Helicopter Wine Adventure from Rome: Truffle Hunting and Gourmet Lunch Experience

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Helicopter on grass with tree in the background
Helicopter on grass with tree in the background

The Journey Begins— 🚁 Helicopter Welcome

Start Your Day in Style!

We’ll pick you up from your hotel with a private driver who’ll take you straight to the helipad in Livorno. Get ready to kick off your luxurious helicopter adventure!

Meet Your Pilot & Helicopter Tour

At the helipad, you’ll meet your friendly pilot and get a tour of your ride for the day. The Robinson R44 is a sleek four-seat helicopter, known for its comfort and quiet ride. You’ll love chatting and taking in the views as you fly.

Fly Over Tuscany’s Gems

As we lift off, you’ll soar above Rome and head towards Tuscany. It’s not just a flight; it’s a breathtaking journey through history and beauty, all from the comfort of your helicopter seat.

Enjoy the views, the vibes, and some high-flying history as we whisk you away on this unforgettable aerial tour! 🍷✨

View of Siena

🚁 Fly Over Viterbo & Tuscany's Gems

Get ready to fly over the beautiful city of Viterbo and see the best of Tuscany. Soar over the Val D’Orcia area with its charming towns like Montalcino, Pienza, and Montepulciano, famous for their scenic cypress-lined roads.

Then, glide past Siena and its stunning Piazza del Campo. Finish your tour by flying over the quaint medieval villages of Monteriggioni and San Gimignano, right in the heart of the Chianti hillsides.

🍇 Land at a Top Tuscany Winery

Touch down at one of Tuscany’s finest wineries, where a family member will share the rich history of the estate with you on a fascinating tour. Enjoy the timeless beauty as you stroll through the stunning gardens. You’ll taste a selection of top-quality wines in the vineyard, the wine cellar, or a private room, all while savoring delicious homemade dishes. Lunch is no joke here—it’s a four-course truffle feast. Each dish showcases truffles in all their glory, with our chef adding delightful surprises and perfectly pairing each course with exquisite wines. Get ready for a meal that’s all about indulgence.

🍷 Sommelier’s Guide to Wine Pairing:

As you dine and sip, our expert sommelier will be there to share the secrets of pairing wine with different foods. It’s a chance to understand what makes certain wines pop with specific flavors.

🏅 Exclusive Wine Tasting Experience:

Take your wine tasting to the next level with a vertical tasting of 13 Tuscan wines, featuring standout gourmet products. You’ll get to try personal reserves from years like 1995, 1996, and 1997, and even some super exclusive limited editions. It’s a unique opportunity to taste the history and craft behind some truly exceptional vintages.

So, get ready for an epicurean adventure that combines culinary excellence with wine wizardry, all set in the heart of Tuscany’s wine country. Cheers to a memorable day of flavors and fun! 🍷✨

🕵️‍♂️ Afternoon Truffle Hunting Adventure:

In the afternoon, experience truffle hunting in Tuscany and San Gimignano. Join a truffle hunting adventure with a professional guide and trained dogs near San Gimignano. Learn the techniques for finding the rarest truffles and enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

🏰 Explore San Gimignano:

After the truffle hunt, visit the stunning village of San Gimignano. You’ll have free time to explore its charming streets, medieval architecture, and unique shops. It’s the perfect way to end your day in Tuscany!

View of Rome

🚁 Takeoff!

We return to your helicopter and take off for the flight back to the helipad in Livorno. From there, you’ll be transferred back to your Rome accommodation with your private driver, carrying with you a day full of amazing memories.

San Gimignano and vineyards

Departure Dates

Departure Days:

  • April to October: 7 days a week. 
  • Truffle hunting is a seasonal event, typically between May and September.


Exclusive Helicopter Wine Tour Pricing Details:

Indulge in the ultimate luxury with our Helicopter Wine Tour from Rome, a highlight of our exclusive custom packages designed for discerning travelers. Please note, this extraordinary experience is not available for individual booking but is a featured element of our tailored travel packages, ensuring a seamless and sumptuous Italian getaway.

Package Inclusions:
This luxury helicopter tour is part of our comprehensive travel packages that span 7 days or more. Each package is meticulously curated to include:

All Accommodations: Stay in hand-picked, top-tier hotels that match the luxury and style of your trip.
Sightseeing: Explore Italy’s rich history, culture, and landscapes with guided tours and exclusive access to select attractions.
Ground Transportation: Enjoy the convenience of private transfers throughout your journey, ensuring comfort and ease from start to finish.

Why Choose Our Packages?
By integrating the Helicopter Wine Tour into our multi-day packages, we offer an all-inclusive experience that elevates your travel to extraordinary levels. Our packages are crafted to provide an unmatched blend of adventure, relaxation, and luxury, tailored to your preferences and desires.

For pricing and to create a custom itinerary that includes this breathtaking helicopter tour, please contact us directly. Our team is dedicated to crafting a personalized journey that not only meets but exceeds your expectations for a luxury Italian escape.

