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This private tour is a rare opportunity to get behind the wheel of a professional race car designed by the top Italian car builders of Ferrari or Lamborghini. Your safety is our top priority and we make sure you are driving on a closed track with a professional instructor and full track support and safety team who is there to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable racing experience.

When you arrive, you will be greeted by the track team who will get you comfortable with snacks and beverages before they begin the driver training. During training you will be introduced to these powerful supercars and the driving techniques you will be using during your time on the track. You will learn about the weights, g-forces, steering angles, breaking and acceleration for the car you will be driving. You will also take a orientation lap with the instructor in a regular car where he will show you each turn and angles needed during your drive.

passenger in Ferrari with helmet

Your personal race team will get you ready for your drive with the proper equipment, they will walk you through entering the car and get you secured in the racing harness, adjust the steering wheel and pedals so they are just right for you. Your personal team will connect the intercom system which connects you and your instructor.

Your personal race instructor will be beside you during the drive and before you depart on the track they will explain all the details of the cockpit so you are as comfortable as possible before you get out on the track.  He will take as much time as needed so you feel confident and safe. He will show you the steering wheel controls, paddle shifters, fire suppression system and more.

Now that you are ready, feeling trained and confident you will now have your time on the track. You will feel the heart-pounding acceleration of these amazing machines. You are in complete control and can go as fast as you feel comfortable. You will be amazed at the grip the racing tires have on the track and be amazed at how fast you can shift up and down using the paddle shifters all while your instructor is coaching you into and out of each turn. The sound is just amazing and you will have the opportunity to go full throttle and feel the intense power of the engine as you reach top speeds. You will gain confidence as each lap passes and after you are finished you will be presented with a certificate and official time of your track run.  You will be riding the wave of Adrenaline for days after your driving experience.


Have you ever driven or wanted to drive an Italian supercar? Well these days you can rent a supercar many places, but have you ever had the chance to drive a production race car on a closed track with a professional instructor at over 100 mph?  We have created one of the most unique opportunities for the car enthusiast; a chance to safely drive a real racing supercar on a professional closed track complete with a trained professional instructor, training, safety gear, track support team and snacks and drinks. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to drive such a car in Italy where the cars were created. You will have the chance to drive a Ferrari 458 Challenge; the production factory produced track race car; complete with roll cage, fire suppression system, specially designed track tires and driver/instructor intercom system for a safe and fun drive. You can also drive our F430 Challenge, the production race car designed after the F430 standard car. If you desire, we also invite you to experience the Lamborghini Gallardo Evolution with a 0-100 of 2.9 seconds and over 570 horsepower; but don’t worry safety always comes first and our professional team will instruct you on how to drive these supercars in a safe manner and with our instructor in the passenger seat coaching you along your ride. This is a private tour experience that starts and ends in Modena, Italy. Your travel expert can help you arrange transportation to and from Modena and the track.

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