Eating Your Way Across the City of Milan

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When you arrive in Milan one of the experiences you should consider is a foodie walking tour across the city where you taste, sip and devour some of the best the city’s boutique establishments has to offer.


You will meet your guide in the center of the city beginning at one of Milan’s most famous pastry shops where you will begin with a sample of the famous Italian cream rolls. This is a sweet, creamy, soft, fluffy experience on your lounge that will leave “yummy” flowing through the room.

This is a walking tour which is great for when you are eating your fill at several different locations. Next, you will travel a short distance down some of the most quaint city streets in Milan to the Brera district for the holy of all holy’s – Italian ham. You will sample several different cuts, understand how they are made and what makes each different; a truly wonderful experience for the taste buds.

Next on this wondering journey of culinary discovery is a staple of Italian life; gelato. No person in Italy can go more than a few moments without a gelato. The best gelato is made from only the most prized and fresh ingredients and the professionals at one of the best spots for the chilly treat in the city.

Once you have chosen your flavor, devoured it without guilt we continue through the hippest part of Milan toward the savory stop on the tour Pastificio Moscova; known citywide for their amazing special meatballs. Don’t forget the Melanzane Alla Parmigiana on the side.. Yum!

Now that you are rolling down the street with a big smile on your face it’s time to wind down for the traditional Aperitivo or cocktail which is a tradition in Italy.

Food of Italy

You will stop to take a rest with a “Bicycle” a lovely concoction of wine and spirits that if you have too many you will need a bicycle to get home!

Afterward, we hit the streets again for a sampling of something you will either hate or love; grappa. Grappa is a specialized spirit that is consumed after a meal to take that full feeling away and besides doing that it can probably dissolve metal bars but you will be the judge.

With a happy buzz, you will continue to the climatic conclusion with Italy’s most famous dish; pizza! Taste some of the most decadent, rich flavorful deep dish pan pizza you have ever had. You will easily understand why Italy has cornered the market on the pizza.

Wow, six food stops, several miles of walking and a lovely historic walk through the city make this one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have in Milan.


Ready to eat your way through Milan? Join us on our “Eating Your Way Across the City of Milan” tour, your ultimate foodie adventure, courtesy of Italy4Real. This isn’t just about grabbing a bite; it’s a deep dive into Milan’s hidden culinary corners and a chance to taste the city’s soul. Picture yourself strolling down quaint lanes, stumbling upon cozy trattorias and sleek, modern spots where the food scene is as dynamic as the fashion. Our friendly local guides are food enthusiasts at heart and can’t wait to show you their Milan – a place where every meal tells a story.

Get ready to fall in love with Milanese cuisine, bite by delicious bite. From mouth-watering risottos to perfectly golden cotolettas, and the kind of gelato that dreams are made of, we’ve got your cravings covered. And because it’s Italy4Real, we’re all about stress-free experiences – think comfy stays and smooth rides from one taste sensation to the next.

Experience the best food tours in Italy. Feeling tempted? Shoot us an email at or pop over to our website. Let’s get planning your Milanese food adventure. It’s going to be epic – full of flavors, laughs, and memories to keep forever. See you in Milan!

This tour is a ADD-ON to one of our customized or small group packages, and is not sold separately.

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