Naples and Sicily are two Italian locations that have been linked since their historic joining in the 1200s to become the Kingdom of Sicily. Today, Sicily is an autonomous island region of the country and Naples remains one of the most popular cities in Italy despite a complex past, with both destinations seeing thousands of tourists from around the world every year.

Sicily is found in the Mediterranean Sea just off the southern tip of Italy, enjoying aspects of Greek, Italian and Mediterranean culture. Naples is a huge city on the west coast of the country, surrounded by the Bay of Naples and the Gulfs of Salerno and Pozzuoli as well as being flanked by Mount Vesuvius and the volcanic area of Campi Flegrei.

The question of visiting Naples vs Sicily is a tricky one, as both locations have a lot to offer in terms of food, culture and sightseeing attractions that make them brilliant alternatives to popular tourist destinations like Venice, Rome and Tuscany. To help you decide which of these two coastal destinations to visit on your vacation, we’ve put together this guide on how to choose between Sicily and Naples.

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