Italy Cruise and Wine on the Tiber River

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Rome is a prime tourist city of textures, and one with visual amazements around every corner. Each neighborhood of Rome has its own unique style, but they have all one thing in common, they are seen from a land prospective.

Get below street level, get off your feet for a while, and enjoy a relaxing cruise tour down the Tiber River, past some of the monuments from a water perspective.


One of the more surprising aspects of this experience is the angle at which you approach the monuments that have only been seen previously by foot. Seeing these grand monuments from below street level, and from the water, creates a wonderful display for your camera and your mind’s eye.

You will pass by St Peter’s Basilica and Castel Sant’Angelo, and all of the historic buildings lining the Tiber River.

There are several places to gain access to the boats, so it allows you to experience hop-on-hop-off flexibility. The boats that are designed for this specialized tour are open-top, which allow for a panoramic 360 degree view of the surrounding area. This is a very affordable inclusion to your Italy trip, so it makes for a great break in the day from walking around.

There are several options from a hop-on-hop-off experience. Let your Travel Expert add this experience to your trip.


Feel the warm breeze through your hair, and the golden warm sun kiss your skin, as you sit and gently glide over the waters of the Tiber. Slip off your shoes, take a deep breath and smell the air, enjoy a glass of wine as you drift past Rome’s towering monuments.

Please note that this tour can only be booked as part of our travel packages and is not available on an individual basis.

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