Very few people are lucky enough to travel to every popular place in a country. Even fewer people manage to travel around the world; not just one vacation to a foreign country or a few overseas vacations but an actual world tour. If you are thinking of a tour of Italy, then the first names that will come to your mind are Venice, Rome, Florence and you may possibly be interested in Milan owing to its influence in fashion. But beyond these big cities and obviously popular places are some smaller Italian towns or less frequented places that you must see.

Here are some towns that you must try to factor into your Italy travel package.

San Gimignano, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a town in Tuscany. Known as the town of towers, San Gimignano has held onto its medieval architecture and old world charm. San Gimignano has been used as a fortress by various empires and today it stands out for its historical relevance, culture and obviously the sheer spectacle that the skyline is. You may not be much into history but a stay in San Gimignano might entice you to know more.

Portofino is another amazing town you must visit. This place has inspired many creative minds, including Dolce and Gabbana. Portofino offers you several reasons to have a good time. There’s Brown Castle, Saint George Church, Via Roma, Piazza dell’Olivetta, Saint Martin Church, Christ of the Abyss, boat cruise, boutique stores and you can gorge on some farinata, pesto and focaccia de recco. Trekking at the Regional Park, sunbathing at Paraggi Beach, San Fruttuoso abbey and a quick trip to Cinque Terre are some of the other reasons why you should visit Portofino.

Sorrento is a place for any and sundry. The location is reason enough for you to explore this city. Sorrento provides easy access to Naples and the Amalfi Coast. The weather of Sorrento is extremely pleasant. Even winters are substantially mild. The Gulf of Naples and the Correale Museum are two major draws. From shopping to wining and dining, Sorrento offers an ethereal experience.

Como needs no introduction. It has been made famous by celebrities but they love it because the place is unforgettable in the first place. The beaches are amazing, the water of the lake is clearer than you would imagine, the ferry tours are cheap, the fishes from the lake are delectable and there are some wonderful villas.

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