Italy might appear to be a small European country, however the options for vacations and activities packed into the small boot-shaped country is endless. For the traveler who admires a country’s beauty best on foot, Italy is the ideal candidate for you to take your next walking vacation.

In Europe, and specifically in Italy, many, if not most cities are very walkable. It’s a great alternative to the everyday normality in America where you rely on your car to get you all over. A walking vacation in Italy truly allows you to take in the destination and appreciate the obscure paths.

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No matter where you travel to in Italy you’re sure to experience the richness of culture, history and the delicacy of Italian cuisine. You may find yourself aimlessly walking the halls of the Vatican in Rome and being utterly fascinated by the beauty and craft of the Sistine Chapel. Or perhaps you treat yourself to the remarkable food and scenery of Tuscany. Imagine the robust, bold flavors of wild boar over fresh pappardelle pasta followed by a sip of ruby-red Chianti, all the while overlooking the orange glowing sky setting beyond the infamous rolling hills of Tuscany.


Florence, also known as Firenze is a famous Italian city known for its Renaissance art and history, immaculate architecture and its undeniable cuisine. However, most people don’t know that Florence is a surprisingly very walkable city and is best explored by foot. You could spend an entire day dedicated to walking the halls of the Uffizi Gallery, admiring artwork such as The Birth of Venus by Botticelli. One of the best things to do while in Florence is to aimlessly roam the city and its gorgeous tucked away streets and outdoor markets, such as the infamous leather market or the Mercato Centrale where you can buy locally produced items such as fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and cheeses and even bouquets of flowers. You could spend your entire trip getting to know Florence by foot, its beauty is endless.

The beauty of Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre

For the adventurous traveler, Cinque Terre is the perfect destination for your walking tour. Experience all five cities by foot (or spare some hiking and take quick train in-between towns). Cinque Terre is the ideal place to be outdoors and hike. With a spectacular coastline lined with brightly colored Cliffside villages you’re rewarded with unbeatable views of the sea. Not only can you indulge in the Italian Riviera views, but while hiking along coastal trails you’ll see vineyards and olive groves, too. Each little town is unique and offers its own charm. Delight yourself in the relaxing atmosphere of Cinque Terre and taking in the natural environment.


Rome may be a large city, with lots to see, but it’s still very walkable. Visiting The Vatican and fixing your eyes on the Colosseum can both be done by a walking tour. Plus, making pit stops (breaks) at The Trevi Fountain or the Spanish Steps will allow you to retie your sneakers and relax amongst the lively energy of Rome. You won’t feel bad about the many plates of carbonara you ate once you spend a few days walking through the architecturally fascinating and history-stimulating city of Rome.


If you like the calm, more quiet towns in Tuscany, then Siena is a great city to take your time in and walk around! Distinguished by its brick buildings, Siena is a gorgeous city with equally impressive monuments. Piazza del Campo isn’t your typical square. The fan-shaped piazza offers not only a great place to sit and eat, but also offers the Gothic town hall and Torre del Mangia, a tower from the 14th century with amazing views. With Siena being an easygoing city, you’re able to walk around casually and avoid the larger crowds at popular sights.


A city where your only means of transportation is by foot, Venice is the ideal candidate for your walking vacation to Italy. With its small size, you are able to experience all of Venice by foot. Although you could see it all in a day, the charm of the small alleys and streets are begging you to take your time. Once you want to give your feet a break, you have the ability to visit Murano and Burano, nearby islands, which require just a short ride via water taxi.

Walking may not be your immediate thought for transportation in Italy however, walking around your destination is worthwhile because it allows you to follow your own desired pace. You can stroll through museums and gardens, sight-see leisurely and take in your surroundings completely. Not to mention, the amount of culture and beauty you’re destined to experience while on foot is unbeatable.

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