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You’ve dreamed about it for years…

And now it’s finally time to indulge your wanderlust. Your trip to Italy or Europe should be special, and it should be exactly the way you dreamed about it. Your travel concierge is here to help. Italy4Real’s Travel Concierge and Custom Travel Service gives you the opportunity to fulfill any of your desires while on your Italian vacation.

Our Travel Concierge Service

We get to know you and your likes and with our 75 years of trip planning experience; we create your trip from scratch; tossing in just the right amount of exceptional accommodations and unique experiences just for you. We will design a day-by-day itinerary for you completely customized to your travel style, likes and budget. Your travel concierge will work with you one-on-one to help you understand costs, locations and the most efficient and enjoyable way too travel in Italy or across Europe.

We think you might like these unique experiences:

  • Guided e-bike cycle tour along the Amalfi Coast enjoying an afternoon at seaside town.
  • Hand selected accommodations. We don’t book from the internet; we go out and hit the ground to personally choose the accommodation that fits your style of travel. Sleep in a castle, enjoy an ancient Agriturismo or romantic villa. Need a larger space to spread out? How about a multi-room apartment; the choices are endless.
  • A romantic cooking class with a outing for fresh ingredients at the local farmers market.
  • Private Guides. Our tour guides are locals and would love to show you their cities. They will give you the unique perspective and interesting commentary that no guide book ever could.
  • Dinner in an Italian home with a local family who will greet and feed you like old friends.
  • Drive a Ferrari, visit the Lamborghini factory and eat your way through the Motor Valley.
  • Meet a princess for a glass of wine at her home then visit the homes of the Popes.
  • Multi-country trips. A week in Italy then a week in France, UK, Spain, Greece; it’s easy, just ask.
  • Customized transportation. Need a ride to/from the airport, want to ride in a vintage Fiat 500 or be taken around Rome on a Vespa; we can do that!

Travel Technology

Italy4Real uses the latest in travel tech which allows you to see your trip in real time on any device such as an IPad, Smartphone or Tablet. No more paper, your personalized travel app will use Google Maps so you can navigate from your hotel to each meeting point.

Your Personal Travel Concierge

We handle every aspect of your trip from door to door and give you a helping hand during your trip with our local concierge services

Our local concierge service gives you the peace of mind while traveling abroad. We know traveling on your own can be overwhelming, so we have real people on the ground in Europe who are just a phone call away for any question or concern. We check on you! Your local concierge will call to welcome you on your trip when you arrive in Europe and make sure everything is just right and at any time you can call for additional services or questions.

From reserving a seat in the most popular restaurant in Milan, to having a Ferrari ready for you to drive right from your hotel, Italy4Real can accommodate your wishes. Let us handle the stress of designing your custom Italy tour package, and you can handle all the enjoyment!

We also offer 24 hour phone support for you during your trip from our offices in Europe.

  • Need help navigating the hundreds of local restaurants to find the best one; your travel concierge?
  • Suddenly decide you want tickets to that opera across the street from your hotel.
  • Decide during your trip you do want that driver to take you to the airport for your early flight on the last day
  • Ouch! You stubbed your toe! How am I going to communicate with a doctor, or pharmacist?
  • Your flight is delayed and someone must contact every service down the line that you will be late

No matter if you need help or a dining recommendation, Italy4Real travel concierge is there!

  • Delayed flight
  • Check in issues
  • Rail ticket hotel delivery services
  • Dining recommendations
  • Emergencies
  • Airport welcome

Each Italy4Real travel concierge client is given a 24 hour Client Response Number which is monitored and can get you in touch with assistance when you need it during your tip.

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Rem Malloy

As one of the founders of the company he has his feet on the ground, personally selecting the properties , products and services the company will offer. Rem is a historian, professional guide and master planner who loves to share his extensive knowledge with his clients so that their experience can be as unique and special as possible.

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