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Venice and Veneto

The Veneto Region is one of the 20 in Italy with over 5 million people making it the 5th largest region in Italy. The area was called Veneto and was an independent state in the Republic of Venice for more than one thousand years until the Napoleonic Wars and the Austrian Empire pushed it to into the new Kingdom of Italy in 1866.
The area is known famous for one if its wines; Prosecco which has become very popular in bars and restaurants across the world. The region also contains some gems such as the Dolomites, Verona and Padua just to name a few. The Veneto Region’s crown jewel and capital is the city of Venice. The world renowned “City of Bridges” is actually a group of over 118 islands connected by a Labyrinth of bridges and canals. Over 400 bridges make their way across the Venice lagoon which expands between the openings of the Piave and Po rivers.
The historical center of Venice only has about 60,000 living there year round but gets between 12 and 20 million visitors a year. Understanding how Venice works, being able to navigate it by foot and on water are must have skills. This is why Italy4Real is an expert in Venice accommodations and sightseeing.