8-Day Sicilian Elegance: A Luxury Journey Through The Timeless Wonders of Eastern Sicily

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map of Eastern Sicily
map of Sicily and Catania

🌟 Day 1: Arrival and Introduction to the Charms of Siracusa

Upon your arrival at Catania Airport, your Sicilian odyssey begins with a warm welcome from your private driver. You’ll be whisked away to the enchanting city of Siracusa, where the boutique Hotel Caportigia awaits, nestled in a refined ancient building with splendid views. This gem, selected for its authentic charm and strategic location, places you at the heart of Siracusa’s magical atmosphere.

As evening descends, join us for a welcome drink in the hotel’s elegant spaces. It’s a perfect moment to mingle with fellow travelers and meet your knowledgeable guide, a connoisseur of the region’s rich history and culture. This evening will set the stage for your journey, introducing you to the mesmerizing stories of Siracusa—its art, history, and culinary delights.

Your room at Hotel Caportigia, crafted with elegance and comfort in mind, promises a restful night. As you retire, anticipate the adventures that await, from exploring ancient archaeological sites to indulging in the exquisite flavors of Sicilian cuisine. Your stay in Siracusa is not just a vacation; it’s a cultural odyssey that will leave an indelible mark on your soul.


As we conclude Day 1 of your Sicilian journey, we at Italy4Real eagerly await to guide you through this cultural tapestry, rich in history and beauty. Your Sicilian adventure has just begun, and each day promises new discoveries and enchanting experiences. Stay tuned for the unveiling of Day 2, where the wonders of Sicily continue to unfold.

Sicily with Italy4real

🌟 Day 2: Discovering the Heart of Syracuse - Ortigia's Enchanting Charms

Morning Exploration: Ancient Wonders and Local Flavors of Ortigia

Your second day with Italy4Real begins with a rendezvous with your guide in the hotel lobby, ready to delve into the captivating world of Ortigia, Syracuse’s historic jewel. Your journey through time starts at the ancient Temple of Apollo, a Doric monument whispering tales from the 6th century BC.

As you wander to Archimedes Square, absorb the lively ambiance and learn about the square’s namesake, the legendary mathematician Archimedes, and his connection to Syracuse. Be mesmerized by the grandeur of the fountain here, a symbol of the city’s vibrant spirit.

Your stroll takes you along Via della Giudecca, unveiling the rich Jewish heritage of Syracuse. Soon, you’ll arrive at the awe-inspiring Syracuse Cathedral. Its Baroque façade is a testament to Sicilian architectural brilliance, and its interior, with a history spanning from a Greek temple to a Christian basilica, is equally captivating.

Meander through quaint streets to Fonte Aretusa, a lush oasis steeped in mythology. This picturesque spring, linked to the tale of nymph Aretusa, offers a serene moment of reflection.

The vibrant Ortigia Market is your next destination. Here, immerse yourself in the local culture as you explore stalls bursting with fresh produce, seafood, and traditional Sicilian delicacies.

Your morning tour concludes with a visit to the imposing Maniace Castle. Roam its battlements and soak in panoramic views of the Ionian Sea, a perfect end to your morning explorations.

Afternoon at Leisure: Unwind and Explore

The afternoon is yours to enjoy as you wish. Whether you choose to relax by the waterfront, explore more of Ortigia’s hidden gems, or simply bask in the Mediterranean sun, this time is for you to absorb the essence of Sicilian life at your own pace.

Evening: A Sicilian-Style Welcome Dinner

As the sun sets, reconvene for an authentic Sicilian welcome dinner. Whether it’s a hidden home restaurant, a local food blogger’s table, or a family dinner with a true Syracusan, this evening promises an intimate culinary experience. It’s more than just a meal; it’s a chance to connect with the locals and indulge in the genuine flavors of Sicily.

With hearts and bellies full, your guide will escort you back to the hotel, concluding a day rich in history, culture, and culinary delights.


Today’s journey through Ortigia has offered a deeper understanding of Syracuse’s multifaceted history and vibrant culture. As you retire for the night, let the memories of today’s adventures inspire dreams of what tomorrow holds on your luxury Sicilian tour with Italy4Real.

