Tuscany: the glorious heart of the Italian countryside, the home of the Renaissance, and a region that’s overflowing with delectable wine and delicious cuisines. From the bustling, medieval streets of Florence to the serene peace of the Tuscan Hills, there’s so much waiting to be discovered in Tuscany.

But when is the best time to visit Tuscany? Well, that depends on how many other tourists you want to share the attractions with and what kind of temperatures you prefer. Tuscany is busiest in summer, just like the rest of Italy, and between June and August, it’s not only swelteringly hot but outrageously crowded in the most popular areas.

Outside of this, the shoulder seasons of spring and fall are both marvelous times to visit, with pleasant weather and far fewer tourists around to spoil your pictures. To help you plan your next Italian getaway, here’s our monthly breakdown of the best time to visit Tuscany.