Packing For Italy? Here’s a Few Tips!

July 29, 2022 by Rem Malloy

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Packing For Italy

When it comes to packing for Italy, less is more!

If you’re packing for Italy, it’s not just how you pack, it’s what you pack. Regardless whether you plan to check your bags or opt for carry-on, it starts with the right luggage. Baggage carousels are overwhelmed with black suitcases and we encourage travelers to choose luggage that will stand out. No matter the color, choose luggage that is lightweight with four sturdy spinner wheels. Some find hard-sided suitcases to be more durable.

Using packing cubes and rolling clothing will maximize space. Also make sure to use a TSA approved lock! Carry a backpack or tote for items you’ll want to access on the flight or when you are sightseeing.

Many people visit multiple cities when they travel to Italy. No matter the mode of transportation or destination, hauling heavy luggage is a challenging undertaking. Whether you are arriving by boat into Venice or by train into Cinque Terre, you will be carrying your luggage more than you think.

By packing right and packing light, you’ll also save space for carrying souvenirs back home. Even if you’re not ordinarily a big souvenir shopper, you’ll certainly find something to buy when you’re in Italy. 

What are some essential things you’ll want to include when packing for Italy? 

Clothing and Accessories

Consider the season and check the weather forecast before you leave home, and pack accordingly. Light, comfortable layers will go a long way. There’s no need to pack heavy coats unless it is winter. Instead, bring along a light, packable jacket, sweater or blazer for the evening. 

When packing clothing, neutral or dark colors are versatile, stylish and you will look more like a traveler than a tourist! Style is important, but you’ll want to be comfortable, too. Choose smart casual outfits and plan to wear a combination of items at least 2-3 times. Add a pop of color (it will look great in photos!) and some fun accessories like sunglasses and a hat. If it is winter, pack a scarf and gloves. 

If your travels include visits to churches or cathedrals, it is expected that everyone covers their shoulders and knees. This applies to all members of your family. A lightweight wrap to tie around your waist or shoulders is a useful item to carry in your tote bag.

Sturdy, Comfortable Footwear

Visiting sights, walking cobbled streets and climbing stairs to get incredible views means being practical about clothing and footwear. Leave the high heels at home and bring a few pairs of sturdy, stylish shoes or sandals, instead. Smaller cities and villages are made for walking and some larger cities have restricted driving zones, so be prepared for your feet to be on the move. You don’t necessarily need hiking shoes – a good pair of walking shoes or sandals with heavy support will do fine. 

Electronics and Adapters 

Along with any electronic devices that you pack, you’ll need to include a power adapter so that you can plug an American device into a European socket. 

For Italy, there are three associated plug types: C, F and L. Type C has two round pins, F has two round pins with two earth clips on the side, and L has three round pins. Italy operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz, so you’ll also want to make sure appliances like hairdryers or curling irons are dual voltage. Many hotels also provide USB charging for electronic devices. 

Since many people use their phone as their camera, pack a portable charging device to carry with you during the day in case your phone battery runs low. 

Want more tips before you head out on your adventure? 

Planning and packing for Italy (or any destination) can be stressful but it’s worth it once you arrive at your destination. Remember where you are: you’re in Italy, where they are limitless experiences for you to enjoy! Get lost on the windy streets within the hilltop towns, try food dishes that you’ve never had before in the family-owned ristorantes, tour the ancient architecture of all the duomos and towers, and say ciao to the locals you pass on the street. 

To help you to make the most of your Italian getaway, here are the best travel tips and tricks from the experts. Make the most out of your vacation, and when you come home, you’ll have gained a newfound knowledge of all the sites that you never could have imagined you’d see if your lifetime. And by packing light and packing right, you’ll have space in your suitcase to bring home memories from your trip! 

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