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Ancient underground cemeteries which were used from the 2nd to the 5th centuries were all underground because of the high price of land and because of this unusual situation; it created a secret underground city for the hunted and persecuted Christians during the pre-Christian time in Rome.


These vast underground tunnel systems, span for miles and created spaces far from the living where people would gather to secretly pray to their martyrs, prophets and to show the many religious relics which were outlawed to be shown in public during this period.

There are two wonderful aspects to consider when discussing this experience; the catacombs themselves and the workmanship, details of the artistry, morbid display of the dead (no longer done) and just the wonder of what the catacombs are. Then there is the entire aspect of the persecuted Christians hiding out to pray and grow their religion under the penalty of death and how they used these underground cemeteries as makeshift churches for hundreds of people.

You will be able to not only see the amazing mosaics in the tombs of the rich including some paintings dating back to before the 2nd century but also the rooms and halls that the Christians gathered in and you can even imagine the Roman soldiers storming down the stairs into the torch lit catacombs to arrest the hiding worshipers.
This experience can be done with a group tour with scheduled departures or on a private tour with your own transportation and tour guides.

Your Travel Expert will work with you to determine the best way to go based on your likes and budget, but we believe the Rome Catacombs Tour is one you won’t want to miss!


Romans believed it was bad luck to bury their dead within the city limits; so they passed a law that all dead must be buried away from the city. About 15-20 minutes outside Rome along the ancient Appian Way; you will find one of the world’s most macabre, unusual and interesting locations in the world; Rome’s catacombs. This tour can be arranged as part of a group tour on a private basis with pick up directly from your hotel.

Please note that this tour is only available as part of one of our travel packages and not available on an individual basis.

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