Tuscany’s Manhattan – San Gimignano!

Have you ever dreamt of a honeymoon in Tuscany? The province in Italy is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in all of Europe. When you plan a trip to Italy, you are likely looking forward to some romantic dinners, idyllic walks, picturesque locales, amazing weather, great food and some architectural marvels of long bygone eras. While Tuscany is undoubtedly spellbinding, there are some unforgettable places where you can have a lovely time and indulge in all the wine and food you want, there is one place in the province that will actually teleport you to a different time. That is San Gimignano, often referred to as the medieval Manhattan of Tuscany, Italy.

Manhattan has become iconic for many reasons. Its towering structures, the posh lifestyles, the arcades and the shopping, the food and the fine wining, the partying and obviously the amenities at the disposal of every resident or tourist make Manhattan what it is. Many cities across the world have tried to emulate what Manhattan has been so proud of. San Gimignano is no modern-day Manhattan. Don’t get perplexed with the correlation. It is a medieval Manhattan, a city that was once hailed as an architectural wonder and is still as enticing as it has been through the millennium.

San Gimignano is built on a hill. It is in the Tuscan countryside and the town was developed in the tenth century. You can imagine how old it is and then you should check out its towers, which are not as tall as the skyscrapers of Manhattan but if you think of the time when they were built then it is essentially a greater feat than what we did with the 20th-century skyline of New York.

It is the sheer elegance of the setting, the quaint ambiance and the amazing landscape that has made San Gimignano a favorite among tourists from across Europe and beyond, particularly in summer which is also something that can be said about Manhattan or New York. You don’t need expensive Italy travel packages to explore San Gimignano. You can just stay here for a night or two; explore the medieval restaurants, a binge of some delicious wine and excellent Italian food. Check out the views from Polesta’s Palace, especially from Torre Grossa.

Whether you are on your honeymoon in Tuscany or you are backpacking, San Gimignano will undoubtedly satiate you.

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