Drive a Ferrari for the Day in Rome or Tuscany

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You can enjoy the excitement of a Ferrari for several hours and take the car for a drive outside Rome or in Tuscany. You will have a map and an orientation on the car, then you will have the free time to let the rays of the sun beam down on you, as the wind blows you through your hair and you take to the road.

We can arrange for a car for just you or with an experienced instructor who will ride with you and assist you with the drive. The choice is yours.


Outside Rome and in Tuscany, there are several options for exploring in your Ferrari. Near Rome, you can travel to the coast for a seafood lunch, burn some rubber out to the area where the Pope vacations and visit the grand villa he calls home.

In Tuscany you can drive around the actual Ferrari factory where the cars are made or take to the hills around Tuscany so you can truly get a taste of the power of the car.

We can even arrange for a wine tasting and lunch, which you drive the car to and from.

We want to make your time in Italy the most exciting it can be and a Ferrari for the day in Rome or Tuscany is one sure way to do it!



Ferrari and Italy…need we say more? Slip into the soft Italian leather, and grip firm on the wheel, as you feel the horsepower launch you across Italy’s capital or through the Tuscan countryside.

We can arrange for the drive to be held in a city or countryside location. We recommend the countryside so that you don’t have to worry about traffic or people and can just enjoy the pure thrill of driving an iconic Italian supercar.

This tour is not available for individual booking, but must be part of one of our travel packages.

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