Eager to experience the magic of Sicily for yourself? Connect with us at info@italy4real.com to start planning your own luxurious Sicilian adventure. Let us help you create an itinerary that combines cultural richness with the comfort and elegance you deserve. Join us and discover Sicily in a way you’ve never imagined.

Ragusa Sicily

🌟 Day 3: Ragusa Ibla & Modica - A Journey Through History and Flavors

Morning Adventure: The Baroque Beauty of Ragusa Ibla

Begin your day with Italy4Real as your guide and driver await at the hotel, ready to escort you on your first excursion. As you board the private minivan, a day of discovery and sensory indulgence unfolds.

Arriving in Ragusa Ibla, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you’re greeted by the city’s breathtaking center. A tapestry of Baroque architecture and winding streets, Ragusa Ibla is a living museum. Your guide, rich in knowledge and anecdotes, brings to life the historical significance of every landmark. From quaint piazzas to magnificent churches, each turn reveals a new facet of Ragusa Ibla’s unique character.

A special highlight awaits as you delve into the tradition of Sicilian carriages. Explore the artistry and stories behind these iconic symbols, deepening your appreciation for Sicily’s rich cultural heritage.

Afternoon Exploration: The Charm of Modica and the Taste of Tradition

Next, journey to Modica, a town cradled in the Sicilian hills. Its narrow streets, climbing steep mountain slopes, offer breathtaking panoramic views. Modica is not just a feast for the eyes but also a paradise for chocolate lovers. Here, you’ll indulge in a chocolate tasting experience, savoring treats made with age-old techniques, a testament to Sicily’s culinary legacy.

Evening: A Rustic Dinner Amidst Sicilian Herbs

Your day concludes with a visit to a local farm, a specialist in cultivating Sicilian herbs. As the landscape unfolds in its full glory, you’ll be treated to a special dinner. Surrounded by aromatic herbs and the pastoral beauty of the farm, this culinary experience promises to be the highlight of your day. Savor the authentic flavors of Sicilian cuisine, creating memories that resonate against the picturesque backdrop of Sicily.

Return to Siracusa

With hearts and minds full of new experiences, you’ll return to Siracusa in the comfort of your minivan. The day’s adventures will leave you enchanted, offering a deeper connection to the soul of Sicily.


As you retire for the evening, reflect on the rich tapestry of experiences from Ragusa Ibla to Modica. Italy4Real is dedicated to ensuring that each day of your journey is filled with wonder, discovery, and culinary delights. Your Sicilian adventure is unfolding beautifully, with each day bringing new insights and unforgettable moments.


Noto Sicily

🌟 Day 4: Noto's Baroque Splendor and Marzamemi's Coastal Charms

Morning Journey: Unveiling the Architectural Gems of Noto

Embark on your fourth day with Italy4Real, as your guide and driver greet you for a scenic journey to Noto. Known as the capital of Sicilian Baroque architecture, Noto is a treasure trove of cultural and architectural wonders.

As you arrive, the elegant Corso Vittorio Emanuele sets the stage for your exploration. This vibrant avenue, lined with charming cafes and boutiques, pulses with life, offering a welcoming introduction to Noto’s rich heritage.

Your stroll along the Corso unveils Noto’s iconic landmarks. The majestic Noto Cathedral, dedicated to Saint Nicholas of Myra, stands as a grand Baroque masterpiece. Its intricate design and imposing facade are not just visually stunning but also steeped in history.

Nearby, Palazzo Ducezio, the town hall, named after the Ducezio family, dazzles with its ornate Baroque details. The Church of San Francesco, another jewel in Noto’s crown, captivates with its embellished façade, a testament to the city’s artistic legacy. And the Palazzo Nicolaci di Villadorata, with its intricately carved balconies, is an architectural marvel that leaves visitors spellbound.

