Travelling Rome with Kids?

Traveling with children can be a challenge. Time changes, language differences, new sights, and sounds can be difficult for children but the biggest challenge is eating out. Fortunately, in Rome, kids are cherished and welcome in restaurants. There are many restaurants that are kid friendly in Rome where your kids have great food to choose from and room to play. Travelling Rome with Kids is a good thing!

The Taverna del Ghetto is a delightful kid-friendly restaurant located in the Jewish Ghetto of Rome. Seating is on the narrow closed road where your kids can wander about without fear. The menu offers a wide selection of fried foods to appease most children and traditional Roman pasta such as carbonara.

The Antico Forno Roscioli bakery near Campo de’Fiori is a popular favorite with pizza by the slice. They also offer a small buffet. This is a small takeaway restaurant doesn’t have much seating but you can ask for your food to go and take it to Campo or Piazza Farnese where your family can enjoy the meal outdoors and have room to romp around.

Fortunately, Rome is full of excellent pizza and there is no shortage of excellent pizza places for kids and adults. Acchiappafantasmi in the center of Rome makes their pizzas in the shape of ghosts! The name of the restaurant translates as “ghostbusters” so their haunting offerings make a delightful kids meal. Parents will enjoy the Calabrian food which is not common in Rome.

As parents, the ideal eatery includes places to play thus the popularity of play equipment in fast food restaurants. The only thing better is a restaurant in Rome located in a huge park in Rome such as Vivi Bistrot. They offer a children’s menu of basic pasta, organic chicken, and fries. You can order one of their picnic box lunches to take to the park and enjoy. The breakfast served at Vivi Bistrot is more Amercian or British thus less sweet than a traditional Italian morning meal.

Who can visit Italy without experiencing some gelato? It would be a crime not to try gelato, especially at Fata Morgana. As one of the premier gelaterias in Rome, they offer all-natural ingredients in the classics that kids like plus a multitude of non-traditional but excellent creamy gelatos for the entire family. They have several locations throughout Rome and kids are always welcome.

Travelling Rome with kids can be stressful but planning ahead and finding kid friendly locations can be done easily with the internet and your stress will be reduced greatly while traveling in Rome.

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