Experience Italy Like Never Before:
Ready to soar above Tuscany’s vineyards, sip on world-class wines, and unwind in luxury? Let us guide you through an unparalleled travel experience, where every detail is refined and every moment is memorable.

Ready to Book Your Custom Tour?

If you’re ready to start planning your luxury tour featuring this exclusive helicopter experience, simply click on the following link to access our Create a Tour form: Create Your Tour. Our team is eager to assist you in crafting a personalized journey that not only meets but exceeds your expectations for a luxury Italian escape.



Helicopter Wine Adventure from Rome: Truffle Hunting and Gourmet Lunch Experience

Embark on an unforgettable journey with our Helicopter Wine Adventure from Rome, featuring a truffle hunting and gourmet lunch experience. Begin your adventure with a luxurious transfer from your pick-up point in Livorno to San Gimignano in a Robinson R44 helicopter. This state-of-the-art helicopter, known for its aerodynamic fuselage and hydraulic controls, provides a comfortable and scenic flight, ensuring unobstructed views for all passengers.

Upon arrival, enjoy an hour of free time exploring the medieval town of San Gimignano, often referred to as the “Manhattan of the Middle Ages” due to its stunning towers. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is renowned for its well-preserved architecture and rich history. Wander through its charming streets and take in the historic ambiance before heading to a local vineyard.

At the vineyard, you’ll embark on a truffle hunting adventure. Truffles are rare and highly prized fungi that grow underground, primarily found in wooded areas. In Tuscany, specially trained dogs are used to locate these culinary treasures. These dogs, with their keen sense of smell, can find truffles hidden beneath the forest floor, making the hunt an exciting and rewarding experience.

After your truffle hunt, indulge in a gourmet lunch at the winery. Savor the flavors of freshly harvested truffles paired with locally produced wines, including the famous Vernaccia di San Gimignano, a crisp and aromatic white wine unique to the region. You’ll also have the opportunity to taste exquisite olive oil made from the vineyard’s own olive groves.

Conclude your adventure with a transfer back to your pick-up point in Livorno, bringing with you memories of a day filled with history, culinary delights, and the breathtaking beauty of Tuscany.

What's Included


🚁 What’s Included in Your Luxury Helicopter Tour

🚗 Private Pickup:
– **Pick up with private driver to the helipad.** Start your journey with ease as a private driver escorts you directly to the helipad, setting the tone for a day of luxury.

👨‍✈️ Qualified Captain:
Qualified Captain. Your flight will be piloted by a seasoned and skilled captain, ensuring a safe and spectacular aerial journey.

🌍 Helicopter Tour:
Helicopter Tour. Soar over Italy’s breathtaking landscapes, enjoying views that stretch from the rolling hills to historic cityscapes.

🍇 Tuscany Winery Visit:
Visit of a Winery in San Gimignano. Explore a renowned Winery, immerse yourself in its vineyards, and learn from the experts who bring these wines to life.

🍽️ Gourmet Lunch & Truffle Hunt:
4-course Lunch with Wine Tasting  Delight in a four-course truffle-based meal expertly paired with wines, while participating in an educational wine school session to enhance your appreciation and knowledge. In the afternoon go on a truffle hunting experience.

🚁 Return Flight:
Flight back to Rome. Take in the Tuscan scenery once more as you fly back to Rome, reflecting on the day’s adventures.

🚗 Private Drop-off:
Drop off with private driver back to your Hotel. Conclude your day of indulgence as you are comfortably driven back to your accommodation.

Get ready for a day filled with breathtaking views, exquisite wines, and unforgettable experiences! 🍷✨

Not Included

What’s Not Included: For Your Information

  • Airfare to and from Italy. However, we offer free research and pricing services for finding the best airfare—an exclusive service only for Italy4Real customers.
  • Travel insurance, which we strongly recommend for your peace of mind.

Pricing Transparency: Our Euro-Centric Approach

We place a premium on offering extraordinary value in concert with exceptional services, hence all our package prices are stated in Euros. Here’s why this matters:

Clarity in Financial Dealings

By presenting prices in Euros, we ensure you receive the most straightforward and competitive rates, devoid of hidden costs that often lurk in U.S. Dollar quotations due to ever-changing exchange rates.

Staying Ahead of Currency Trends

Our team of Travel Specialists is perpetually monitoring the value of the Euro against other principal currencies. This proactive approach enables us to guide you on the ideal moment to lock in your payment, thereby maximizing your financial well-being.

Billing Made Clear

Each invoice you receive is meticulously crafted to display the current exchange rate, ensuring absolute clarity in your financial transactions. With Italy4Real, what you see is what you get—no hidden fees or unanticipated charges.

Payment Flexibility Tailored For You

We solidify the exchange rate between the U.S. Dollar and the Euro solely at the time of your concluding payment, allowing you the leeway to capitalize on favorable exchange rates as they arise.

Your choice of Italy4Real as your European tour partner is deeply valued. We consider your satisfaction and the value we provide to be the cornerstone of our service.

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