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Wine and Cheese
Piazza Maggiore Bologna


This tour starts in Bologna and ends in Alba. 

Hey! Welcome to your epic Italian getaway. First up, we’re diving into the heart of Bologna – a city that’s all kinds of awesome with its rich history, buzzing streets, and food so good it’ll make your taste buds sing.

You’re flying solo to get here, but no stress, we’ve picked out a super cozy hotel for you. It’s the kind of place that feels like a warm hug – you get your own space with a private bathroom (because privacy is key, right?). And guess what? Every morning starts with a killer breakfast that’ll have you munching on some of the best local flavors.

Not thrilled about figuring out how to get from the airport to the hotel? We’ve got an easy fix for that. Opt in for a private airport transfer and bam, you land, grab your bags, and there’s someone waiting to zip you straight to your hotel. It’s all about making your arrival as chill and seamless as possible, so you can kick back and start soaking in the Bologna vibes right from the word go.

This is just the start of your adventure, and believe me, it’s going to be filled with loads of cool moments. So, welcome to Bologna – get ready for an unforgettable journey that’s just beginning!

Food in Northern Italy

DAY 2 – 🍕 Bologna Bliss: Foodie's Dream Day

Kickstart Your Morning ☀️

Kick off the day with some delicious breakfast at your hotel, because you’re gonna need that energy. Today, you’re meeting up with your own guide to uncover the secrets of Bologna. This place isn’t just any city; it’s where foodies find their paradise, and history buffs get lost in the tales of the oldest uni in the western world. Expect a mix of cool, hidden spots and the big-ticket sights like the epic Basilica di San Petronio and the lively Piazza Maggiore.

Afternoon Foodie Fun 🍝
After soaking in all that culture, it’s time to get your hands dirty (in the best way). Dive into a local cooking class where you’ll learn the art of making either tortellini or tagliatelle al ragù – two staples that’ll make you feel like a true Bolognese chef. And the cherry on top? You get to sit down and enjoy a dinner made by yours truly. How cool is that?

Get ready for a day filled with exploring, learning, and, most importantly, eating. Bologna’s about to show you why it’s the heart and soul of Italy’s food scene!

Learn more about our walking food tours in Bologna here.

Food of Northern Italy

🌟 Day 3: Modena Moments - Balsamic Tastes & Ferrari Thrills

Hit the Road 🛣️

Wave bye to Bologna, ’cause today you’re rolling out to Modena’s gorgeous countryside. But first, a quick pit stop in Modena city. Take a little time to wander, grab a coffee, and just vibe with the place.

Taste the Tradition 🍯
Next, you’re off to a balsamic vinegar cellar to dive deep into the world of this liquid gold. You’ll get a taste of the real, aged stuff and quickly understand why it’s so revered. Post vinegar adventures, tuck into a super traditional lunch with tigelle bread and a spread of cold cuts. Simple? Yes. Amazing? Absolutely.

Ferrari Fanfare 🏁
With your belly full, it’s time for some speed at the Ferrari Museum. Whether you’re into cars or not, this place is pure cool, showcasing the sleek history of Ferrari with a lineup of both vintage beauties and the latest beasts.

Evening Ease 🍽️
The day winds down with a drive to your next stay in the countryside. Picture this: a gourmet dinner outdoors, the countryside stretching out around you, and the kind of peace that photos can’t quite capture. It’s the perfect chill end to a day packed with flavors and fast cars.

Get ready for a day where traditional tastes meet the thrill of speed, all wrapped up in the stunning scenery of Modena’s countryside. Let’s make some memories!

🍇 Day 4: Onward to Pavia - Cheese, Lunch, and Wine Estate Dreams

Morning Ride Out 🚗

Kick off the day with breakfast amidst the hills, soaking in those last serene vibes before your private driver scoops you up. Today’s journey? Heading to the charming city of Pavia. But, there’s a delicious twist along the way.

Cheese Please! 🧀
First stop: Parma. Not just any stop, but a dive into the world of Parmigiano Cheese at a local farm. You’ll get to taste this iconic cheese right where it’s made, learning a thing or two about what makes it so special.

Town Time 🕰️
Post-cheese bliss, you’ll land in the heart of Parma. Grab lunch at one of the quaint spots around (trust, the food scene here is top-notch) and then wander around the town at your own pace. It’s your time to explore, snap pics, and soak in the vibes.

Pavia Perfection 🍷
The road then takes you to Pavia, arriving in the late afternoon right at a stunning wine estate. This isn’t just any stay; it’s a luxury experience where you’ll be treated to an exquisite dinner with views and vibes that are hard to beat. Then, it’s off to dreamland in your luxury room amid the vines.

Day 4 is all about the journey from the hills to a wine estate, with some cheesy goodness and town exploration in between. Get ready for tastes, sights, and relaxation that’ll make your heart and belly full. Pavia, here we come!