Afternoon Excursion: The Quaint Charm of Marzamemi

Your afternoon adventure takes you to the picturesque fishing village of Marzamemi. Here, the contrast to Noto’s grandeur is refreshing. Famous for its tuna fisheries and vibrant squares, Marzamemi offers a glimpse into the traditional life of Sicilian coastal towns.

Explore the tuna fisheries, where generations-old methods continue to thrive, and feel the pulse of the village’s bustling activity. Wander through the colorful squares of Marzamemi, where the laid-back coastal ambiance invites you to relax and embrace the moment.

Seize the opportunity to shop for unique local souvenirs and indulge in a delightful seafood experience at one of the village’s quaint eateries. Marzamemi’s charm lies in its simplicity and the warmth of its people, making it a memorable stop on your journey.

Evening Return: Reflecting on a Day of Discovery

As your day concludes, the comfort of your private minivan brings you back to Siracusa. This day’s excursion, a blend of Baroque magnificence, coastal allure, and culinary exploration, provides an immersive experience of southeastern Sicily’s unique treasures.


As you reflect on the day’s adventures, from the architectural grandeur of Noto to the serene beauty of Marzamemi, Italy4Real continues to ensure that your Sicilian journey is filled with enriching experiences and unforgettable moments.

Inspired to discover the wonders of Sicily? Reach out to us at info@italy4real.com to begin planning your bespoke Sicilian adventure. With Italy4Real, explore hidden gems, marvel at architectural masterpieces, and indulge in the authentic flavors of Sicily. Join us, and let’s craft an experience that captures the essence of this enchanting island.

sicily Taormina

🌟 Day 5: Farewell to Siracusa and Welcome to Taormina via Catania

Morning Departure: Bidding Siracusa Goodbye

Today marks a new chapter in your Italy4Real adventure as you bid a heartfelt ‘Arrivederci’ to Siracusa. After checking out from your hotel, set off on a journey to the enchanting city of Taormina. Along the way, a stop in the historic city of Catania offers an opportunity to delve into the rich cultural tapestry set against the grandeur of Mount Etna.

Exploring Catania: A City of Vibrant Contrasts

Your exploration begins at the heart of Catania, in Piazza Duomo. Here, the majestic Cathedral of Sant’Agata and the whimsical Fountain of the Elephant (Fontana dell’Elefante) await your admiration. Stroll down Via Etnea, the pulsating artery of the city, lined with a vibrant mix of shops, cafes, and historic buildings.

As you venture into “La Pescheria,” Catania’s historic Fish Market, immerse yourself in its bustling atmosphere. The sights and sounds of local vendors selling fresh seafood and produce create a sensory feast.

A walk to Piazza Stesicoro reveals the ruins of the Roman Amphitheatre, a glimpse into Catania’s ancient past. For a serene detour, meander down Via Crociferi, a street adorned with Baroque buildings and churches, offering a peaceful respite from the city’s hustle.

Your tour continues to Piazza Università, bustling with the energy of Catania’s students and surrounded by historic edifices. The tour culminates at Villa Bellini, Catania’s largest public park, where you can enjoy a tranquil walk among trees, flowers, and sculptures.

Throughout your journey in Catania, savor the flavors of Sicily with curated street food tastings. These culinary stops provide a delicious insight into the region’s gastronomic heritage.

Afternoon: Scenic Journey to Taormina

As afternoon unfolds, embark on a scenic drive towards Taormina. The route promises breathtaking landscapes, transitioning from the lively streets of Catania to the serene charm of Taormina.

Arrival in Taormina: A Warm Welcome

Upon arrival in Taormina, check into your luxurious accommodation. Whether it’s the historic grandeur of Hotel Excelsior Palace or the modern elegance of Hotel Splendid, your sea-view room promises comfort and style. Both hotels are not only accommodations but landmarks in Taormina’s rich cultural heritage.

Evening at Leisure in Taormina

The remainder of your day is free to acquaint yourself with your new surroundings. Taormina, with its captivating beauty and Mediterranean charm, is yours to explore at your leisure.


