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Feel free to use our complementary currency converter for travelers. This easy to use currency converter will allow you to convert foreign dollar amounts to US Dollar amounts with just one click.

Step One:  Select the FROM currency from the drop down (Euro is default)

Step Two:  Select the TO currency from the drop down (US Dollar is default)

Step Three: Enter the tour price in the Amount field  

Why can the exchange rate quoted be different than online?

We get that question quite often.. the reason; all figures shown online are live mid-market rates, which are not available to consumers, its a rate a bank or large currency trader may get.  The actual exchange rate the general public gets is called the “nominal exchange rate”; which is what most people mean when they say “exchange rate”  This can differ 1-4 cents from online live rates. Take this into consideration when planning your travel budget to a foreign country.  

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