been around for a while now.

Here are some of the best and oldest pizzerias in Naples, Italy. If you are planning a trip to Italy and you would be in Naples, don’t forget to hop in to one or a few.

  • Da Michele has been around for more than a hundred and forty years now. It makes only two types of pizza. You would get margherita and marinara. The pizzeria has mastered these two pizzas and has stuck to their ever successful recipes. Da Michele uses San Marzano tomatoes and fiordilatte cow’s milk, has a very rustic setting and has no reservation facility. You have to wait like everyone else if you have to indulge in the best pizza of Naples.
  • Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente is another standout destination. The place had been graced by the then president of the United States, Bill Clinton, when he was attending the G8 in Naples back 1994. You can have the same pizza Clinton had which is now known as president’s pizza.
  • Brandi is one of the oldest pizzerias in Italy. It has been around since 1780. It serves one of the best margherita pizzas you would ever have. The place also combines pizza with white wine which is quite odd because most people associate pizzas with beers. Fortunately, the combination of white wine and the pizzas at Brandi works wonders.
  • Di Matteo has been in business since 1936. If you are visiting this place, indulge in what they call a pizza fritta. It is basically a deep fried pizza with provola cheese, ricotta cheese, sugna and tomato sauce.

A few other popular and old pizzerias in Naples are Pizzeria Trianon da Ciro, Sorbillo, Da Ettore, Lombardi, Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba and La Notizia.

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