As you settle into the enchanting ambiance of Taormina, reflect on the day’s journey from Siracusa, through the vibrant streets of Catania, to the picturesque setting of your new destination. Italy4Real is committed to making every step of your Sicilian journey an experience of discovery, luxury, and unforgettable memories.

Taormina Sicily Street

🌟 Day 6: Taormina's Timeless Charm - A Tapestry of History and Natural Beauty

Morning: Discovering the Treasures of Taormina

Your sixth day with Italy4Real begins with an enchanting tour of Taormina, a town where history, culture, and breathtaking natural scenery intertwine. Meet your guide in the hotel lobby and set off to explore the captivating streets of this Sicilian gem.

The tour’s centerpiece is the Teatro Antico, Taormina’s ancient Greek amphitheater. This architectural marvel, with its stunning backdrop of Mount Etna and the Ionian Sea, offers a glimpse into the grandeur of ancient spectacles. As you wander its well-preserved ruins, the theater’s history comes alive, and the panoramic views add to its awe-inspiring presence.

Stroll through Taormina’s historic center, a maze of cobblestone streets and medieval buildings adorned with vibrant bougainvillea. Each turn reveals hidden treasures like the Palazzo Corvaja, a medieval palace displaying a fusion of Norman, Arabic, and Gothic styles. Absorb the lively atmosphere of Piazza IX Aprile, a bustling square that offers magnificent vistas of the sea and Mount Etna.

Take a moment to visit the Duomo di Taormina, a cathedral echoing the town’s layered history through its varied architectural styles. Inside, discover religious artifacts and artworks that narrate Taormina’s religious and cultural past.

Your exploration leads you to the Giardino Pubblico, a tranquil public garden. Here, amidst blooming flowers and shaded walkways, enjoy a peaceful retreat and panoramic viewpoints that contrast with the town’s vibrant energy.

As you meander through Taormina, indulge in the local boutiques, crafts, and Sicilian delicacies that give this town its unique charm. From historical marvels to stunning landscapes and tempting flavors, Taormina is a microcosm of Sicily’s diverse cultural heritage.

Afternoon and Evening: Leisure Time in Taormina

Following your morning tour, the rest of the day is yours to enjoy freely. Whether you choose to delve deeper into Taormina’s allure, relax in the Mediterranean ambiance, or explore at your own pace, this time is a blank canvas for your personal discovery.


As Day 6 comes to a close, reflect on the enchanting experiences Taormina has offered. Italy4Real is dedicated to unveiling the many facets of Sicily, ensuring that each day of your journey is rich with discovery, beauty, and unforgettable moments.

Captivated by the charm of Taormina and eager to explore more of Sicily? Reach out to us at info@italy4real.com or visit our to start planning your Sicilian adventure. Let Italy4Real be your guide to a journey filled with historical wonders, natural beauty, and the rich tapestry of Sicilian culture. Join us and immerse yourself in the timeless allure of this magical island.

🌟 Day 7: Mount Etna Adventure and Authentic Sicilian Hospitality

Morning: Hiking the Trails of Mount Etna

Your final day with Italy4Real takes you on an extraordinary adventure to the majestic Mount Etna. After being picked up at your hotel, embark on a guided hike that promises to be both accessible and invigorating. Suitable for families, active individuals, and children accustomed to the outdoors, this hike explores the fascinating landscape of Etna’s middle altitudes.

Journey through a diverse terrain of lava fields, ash-covered paths, and resilient vegetation, marveling at the stark contrast between the black lava and lush greenery. As you ascend to altitudes between 1800m and 2100m, discover hidden paths, endemic flora, and breathtaking landscapes.

Approaching the lateral craters, witness the dramatic evidence of Etna’s volcanic past. These awe-inspiring craters, some still emitting steam, offer a tangible connection to the living nature of the volcano. The journey is filled with striking views, hardened lava formations, and the profound silence of the mountain, occasionally punctuated by distant rumbles from deep within.

The panoramic vistas from the craters are unparalleled. To one side, the Sicilian coastline merges into the Mediterranean Sea; to the other, Mount Etna’s snowy peak (in winter) dominates the skyline.

