Train Travel May be Your Answer

Train travel in Italy is easier to use, fast and gets you from point A to point B. Last year was the first year of the Italo, a high speed train built by Ferrari. Is train travel in Italy recommended? Yes! If you are one of thousands who will be using the train, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, always make sure you check the electronic board to verify the bin number. The bin is what we, in the US, call a track number. Verify your bin and locate your bin. Once you have located your bin number and verified the departure time you can walk around a bit. In the major cities it’s fun to walk around and see what the station has to offer. Sometimes, it’s just nice to stretch your legs a bit. Just remember that you cannot leave your luggage unattended. Be back at your bin at least 10 minutes before departure. Trains unload and load very quickly. You don’t want to be left behind you have to act like an Italian!

While you are waiting for your train read your ticket. Tickets should have class and car numbers on them. Even if you don’t speak or read Italian they are easy to understand. When in doubt – ask! Italians are very friendly and are always willing to help out a confused traveler. Your tickets will have all the travel information that you will need. Your tickets will have the date of travel, departure time, departure station, arrival station, arrival date, arrival time. It will also have the name of the train, class, car number and, if you have reserved seats, seat number. Pay attention to the car number. If your ticket says you are in car “6” don’t get on car “3”. You will have to walk through 3 different cars, with luggage, to get to your car.

While traveling through Italy on a train please keep in mind that the train will stop for only a short period of time to unload and load passenger. Pay attention to where you are and when your stop is coming up. Know where your luggage is located. When it’s time, just grab your luggage and disembark. Always double check to make sure you have ALL your luggage and bags before getting off the train.

For those who travel by trains on a regular basis it will be a breeze. For those who are unfamiliar with trains and train travel after the first one or two times you will be able to call yourself an expert on train travel in Italy. As always, traveling is adventure and train travel in Italy is just another part of the adventure. Enjoy yourselves and most importantly, don’t stress out. “Happy travels!”

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