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A city lost in time, Herculaneum’s rich history and breathtaking scenery are only a few of the many reasons why it is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Spend the day walking the ancient cobblestone streets, sip wine and eat government cheese off the terrace


The town features complete buildings, beautiful mosaic decorations, complete streets and even wood ceiling beams and doors that were burnt during the eruption.

Herculaneum is much smaller than Pompeii which makes it an easy day trip from Sorrento or a stop during transfer from the Naples station on your way to the Amalfi Coast.

The site has a gift shop, clean bathroom facilities and is less crowded that other sites in the area.

When you are speaking with your Travel Expert about planning a trip in the Amalfi Coast area, make sure to ask them about how to include a day trip to Herculaneum.

Italy4Real offers trips to Herculaneum as a group tour departing from Sorrento, a private tour with your own car and driver or as a stop during transfer from the airport or train station in Naples.

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Herculaneum, off of the Italian West Coast, is one of the premiere tour destinations for those visiting Italy. Spend the day wandering through the ancient ruins, which have been remarkably well preserved for over 1600 years.

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