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Frozen in time, the dust of ash buried them in 7.9. AD. Mount Vesuvius blew its top sending hot, blood red lava in a pyroclastic river of death that covered Pompeii from top to bottom.

Several hundred years passed before Pompeii was excavated but when it was archeologists were astounded at what they found.
A full city as large as many metropolitan cities in America; Pompeii was a complete town covered in lava, now uncovered for you to discover.


Thousands flock each year to Pompeii to see first-hand the mosaics adorning the floors of the villas, the bath houses that the citizens of the city used every day for social gatherings. The amazing cobble stone pathways that lead into the nooks and crannies of the ancient ruins. You will get to see areas of the ruins such as the House of the Faun, House of Venus in the Shell, The Amphitheater and The Great Palestra where people gathered to play sports and socialize. All of these areas will transport you back in time and realistically give you a true understanding of the life and times of Pompeii.

To reach Pompeii can be difficult because it is located outside Naples and just off the A-1 highway. You must arrive by train, tour or by car. In order to take you to the ruins, this Pompeii tour package includes a one day group or private experience that will take you from your hotel in Rome down the sunshine coast toward Naples and includes entrance tickets to Pompeii and a certified guide to show you around.

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