Wine and Cheese

🌿 Day 5: Pavia and Beyond - Rustic Charms & Wine Wonders

Pavia: Italy’s Best-Kept Secret 🏰

Wake up in Pavia, a treasure of a town that’s all about giving you a taste of the real Italian deal, far from the usual tourist buzz. It’s all cobblestone streets, medieval vibes, and that laid-back charm that Italy does so well. Take a stroll, soak in the lush countryside views, and let the town’s mix of old-world architecture tell you stories from the past.

Foodie Delights 🍝
Pavia isn’t just a feast for the eyes; it’s a haven for your taste buds too. The local spots dish out incredible meals that bring the local farms right to your plate. Imagine twirling some handmade pasta while sipping on a glass of the finest local wine – this is what dining dreams are made of.

Festive Feels & Market Days 🎉
The heart of Pavia beats in its markets and festivals. It’s where the community comes alive, celebrating everything from food to crafts. It’s your chance to dive into the local culture, nibble on regional snacks, and maybe even snag some artisanal treasures.

Afternoon Adventure: Alba Bound 🍇
After a morning soaking up Pavia, and a leisurely lunch, you’re off to Alba, but not without a stop in Canelli. Famous for its ‘wine cathedrals’ and sparkling spumante, you’ll get to taste what the fuss is all about.

Neive: Picture-Perfect Pit Stop 🖼️
Before you know it, you’ll find yourself in Neive, one of those postcard-perfect villages that Piedmont boasts. Take some time to wander, snap pics, and just enjoy being in one of the most beautiful spots around.

Evening Ease 🌆
The day wraps up as you check into your hotel in the heart of Barolo land. With dinner waiting and a night of comfort ahead, it’s the perfect close to a day filled with sights, tastes, and travels. Cheers to another unforgettable day in Italy!

🚀 Day 6: Barolo or Bust - Truffles, Castles, and Vino

Morning Mission: Vineyard Vibes 🌿

We’re hitting the road to Barolo today, land of endless vineyards and that oh-so-fresh countryside air. Every season’s got its own splash of color here, making it Instagram gold no matter when you drop by.

Truffle Huntin’ with a Sidekick 🐶
First up, we’re going on a truffle hunt – and yes, it’s as epic as it sounds. You, a guide, and the world’s most enthusiastic truffle-sniffing dog head into the woods to uncover these hidden gems. You’ll learn the ins and outs of truffle hunting, dig up some treasures, and then celebrate with a truffle-packed lunch. Pretty wild, right?

Afternoon: Castles & Cheers 🍷
Post-truffle triumph, we’re checking out Barolo Castle for a quick history hit before diving into some serious wine tasting at Marchesi di Barolo Winery. This isn’t just sipping; it’s a deep dive into what makes these wines legendary.

Scenic Cruise Home 🌄
The day wraps with a scenic drive back to Alba, cruising through Piedmont’s picture-perfect views. It’s the kind of drive that makes you want to stick your head out the window like a dog.

Chill out in Alba tonight, soaking in the day’s adventures. From the thrill of the truffle hunt to the buzz of Barolo wines, it’s been a jam-packed day of the best Italy has to offer. Cheers to that!

City of Turin

🇮🇹 Day 7: Turin Tales - Chocolate, History, & Royal Splendor

Turin Time 🌆

Today’s your last full day soaking up the northern Italian vibes, and we’re heading to Turin, the OG capital of Italy. This city’s not just a pretty face; it was the heartthrob of the movement that stitched Italy together into the country we know and love today.

Royal Rounds 🏰
First up, we’re hitting Venaria Reale, which is basically the Versailles of Italy. This place is massive and majestic, with enough royal swagger to make your head spin.

Lunch Like a Local 🍝
After living the royal life, it’s time to get down to some serious eating. Turin’s got its culinary game on point, and we’re diving into some of the city’s classic dishes at a spot famous for sticking to local traditions.

Chocolate Dreams 🍫
Turin is also heaven for chocolate lovers, and guess what? It’s just a hop away from the Ferrero Rocher factory. Prepare your taste buds for some serious indulgence because you’ll be trying out some of the best treats in town.

Ancient Egyptian Enigmas 🏺
Feeling sweet and satisfied, we’ll then shift gears and explore the Museum of Ancient Egypt. It’s home to the second-largest collection of Egyptian goodies outside of Cairo, so get ready to be wowed.

Winery Wind Down 🍷
The day wraps up with a drive back to Alba, where you’ll be treated to a dinner at a local winery. Expect each course to come with a perfectly paired drink, because that’s how we roll in wine country.

It’s been a whirlwind day of royal palaces, mouth-watering meals, chocolate highs, and ancient mysteries. Turin’s given us the grand finale to an unforgettable northern Italian adventure. Cheers to that!

✈️ Day 8: See Ya Later, Alba!

On Your Way 🚗
It’s time to say “Ciao” to Alba! Whether you’re heading back home or keeping the Italian dream alive with more adventures, today’s the day you set off on your next journey.

