Secret Rome – Trastevere Neighborhood

There’s plenty to do in Rome. You could do as Romans do on your trip to Italy or be your natural self and explore all that this ancient city has to offer. It is quite likely that your itinerary would be full with the list of places that you must visit. Also, there’s the culture and festivities, the nightlife and various kinds of pleasures to indulge in. While you must attend to all your needs and whatever you wish to do in Rome, you will miss a lovely experience if you don’t visit or stay at the Trastevere neighborhood. When you check out Italy vacation packages, remember this neighborhood.

Trastevere used to be a neighborhood for the working class families of Rome. Today, it is still home to ordinary Italians but it has gained substantial interest among tourists and thus a quaint touristy ambience has developed in this place. Despite that, Trastevere is your finest haven in Rome while staying away from the crowded tourist hotspots. If you wish to explore Rome without jostling for space, then stay at Trastevere.

Here are some of the secrets of Rome’s Trastevere neighborhood that you should know of.

  • It is right in the center of all that is happening but it is quiet enough to offer you the seclusion or privacy that you need. Rome is busy and you wouldn’t get much privacy. Yet, you cannot stay very far away as commuting would be an issue. Trastevere is just a stroll across the Tiber. You would be within walking distance from all that Rome has to offer and yet you can enjoy the calm and pleasant settings of the place.
  • Trastevere with its picturesque streets and friendly people would be the place where you want to indulge in endless strolls, have some lovely dinner with your beloved, crash with your friends or just get to know a bit more about Italians. The narrow streets are what romantic and medieval novels have depicted. You would get all the modern amenities, from air conditioning in a rental apartment to fully equipped kitchens, but you would also get to enjoy the old school charm.
  • Trastevere is one of the more affordable neighborhoods of Rome. If you stay away from the touristy menus then you can have some sumptuous meals at relatively affordable prices. You could grab some pizza at Pizzeria di Marmi, eat at Fior di Luna, get some pasta at Sette Oche in Altalena, indulge at Ravioli alla Norma, relax at Zi’Mberto and engage in a lengthy chat with some food and drinks at Rivendita.
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