A Virtual Taste of Italy: Explore Tuscany from Home

This year with Italy4Real you can explore Italy from the comfort of your own home.

The Covid pandemic has meant that international travel this year has been severely restricted, however here at Italy4Real we are always looking for new ways to inspire our customers and provide incredible Italian experiences. That’s why in light of the current travel restrictions we are offering a virtual taste of Italy with virtual guided tours and a cook-along class with a professional Italian chef.

Read on below to find out how you can be transported to Italy from your own home this summer.

Italian Cook-along

We all know that one of the greatest elements of a vacation – especially an Italy vacation – is sampling all of the delicious local cuisines. So we are going to help you bring some authentic Italian dishes to your own kitchen.

We have created a cook-along class with food blogger, lover of all Italian foods and passionate cook; Patrizia Malomo. Watch along and join in as Patrizia guides you on how to cook up two of her favorite Italian dishes – panzanella and pappa al pomodoro.

What you will be cooking

pappa al pomodoro

Pappa al Pomodoro

Panzanella is a salad dish and pappa al pomodoro is a traditional soup enjoyed at room temperature rather than hot.

Both dishes are of Tuscan peasant origin, and remain popular all over Tuscany as well as in some parts of Umbria and Latium. Patrizia explains that different families all have their own personal touches which they put on the popular dishes.

The recipes are both traditional summer meals, making use of simple seasonal ingredients including ripe tomatoes and fresh basil. You will also need to make sure to have in some stale bread (ideally of Italian style) and extra virgin olive oil.

Both dishes are quick and easy to prepare, meaning the cook-along is perfect for novice chefs to join in on. Better yet, the dishes are both very sustainable with no need for any food waste.

Patrizia has chosen to cook these two dishes as she explains they are real summer symbols of Italy with a lot of tradition and roots attached to them, as well as being totally delicious. Patrizia says that both these dishes always make her feel at home, and will bring an authentic taste of Italy to your home.

Get cooking these delicious Italian dishes now with our video below:

About Patrizia

Patrizia hails from Milan where she lived until she was seven before moving to Tuscany, while her parents originate from Rome and Lake Garda. Much like the perfect recipe, Patrizia says her roots are a pinch of the north, a hint of the south and a handful of the center of the beautiful country of Italy – all of which influence her identity and her inspiration when it comes to cooking. The chef has been in love with cooking for as long as she can remember, a love first sparked by hours spent watching her grandmother in Rome as she rolled large sheets of dough to create fettuccine, lasagne, and ravioli.

Cooking and eating has always been an important part of Patrizia’s family life and her happiest memories, from enjoying dinners around the table with her large Italian family as a child to now enjoying food celebrations with her husband and extended family too. Patrizia’s mother-in-law who hails from the south of Italy has also been a huge inspiration in her cooking styles.

Italian chef

Patrizia Malomo

Patrizia shares her love of food and her favorite recipes on her blog.

Siena Virtual City Tours

Explore the enchanting city of Siena from your own sofa with our virtual guided tours. Our expert guide, Stella Soldani will transport you from your own home to incredible locations in the Tuscan city including Piazza del Campo, Siena Fonte Gai, and Duomo di Siena. The city is Stella’s home town and as a professional tour guide there is no-one better equipped to share the magic of Siena with you.

Piazza del Campo

The Piazza del Campo is the main square and historic center of Siena. The beautiful piazza is highly regarded as one of Europe’s greatest Medieval squares. Take a walk around the fascinating space in our virtual tour below.

Siena Fonte Gai

The Siena Fonte Gai is an iconic fountain located in Siena’s Piazza del Campo. Discover the fountain’s Renaissance history in the virtual tour below.

Santa Maria della Scala

Once a hospital, the Santa Maria della Scala is now a museum showcasing historic artifacts through the Etruscan and Roman times, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance. Step inside the museum and learn about the history of Italy in our virtual tour below.

Santa Maria in Provenzano

The stunning Santa Maria in Provenzano is a baroque-style Roman Catholic collegiate church. Marvel at the beautiful building in our virtual tour below.

Duomo di Siena

The Duomo di Siena is a magnificent cathedral dating back to the 1100s and one of the most important sights in Siena. Explore it for yourself with our virtual tour below.

Until we can see you in Italy once more, we hope our virtual tours bring a hint of Mediterranean magic to your home.