6 Day Golf Tour: Tuscany Tee & Wine Time: Your Chill Golf Getaway

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Ugolino Golf Club green

Day 1: Hello Florence! 🛬🌆

Touchdown in Tuscany! Right off the bat, your personal driver’s there at Florence airport, ready to scoop you and your bags up and zip you off to your super cozy hotel in Florence’s old-school heart.

Check-in, kick off those travel shoes, and chill. You’ve got an epic few days ahead, so soak in that Florence vibe and get stoked!

Day 2: Dive into Florence 🖼️🍝

Wakey-wakey, it’s time to see what Florence is all about! After you’ve had your fill of breakfast, your guide (who’s about to become your new best friend) will show you around.

We’re talking a full-blown tour with a special stop at the Uffizi Museum to eyeball some legit Renaissance masterpieces. Then, the afternoon is all yours. Maybe do a little exploring, or just laze around – your call.

golfing in Italy

Day 3: Golfing at Ugolino 🏌️‍♂️🌳

After a chill start to your morning, it’s time to hit the Ugolino Golf Club. Trust us, it’s a stunner – think all the golf fun with a side of jaw-dropping Tuscan scenery. Don’t sweat the ride; we’ve got your back with private transfers. Just bring your A-game and soak in the beauty.

All About Ugolino Golf Club – The Coolest History Lesson

So, back in 1889, a bunch of British folks hanging out in Florence decided Italy needed some golf in its life. They kicked things off with an 18-hole course right near Princess Demidoff’s place, just a hop and a skip north of Florence. Fast forward to 1934, and boom, we move to the edge of the stunning Chianti area. That’s when Ugolino Golf Club popped up, picking up the torch from the original Florence Golf Club.

Picture this: playing golf in Florence for nearly a century, cruising through those postcard-perfect Chianti hills like you’re living in a storybook. This beauty of a course? It was cooked up by a dynamic duo: Cecil Blandford from England and Peter Gannon from Ireland. They checked out the Tuscan hills, with all those vineyards, olive trees, pine trees, and wild bushes, and thought, “Yep, this is the spot.” They dreamed up a course that’s not just easy on the eyes but also gives your golf skills a serious workout.

Sure, it might not be the biggest kid on the block, but Ugolino packs a punch. You gotta be sharp here because the greens are petite and crafty, hiding behind tricky bunkers, and those slopes will test your brains and your swing.

But here’s the real scoop: playing at Ugolino isn’t just about golf. It’s about that magical vibe, where every shot feels like you’re slicing through a little piece of paradise. With olive groves whispering in the wind and the sweet smell of nature all around, it’s an experience that just sticks with you. It’s so cool that Chris Santella even raved about it in “Fifty Places to Play Golf Before You Die,” flagging it as a total bucket-list spot.

So, hitting the links at Ugolino? It’s more than a game. It’s diving into a lush, historical, and stunning world that golfers have been loving for almost 100 years.

Ugolino Golf Course map

Florence Street

Day 4: More Golf & Wine Time 🏌️‍♀️🍷

Start the day swinging at the Royal Golf La Bagnaia. After you’ve had your fill of fairways and greens, we’re off to explore Chianti’s wineries. Get ready to sip some of the best wines around, learn a bit about how they’re made, and just enjoy the good life.

Royal Golf La Bagnaia: The Tuscan Golf Dream

Ever daydreamed about playing golf in the heart of Tuscany? Robert Trent Jones Jr. made that fantasy come to life with this absolutely wicked course. Picture this: 18 holes, par 71, stretching across 322 acres of those iconic Tuscan hills near Siena. The views? Mind-blowing. They’re so stunning you might just forget about your golf game for a minute.

It’s no wonder this spot snagged the title of “Italy’s Best Golf Course 2023.” Between the gorgeous lakes, the wildlife casually strolling by, and the laid-back Tuscan atmosphere, playing here feels like you’ve leveled up in the golf world. But Royal Golf La Bagnaia isn’t just about hitting balls; it’s an all-around sensory feast. The food here? Chef’s kiss. It’s the kind of place that turns a day of golf into something you’ll never forget.

The clubhouse is just the cherry on top. With its scenic lakes, every swing feels like it belongs on a postcard. Looking to unwind after a day on the greens? The Golfer’s Restaurant has you covered with amazing views over the course. And for the shopaholics, the pro shop is stuffed with all the top golf brands. Honestly, this place is pretty much golf paradise.

Royal Golf La Bagnaia course map

Day 5: Last Round of Golf & Florence Free Time 🏌️‍♂️🚶‍♂️

Munch on your hotel breakfast, then it’s off to Castelfalfi Golf Club for your final round of golf against a backdrop of the prettiest Tuscan views. Once you’ve hit your last shot, we’re heading back to Florence where you can do your own thing. Wander, shop, eat, repeat – Florence is your oyster

Castelfalfi Golf Club: Where Tuscany Plays

Think about this: hitting balls in Tuscany’s ultimate golfing playground, Castelfalfi. This place is where chill vibes, wellness, and sports come together in a way that’s just…chef’s kiss. Imagine standing amidst over 9,400 meters of the greenest fairways you’ve ever seen, with groves and olive trees sprinkled around like nature’s own decor. Thanks to the smarty-pants architects Preißmann and Moroder who knew exactly how to bring the wow factor, you’re looking at 27 holes spread over two stunning courses. Whether you’re here to show off your pro moves or just starting to get the hang of golf, these courses have got something for everyone.

