Beyond Tuscany? Try Umbria!

Tuscany is undoubtedly one of the more popular provinces in Italy. Travel bugs love to have Tuscany as the pivot for their trip to Italy. Newlyweds dream of a honeymoon in Tuscany. There are very few places in Italy and indeed in Europe that are as picturesque and naturally beautiful as Tuscany. But the province is not alone. It has an able parallel in Umbria, another province of Italy that is often referred to as the other Tuscany.

So what is it that makes Umbria the other Tuscany of Italy?

Umbria is a haven of vineyards and rolling hills. If you have seen an image or a gallery of Tuscany, it is likely that you have seen vineyards, rolling hills, medieval hill towns and perhaps pictures of some mouthwatering food. It ticks all those checkboxes. You would have to be there to notice the similarities.

Umbria and Tuscany are next to each other. They share the same geographical setting and topography, which is also why they have so much in common. But, the two provinces are quite competitive and they fight for superiority. There are certain obvious differences but the plethora of similarities is of more interest. Just factor in the sparkling lakes, forest, olive groves and cypress trees that both provinces have in abundance and you would know why they are rivaled.

It is landlocked while Tuscany is not. That is perhaps why many people want to honeymoon in Tuscany and not Umbria. But if you want to explore more than one province or you are starting your trip to Italy from Florence then Umbria will be closer and it will certainly be cheaper. One description of Umbria is undisputable. It is a cheaper Tuscany, regardless of the type of Italy vacation packages you get yourself.

Home to some amazing trails. These hidden pathways along the green landscapes with bright and colorful flora and fauna will be memorable for anyone on a quest to explore. There are sufficient tourist hotspots in both provinces but if you want some more idyllic time and you wish to just unwind in seclusion enjoying your privacy, then you cannot go wrong with this trip.

Visit Spello, Spoleto, Todi, Norcia, Montefalco, Amelia, Narni, Perugia or Bevagna in Umbria and you would have a pleasurable stay. When you can explore what Tuscany has to offer at a more reasonable budget, Umbria does appear enticing.

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