For any traveler looking to get that truly authentic Italian experience, your travel package to Italy just has to include Venice. You may get an all-inclusive Italy tour package or you may get a package combining airfares and accommodation but it’s unlikely you’ll get guided tours or sightseeing as groups. Whatever you do and howsoever you plan your Italian vacation, a visit to Venice is a must, even if it is just for a couple of days.

Venice is not a very cheap place. Staying and eating as well as the sightseeing tours can get quite expensive. There are places of interest that you don’t have to pay for to explore but you would want to manage your budget while eating out, unless you are planning to splurge. Venice has countless awesome places to eat. Chances are you won’t be able to explore them all. So make a list and hit the ones that you absolutely want to. Here is a shortlist of some awesome places we recommend to eat at when in Venice.

  • Riviera is a place where you have a fine combination of Italian hospitality and Italian cuisine. It’s won numerous awards to its credit and it’s a place that most tourists don’t dream of missing out on when they’re in town. That pretty much tells you why you should be at Riviera.
  • For pasta lovers, Dal Moro’s is a must for that fresh, rich, authentic, Italian pasta taste most of us have only had the luxury of tasting imitations of back home. But be warned, Dal Moro’s is known for ruining other pasta restaurants for travellers once they’ve chosen to indulge in this authentically Venetian institution’s inspiring creations.
  • Ristorante Alle Corone is for those who love fine dining. If you want an upscale setting, a wonderful ambience and food that’s not just mouthwateringly delicious but also sumptuous, then this is where you must head first after checking into your hotel. But do bear in mind that it is a tad expensive.
  • Every good wine lover knows cheese and wine go hand in hand. No one’s ever disputed this and Prosciutto E Parmigiano will show you exactly why cheese and wine have become inseparable.
  • Want to make your own crepe? Are you a vegan and ruing the lack of options? Well, Cocaeta is the place for you. Plenty of options, a must for vegans as well, and you have the luxury to choose from a countless selection of crepes you would like to gorge on.
  • Bacareto Da Lele is one of the more affordable places to eat in Venice. The sandwiches here are just awesome. Just be sure to grab a seat before the place gets filled up or you may have to wait.
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