Experience the Burano Murano Islands of Venice

Burano Murano Islands of Venice are two Venetian islands in Italy. While Burano is just one island, Murano is a cluster of seven islands. If you are planning a trip to Italy, then Venice must be in contention and thus Burano and Murano should be under consideration. In here, we shall highlight some of the things to do in the two islands which are also the reasons why you must include them in your Italy travel packages.

  • Burano is a very pretty town. It is not very big, has just a twelve km beach and has traditionally been the home of fishermen in the region. The houses on this island are painted in contrasting and bright colors which would immediately capture your attention. The setting is in contrast to what Venice is known to be. Bright red, yellow, orange pink and even some other colors that you wouldn’t typically imagine houses to sport deck the landscape and they make for one very pretty sight. There is nothing odd or loud or out of place about those colored houses. That is how the island has been for a long time now.
  • Burano is where you wouldn’t have to look for shops selling lace items. Most shops have had a tradition of selling them. The canal tours are typical of what you would expect on a Venetian island. The place is also an amazing destination for those who love fish. From idyllic walks to romantic stays, leisurely unwinding to seafood bingeing, Burano is one adventure that you cannot miss.
  • Murano on the other hand has been home to glassblowers and glassmakers. They were asked to leave the main city because it was feared that the glassmaking processes would cause fire.

See Burano and Murano islands as a secondary site if you have already seen what you want in historic Venice. You can find Murano glass in central Venice no problem.

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