Tuscany’s top wine town – Montalcino!

December 10, 2015 by Rem Malloy

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If you are planning a trip to Italy or a honeymoon in Tuscany, then you should visit Montalcino. It is a small town, more of a village, that is just as popular among connoisseurs as football is popular among Italians. Great wine is not just about great grapes. It is also about great winemaking and some amazing stories. Great wine is also about wine tours, tasting and some amazing landscape that are more than picturesque. If that is a definition that you agree with then Montalcino is definitely a place for you. Look for Italy vacation packages that include Montalcino.

Known as a wine village, Montalcino is the home of Brunello di Montalcino. Situated on a hill, the village has been inhabited since pre-Roman times and has been producing wine for more than a millennium. Beyond wine the village is home to an impressive fourteenth century fortress, an ancient Basilica, the tower of San Giovanni and a Romanesque chapel among others. The vineyards and olive groves are of particular interest in the village. There are some spellbinding views of the Orcia Valley and the cobblestoned streets are obviously a pleasure for idyllic strolls. The village comes alive bustling in the festivities throughout the year. There’s Sagra del Tordo in October, Torneo d´ Apertura delle Cacce in August, archery tournaments and Benvenuto Brunello in February when new Brunellos are launched for public consumption every year.

Wine tasting is an imperative thing to do while in Montalcino. Exploring La Fortezza and Sant Antimo Abbey are also imperative for all tourists. Check out the Piazza del Popolo which is the main square that is more than seven hundred years old.

If you are a connoisseur, then you must visit Il Palazzone. The winery is owned by the Parsons family. You wouldn’t just get to taste some Brunello but the owners, Marco and Laura, will also educate you about the wine. There’s Casa Raia which is an organic winery within walking distance from the center of the village. Interestingly, this winery is owned by a French-Canadian family. Biondi Santi is another enticing winery in Montalcino. You would find wine bottles from 1888, that’s how long they have been making wine there. It is obvious that some of the wines at Biondi Santi are the most expensive. Next to Biondi Santi is Pian Dell’orino. It is a small winery but you would get to learn of biodynamic winemaking.

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