Have you ever been in a bind while trying to book your summer vacation last minute?

It’s winter and you’re excited about that summer vacation. You’re probably thinking you have plenty of time to plan it later. Then before you know it spring rolls around and your two weeks from vacation and scrambling to book everything.

High airfare and hotel prices can leave you stressed about the vacation that’s supposed to take away the stress. Here are 8 reasons why you should start planning that summer vacation of your dreams right now.

1.) More Options

If you give yourself 6 months of planning time, you can have the best options for flights, hotels, and activities. Popular destinations and smaller cities are usually booked sooner than you think, and six months out is an ideal amount of time to secure exactly what you want. You can also really know if you are getting the best deal or not. On most booking platforms you can set a price alert on the flights and hotels you want and get emailed when it’s in your price range.

2.) Airfare Advantage

Have you ever waited to book a flight and then it is double the price from the last time you saw it? Avoid that stress entirely and save money by booking earlier. Securing that ticket will save you from having to sacrifice your preferred seat selection or booking a red eye. Airfare search engines like Kayak and Skyscanner can help you compare the cheapest days and times to travel.

3.) Hotel Availability

Hotels in popular destinations and smaller cities tend to book up quickly. You’ll have lower prices and better availability to book boutique hotels and private villas when you book further out. The earlier you book more likely to get a better rate or score the better room with a view  Just make sure you are not speaking with a 1-800 general number and you are speaking with a local expert like Italy4Real.

4.) Room to Customize

By giving yourself more time to plan you can really customize your itinerary to exactly what you want to do. Last minute planning tends to lead to falling into cookie cutter tourism that is usually more expensive and not as special of a trip. If you have time to do your research, you can book a better tour guide. And you will be able to read more reviews on a destination that might lead you to find that hidden gem restaurant and avoid those tourist traps.

5.) Lock in your days off

Put in your vacation request now so that you can be sure to get the time off you want from work. If you lock in those days on the calendar early you will have a better chance to get those days off and use them. The sad truth is the average American doesn’t even use their vacation time. Don’t put your vacation on the backburner. If you lock in those days off far in advance and already have flights booked you will be more likely to take those vacation days.

6.) Time to budget

By booking in advance you have more time to start saving and budgeting for your activities you want to do. Give yourself more time to budget the total cost and it is not as overwhelming as paying it all upfront last minute. And you’ll have more money for activities when you get there. Take advantage of zero interest savings plans like Italy4Real offers its customers where they can submit payments that are held in a trust and then applied to the balance; that way you don’t have to come up with the entire amount all at once.

7.) Better Car Rentals

When you pay for a rental in advance prepaid, you can get it at a lower rate. Many rental companies offer up to 20% off for travelers if you prepay. Especially if you are traveling to Europe, you can save hundreds of dollars by prepaying on a car rental.

8.) Credit Card Strategy

With six months in advance, you can tailor your credit card strategy like a pro to get the best rewards and points. Find the right programs suited for your travel and watch those reward points flow in like gold.

With just a few simple tactics you can take advantage of all the benefits of planning your trip at least 6 months in advance. The travel experts at Italy4Real can answer any questions you may have and design a free route plan which will give you a good idea of how a trip may flow, estimated costs and pace.

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