Afternoon and Evening: A Genuine Sicilian Experience

The highlight of your day is an authentic Sicilian experience on the southern slope of Mount Etna. Welcomed by a local family in their country house, you’ll be immersed in the true spirit of Sicilian life. Explore their vineyard, learning about the wine they produce for personal enjoyment. Depending on the season, you may have the chance to pick fruit or participate in grape harvesting.

In their home, discover the secrets of traditional Sicilian cuisine. You’re invited to join in the dinner preparations if you wish, experiencing the warmth and joy of a family kitchen. The day culminates with a spectacular dinner, featuring local products, family-made wine, and genuine Sicilian hospitality.

Note on Authenticity and Flexibility

This experience emphasizes authenticity and may adapt to the needs of the hosting family. Should adverse weather conditions or unexpected circumstances arise, rest assured that Italy4Real is committed to providing equally memorable alternatives to conclude your vacation.

Return to the Hotel

After a day rich in natural wonders and cultural immersion, return to your hotel, carrying with you the cherished memories of an authentic Mount Etna experience.


As your Sicilian journey with Italy4Real comes to a close, reflect on the incredible experiences, from the heights of Mount Etna to the warmth of Sicilian hospitality. These memories will linger long after your return home, a testament to the beauty and richness of Sicily.

🌟 Day 8: Farewell to Eastern Sicily and Invitation to Discover More

Morning Departure: Reflecting on Your Journey

As your enchanting journey through Eastern Sicily draws to a close, savor your final moments in Taormina. After checking out from your hotel, you’ll be transferred to Catania Airport. This is the moment to bid a heartfelt ‘Arrivederci’ to the beautiful island of Sicily, taking with you a treasure trove of memories from your time spent exploring its diverse landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture.

Cherished Memories and Lingering Impressions

As you prepare for departure, reflect on the experiences that have enriched your journey – the ancient wonders of Syracuse and Taormina, the majestic landscapes of Mount Etna, and the authentic warmth of Sicilian hospitality. These moments have not only offered a glimpse into Sicily’s unique charm but also created lasting impressions that will stay with you long after you’ve returned home.

An Invitation to Discover Western Sicily

We at Italy4Real understand that a week in Sicily can only whet your appetite for more. To fully immerse yourself in the Sicilian mood, consider extending your adventure with our


Western Sicily pre-tour. This extension is an invitation to explore the other side of the island, where you’ll encounter new landscapes, traditions, and flavors.

Western Sicily offers its own array of marvels – from the historic salt pans of Trapani to the ancient ruins of Segesta, and the bustling streets of Palermo. Each destination in Western Sicily promises unique experiences that complement and enhance your understanding of this magnificent island.


As you depart from Eastern Sicily, know that the island’s beauty and spirit continue to thrive in its western counterpart. Italy4Real is here to guide you through every step, ensuring your Sicilian adventure is complete, immersive, and unforgettable.

Eager to explore more of Sicily’s wonders? Contact Italy4Real at info@italy4real.com to extend your journey to Western Sicily. Let us help you uncover the hidden gems and celebrate the rich tapestry of culture and history that Sicily has to offer. With Italy4Real, your Sicilian adventure continues, revealing new surprises and creating more cherished memories. Join us to complete your exploration of this extraordinary island, where every corner tells a story and every experience becomes a treasured memory.

Sicily and the Aeolian islands

2024 Departure Dates

Sicilian Splendor Tour: Eastern Sicily in Luxury

Available Tour Dates for 2024:

Italy4Real is delighted to offer the following selected dates for our “Sicilian Splendor Tour” in 2024. Choose the time that best fits your schedule and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through the enchanting landscapes and rich history of Eastern Sicily.

1. Spring Excursion:
– April 14 – 21, 2024

2. Late Spring Adventure:
– May 19 – 26, 2024

3. Autumn Escape:
– September 29 – October 06, 2024

4. Early Autumn Discovery:
– October 20 – 27, 2024

Reserve Your Spot:

– Each tour date has been carefully selected to showcase Sicily in different seasons, offering unique perspectives of the island’s beauty.
– Spaces are limited, and we recommend booking early to secure your preferred dates.
– Whether you wish to witness the spring bloom or explore the autumnal hues of Sicily, each period offers its own distinct charm and experiences.