Need a Lift? 🚂
Heading out but not quite sure how to get to your next destination? No worries! If you’re thinking of catching a train to Milan, Florence, or Rome to fly out or just explore more — perhaps on an Emilia-Romagna food tour — we’ve got your back. Let us know, and we can sort out the train details for you, making sure you get where you need to go without a hitch.

Next Chapter 🌍
Whether it’s heading home with a suitcase full of memories (and probably some great Italian wine) or continuing to wander through Italy’s endless beauty, we’re here to help make your departure as smooth as possible.

It’s been a blast having you explore Alba and beyond with us. Until next time, safe travels and keep chasing those adventures!

Northern Italy Food Tour Overview

Let your tastebuds lead you on a culinary tour of Italy’s northern regions, enjoying local delicacies that range from classic Bolognese pasta to the famous Barolo wine or incredible truffles.

Italy is known as a country that is home to a range of sensational flavours, but the northern regions in particular produce incredible ingredients year-round that are enjoyed all over the world. The high quality of this area is owed to the fertile landscape and the centuries of experience behind many products and recipes that you will sample as part of this tour.

Each location has more to offer than just its signature dish however, as you will discover as you visit Bologna’s ancient university, the original capital of the country Turin, and the beautiful town of Pavia. You will also travel through the idyllic countryside of Piedmont, famous for its abundance of vineyards, olive groves and historic towns and villages.

This tour will give you the chance to hunt for truffles, experience wine tasting with seasoned experts, and discover the secrets of some of Italy’s most famous wineries. If you’re looking for a trip that features only the best of Italy’s landscape and cuisine, then this is the tour for you.

While this tour is not fully escorted, you will be met by private local guides on the sightseeing days of this tour and be transferred between locations by a private driver. Local assistance will also be on hand 24/7 in the case of any issues or queries.

Full Availability


Departure Dates & Pricing

| Month | Double (DBL) | Single (SGL) | Triple (TPL) |
| FEB | €4,863  | €7,259 | €4,695 |
| MAR | €4,888 | €7,308 | €4,718 |
| APR | €5,052 | €7,637 | €4,874 |
| MAY | €5,295 | €8,123 | €5,105 |
| JUN | €5,234 | €8,001 | €5,048 |
| JUL | €5,295 | €8,123 | €5,105 |
| AUG | €4,699 | €6,931 | €4,539 |
| SEPT | €5,234 | €8,001 | €5,048 |
| OCT | €5,210 | €7,953 | €5,024 |
| NOV | €5,198 | €7,928 | €5,013 |

Prices starting from:

Pricing starts at Euro 4695 per person. This tour can be customized and changed to your liking.

Convert prices to USD here Get In Touch Today!

What’s Included in This Food Tour of Northern Italy?


    • ●  2 nights in Bologna
    • ●  1 night in Modena
    • ●  1 night in Pavia
    • ●  3 nights in Alba
    • ●  Breakfast every day in your hotels
    • ●  Private Guided Bologna Walking Tour
    • ●  Basilica di San Petronio entrance fee
    • ●  A local cooking Class in Bologna, including a Bolognese dinner
    • ●  Driver Escorted Tour of Modena & Maranello○ Free time in Modena for an independent visit
      ○ Transportation – Pick up in Bologna and drop off in Modena Countryside ○ Vinegard cellar visit with tasting and lunch near Modena
      ○ Entrance to the Modena Ferrari Museum
    • ●  Gourmet dinner in an estate in Modena
    • ●  Private transfer from Modena to Pavia via Parma
      • ○  Free time in Parma for an independent visit
      • ○  Parmigiano Cheese Tasting in Parma
      • ○  Lunch in Parma
    • ●  Dinner in a Pavia wine estate
    • ●  Driver-escorted tour of Pavia & Monferrato – Pick up in Pavia/Drop off in Alba
      • ○  Free time in Pavia for an independent visit
      • ○  Wine tasting in Canelli in Monferrato
      • ○  Free time in Neive
    • ●  Dinner in a Barolo wine estate
    • ●  Barolo Experience including
      • ○  Driver guide
      • ○  Truffle Hunt followed by lunch in Alba
      • ○  A commented Barolo wine tasting in La Morra
      • ○  Barolo Castle entrance fee
    • ●  Private Turin Tour including
      • ○  Transportation – Pick up and drop off in Alba
      • ○  Private Guided Turin Walking Tour
      • ○  Museum of Ancient Egypt entrance fee
      • ○  Lunch
      • ○  Chocolate Tasting
    • ●  Farewell Dinner at a winery in Alba

Not Included

  • Transfer to Bologna on arrival
  • Transfer from Alba on departure
  • Italian city tax
  • Your airfare to and from Italy. We can help you with the airfare for your trip, just ask when booking
  • Travel Insurance, which is required for this tour and may be purchased either independently or from us

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