And get this: Castelfalfi is all about that green life. They’re not just playing around when it comes to taking care of their gorgeous spot. They catch rainwater to keep the greens looking lush and stick to eco-friendly maintenance routines that are so good, they snagged the GEO CertifiedTM eco-label. That’s pretty much the Oscar for being eco-cool and loving sports all at once.

Castelfalfi Golf Club map

Day 6: See Ya or Stay Longer? 🍳✌️

After breakfast, it might seem like goodbye time, but hey, who says the fun has to stop? Fancy a detour to Rome, Venice, the Amalfi Coast, or even Sicily? There’s so much more to see, and we’re here to help plan your next move.

From the history-packed streets of Florence to the lush golf courses and the tasty wines of Chianti, this trip is all about soaking in those Italian vibes and having a blast. Ready to make some memories? Let’s do this!

Florence Duomo and baptistery

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Departure Days:

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We invite you to join us on this exquisite journey, where each day is a blend of classic allure and modern comfort, all framed by the unparalleled beauty of Italy.

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Tuscany Tee & Wine Time: Your Chill Golf Getaway

Picture this: a whole week where you, the lush Tuscan countryside, some of the coolest historic golf courses around, and a bunch of grapes that turned into wine are the main characters. It’s not just any break from the daily grind—it’s a specially cooked-up adventure for folks who love to kick back with style. Over three sun-kissed days, you’ll hit the greens on Tuscany’s most awesome golf clubs, where every swing comes with a side of stunning views.

And because we’re in Tuscany, we gotta talk wine. We’re setting up a day for you to dive deep into the Chianti Classico vibes, led by a top-notch sommelier and our very own Italy4Real pro. You’ll sip, you’ll savor, and you’ll probably discover your next favorite wine right where it’s made.

Now, where you’ll be crashing – think cozy, think luxury, think so authentically Tuscan that you might start speaking Italian in your sleep. These spots are all about giving you a taste of the good life, from knockout views to food that’ll make you want to write home about it. We’ve picked out eateries where the vibe is as good as the grub, all serving up local dishes that are big on flavor and tradition.

Oh, and we can’t let you leave without showing you around Florence. It’s like stepping into a time machine and popping out in the Renaissance, with art and architecture around every corner that’ll have your jaw on the floor. Michelangelo, Da Vinci—those guys knew what they were doing, and you’ll get to see it all up close.

This trip’s for anyone who’s into the idea of mixing golf days with wine-tasting, history, and just soaking in all the Tuscan magic. Sound like your kind of getaway? Hit us up at info@italy4real.com or swing by our website at https://italy4real.com/ to get the ball rolling. Let’s make this vacation an absolute win—on and off the course!

What's Included


What You Get in the 6-Day Tuscany Tee & Wine Time Chill Golf Trip

We’ve gone all out to make sure your 6 days in Florence and Tuscany are jam-packed with unforgettable moments. Italy4Real’s got you covered with everything from where you’ll be crashing to the cool places you’ll visit.

Here’s the rundown:

Got Your Back Support: You’ll have our awesome Italy team just a phone, text, or WhatsApp message away. Need help or advice while you’re here? We’re on it, in real time.

Sleep Tight Spots:
Discover & Sip Sessions:
Smooth Moves Transport:

– Crash for 5 nights in a super comfy double room (breakfast included) at our handpicked hotels.
– Spend a day wining and dining through Chianti’s best wineries with a guide who knows their grapes.
– Dive into Florence with a full-day tour that includes the legendary Uffizi Museum.
– Enjoy a round of 18 at the breathtaking Ugolino Golf Club.
– Take another 18-hole challenge at the swanky Royal Golf La Bagnaia.
– And because we can’t get enough, another 18 at the gorgeous Castelfalfi Golf Club.

Pack your bags for a blend of relaxation, discovery, and of course, some top-tier golfing. Let’s make this trip one for the books!

Digital Companion: Complimentary electronic city guides to enhance your urban explorations.

Not Included

Heads Up: What’s Not in the Package

Just so you know, there are a couple of things not included in your trip:

Flights to and from Italy: Not in the deal, but hey, we’ve got your back! We’ll help you hunt down the best airfare for free. Yep, that’s a special perk for being an Italy4Real buddy.
Travel Insurance: We don’t include it, but seriously, think about getting some. It’s all about keeping those vibes good and stress levels low.
City Taxes: These are extra and you’ll sort them out directly with your hotel.
Getting Around: Need to meet up with your tour guide or get back to your hotel after? That’s on you, unless we mentioned it’s covered. Same goes for train station transfers.

Keep these in mind, and you’re all set for a smooth trip. Anything else you need, we’re just a message away!

Keeping It Real with Our Prices: All About Euros

We’re all about giving you bang for your buck with top-notch service, so we list all our prices in Euros. Here’s the scoop on why that’s awesome for you:

Straight-Up Pricing

Going with Euros means you get the clearest, most competitive prices around. No sneaky extra costs that tend to pop up with U.S. Dollar prices because of those pesky fluctuating exchange rates.

We’ve Got an Eye on the Money

Our travel gurus are always watching how the Euro’s doing against other big currencies. This means we can give you a heads-up on the best time to seal the deal on your booking, helping your wallet stay happy.

No Guesswork with Your Bills

Every bill we send is super clear, showing you exactly what the exchange rate is, so there are no surprises. With Italy4Real, what you see is exactly what you get—no hidden fees, no shockers.

Paying Your Way

We lock in the exchange rate from the U.S. Dollar to the Euro only when you make your final payment. This gives you the chance to take advantage of any great exchange rates that come up.

Choosing Italy4Real for your European adventure means a lot to us. Your happiness and the value you get from us are the big deals here.

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