Planning and Customization:

– If you’re interested in extending your stay in Italy or adding additional destinations to your itinerary, our team at Italy4Real can assist with personalized arrangements.
– We are also here to help with flights, travel insurance, and any other aspect of your trip for a seamless and worry-free experience.

Our dedicated team is eager to assist you in creating a memorable and luxurious Sicilian adventure tailored to your desires. Join us in exploring the timeless beauty of Sicily on one of these exclusive dates in 2024.

Valley of the Temples Sicily

2024 Prices

Pricing is in Euros and is per person. 

Small Group Tour Pricing Details for 2024:

Price for Double Room (4-6 People):

  • € 4500.00 per person

Exclusive Private Tour Pricing for 2024:

For couples or individuals seeking a completely private and personalized experience, our “Sicilian Splendor Tour” offers an exclusive package:

Private Experience for 2 People in a Double Room:

  • € 5900.00 per person

Room Availability Disclaimer:

Please note that for the duration of this tour, only double rooms are available. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate requests for single or triple rooms on this particular journey. We appreciate your understanding and are committed to ensuring your stay is as comfortable and luxurious as possible within these specifications.

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🌟 Discover the Magic of Eastern Sicily: An Enchanting Journey

Embark on a mesmerizing adventure with Italy4Real’s **Sicilian Splendor Tour**, an exclusive exploration of Eastern Sicily’s most treasured locales. This luxurious 8-day journey is designed for those who seek a deep dive into the rich tapestry of Sicilian history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes. Picture yourself strolling through the ancient streets of Siracusa, marveling at the architectural wonders of Ragusa and Modica, and basking in the vibrant atmosphere of Taormina, all while enjoying the opulence of 5-star accommodations. From the awe-inspiring views of Mount Etna to the tranquil beauty of the Ionian Sea, each day unfolds as a new chapter in this captivating Sicilian tale.

🍷 A Feast for the Senses: Culture, Cuisine, and Comfort

Indulge in a sensory feast as the tour weaves through Eastern Sicily’s most enchanting destinations. Highlights include a private guided hike on the slopes of the formidable Mount Etna, a journey through the Baroque masterpieces of Noto, and a visit to the charming fishing village of Marzamemi. Experience the authentic flavors of Sicily with exclusive culinary adventures, including chocolate tasting in Modica and a memorable farewell dinner at a local family’s country house on Mount Etna. This tour is not just a vacation, but a passage through time, where luxury accommodations, bespoke experiences, and personalized services come together to create an unforgettable Sicilian escapade.

What's Included


Sicilian Splendor Tour: Eastern Sicily in Luxury

Tour Duration: 8 Days / 7 Nights

The Price Includes:

Siracusa: 4 nights in a Double Classic Room with breakfast at the 5-star Hotel Caportigia.
Taormina: 3 nights in a Double Deluxe Seaview Room with breakfast at the 4-star Hotel Excelsior Palace or Hotel Splendid.

Ground Services:

Day 1: Arrival in Siracusa
– Private direct transfer from Catania Airport to Hotel Caportigia.
– Welcome aperitivo at the hotel with the guide.

Day 2: Siracusa City Center
– Morning guided tour of Siracusa’s historic center.
– Entrance ticket to Ortigia’s Duomo.
– Welcome dinner with drinks included.

Day 3: Ragusa and Modica Excursion
– Full-day private minivan and guide for Ragusa and Modica tour.
– Entrance tickets to the Museo dei Carretti.
– Modica chocolate tasting.
– Visit and dinner at a traditional Sicilian herbal farm with drinks included.

Day 4: Noto and Marzamemi Adventure
– Full-day private minivan and guide for Noto and Marzamemi tour.

Day 5: Journey to Taormina via Catania
– Full-day private minivan for Siracusa-Taormina transfer via Catania.
– Morning guided tour of Catania.
– Street food and drinks stops included.

Day 6: Exploring Taormina
– Morning guided tour of Taormina’s city center.
– Entrance tickets to the Ancient Theater.

Day 7: Mount Etna Exploration
– Full-day private minivan and guide for Mount Etna tour.
– Farewell dinner (drinks included) with a local family at their country house on Mount Etna.

Day 8: Departure
– Private transfer from the hotel to Catania Airport.

Tour Highlights:
– Discover the architectural marvels and historical wonders of Eastern Sicily’s famous cities.
– Enjoy luxurious stays in 5-star and 4-star accommodations with breathtaking views.
– Experience the rich cultural and culinary traditions of Sicily through guided tours and authentic dining experiences.
– Explore the diverse landscapes, from urban centers to natural wonders like Mount Etna.

Additional Information:
– The itinerary is carefully designed to offer a blend of cultural immersion, luxury, and relaxation.
– Personalized services and attention to detail ensure a comfortable and enriching experience.
– Opportunities to explore both popular attractions and hidden gems.

Booking and Contact:
– For pricing details and to book this exclusive tour, please contact Italy4Real at info@italy4real.com

Not Included

What’s Not Included: For Your Information

  • Sicilian Splendor Tour: Eastern Sicily in LuxuryExclusions and Important Notes:While our tour package offers an extensive array of services and experiences, please note the following exclusions and recommendations:- Airfare: Flights to and from Italy are not included in the tour price. However, Italy4Real offers a dedicated research and booking service exclusively for our clients to assist with air travel arrangements. Our team can help you find the best flight options to suit your itinerary and preferences.- Travel Insurance: Travel insurance is not included in the tour package but is strongly recommended. We advise all our clients to obtain comprehensive travel insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances, ensuring peace of mind during your journey.Additional Exclusions:Tourist Taxes: Local tourist taxes are payable directly at the hotels.
    Unspecified Drinks: Beverages not explicitly mentioned in the “PRICE INCLUDES” section will incur additional charges.
    Entrance Tickets: Entrance fees to attractions not listed in the “PRICE INCLUDES” section are to be borne by the traveler.
    Tips and Personal Expenses: Gratuities for guides, drivers, and any personal purchases are not covered by the tour price.
    Unspecified Services: Any service not expressly included under the “PRICE INCLUDES” section will be an additional cost.Planning and Assistance:– For assistance with flight bookings, travel insurance, or any other travel-related queries, our dedicated team at Italy4Real is here to help. We strive to provide a hassle-free experience, ensuring all aspects of your trip are well taken care of.
    – Should you have any questions or need further clarification on the exclusions, feel free to reach out to us.

    Contact and Booking:

    To discuss your flight arrangements, insurance options, or to book your tour, please contact Italy4Real at info@italy4real.com Our team is committed to crafting an unforgettable and seamless Sicilian experience, tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

Pricing Transparency: Our Euro-Centric Approach

We place a premium on offering extraordinary value in concert with exceptional services, hence all our package prices are stated in Euros. Here’s why this matters:

Clarity in Financial Dealings

By presenting prices in Euros, we ensure you receive the most straightforward and competitive rates, devoid of hidden costs that often lurk in U.S. Dollar quotations due to ever-changing exchange rates.

Staying Ahead of Currency Trends

Our team of Travel Specialists is perpetually monitoring the value of the Euro against other principal currencies. This proactive approach enables us to guide you on the ideal moment to lock in your payment, thereby maximizing your financial well-being.

Billing Made Clear

Each invoice you receive is meticulously crafted to display the current exchange rate, ensuring absolute clarity in your financial transactions. With Italy4Real, what you see is what you get—no hidden fees or unanticipated charges.

Payment Flexibility Tailored For You

We solidify the exchange rate between the U.S. Dollar and the Euro solely at the time of your concluding payment, allowing you the leeway to capitalize on favorable exchange rates as they arise.

Your choice of Italy4Real as your European tour partner is deeply valued. We consider your satisfaction and the value we provide to be the cornerstone of our service.

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