8-Day Pedal Through Puglia: A Casual Matera to Lecce Bike Tour

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Day 1: Welcome to Bari 🛬

Arrival & Transfer: Touch down at Bari Airport where your personal driver awaits to whisk you off to your hotel. Need help booking your flight? Just say the word, and Italy4Real will take care of your airfare arrangements.

Accommodation in Matera: Nestle into the heart of Basilicata at Matera, a city celebrated for its ancient rock settlements, the Sassi. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Matera boasts mesmerizing cave dwellings etched into limestone, with origins stretching back millennia. Stroll through the old town to explore its historic churches and buildings, which provide a window to a distant past. Fun fact: Matera has also been a backdrop for major films like James Bond’s No Time To Die, The Passion of the Christ  and Wonder Woman 1984.

Embrace the cinematic magic and profound history that this unique city offers.

About Matera

Matera, Italy: Where History Meets Hip 🕰️🌟

Vintage Vibes: Nestled in Basilicata’s rugged landscape, Matera is ancient with a capital A. Walking through the Sassi—those epic cave dwellings carved into limestone—feels like you’ve stepped back thousands of years. It’s like the ultimate old-school neighborhood.

Cool Credential Alert: Yeah, the Sassi are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is a fancy way of saying they’re incredibly cool and important. This spot has nailed the art of mixing deep history with stunning nature.

Seen on Screen: Ever wonder where they shoot those epic historical movies? Matera’s got the cred. It’s the go-to for films like “Mary Magdalene”,  “Italian Race” “King David”, “Ben Hur” and “Wonder Woman 1984.” Talk about a cinematic superstar!

Modern Buzz: Matera isn’t just about ancient caves; it’s also bustling with today’s vibes. Wander through its twisty streets to discover lively squares, awesome eats, and art-filled churches. The food scene? It’s all about diving into delicious local dishes that showcase the best of Basilicata’s flavors.

Matera’s the perfect spot for anyone looking to spice up their travel with a mix of history and modern-day cool.

the town of Alberbello with bicyclists

Day 2: Ride from Matera to Alberobello 🚴

On Your Way: Gear up for a cool 37-mile jaunt from the captivating Matera to the quirky Alberobello. Depending on your fitness level you can choose from renting an E-bike or Manual bike for the duration of the tour.

See the Sights: You’ll start in the heart of Matera, cruising past awesome landscapes and into the countryside. Once you hit Alberobello, prepare to be amazed by the town’s iconic trulli houses—those unique cone-shaped stone homes that are just too cool to miss!

About Alberobello

Alberobello: Where Cute Meets Quirky 🏠🌟

Trulli Love: Dive into Alberobello and get swept up by its famous trulli—those adorable stone houses with cone-shaped roofs straight out of a fantasy book. It’s like walking around in a dream village, and yeah, your camera’s going to love it here.

Cool Status: These aren’t just any cute houses; they’re UNESCO-protected. Alberobello scores big for keeping this unique architectural style alive and kicking. It’s like stepping into a living museum, but way more fun.

Insta-Ready Exploring: Every nook of Alberobello is begging to be photographed. From the charming, white-washed trulli lined up like dominoes to the bustling little markets filled with crafts and local goodies—this place is seriously picturesque.

Eat, Sip, Repeat: Got a craving? Alberobello’s got you covered with awesome local eats. Think hand-rolled pasta, oozy burrata, and wines that’ll make you want to stay forever. It’s all about indulging in the good stuff here.

Alberobello is more than a town; it’s an experience packed with charm, history, and a whole lot of character. It’s laid-back, it’s adorable, and it’s definitely a must-visit.

Day 3: Cruise from Alberobello to Ostuni 🚴

Start Your Engines: After checking out Alberobello’s cool trulli, it’s time to saddle up and head to Ostuni. You’ve got a sweet 22-mile ride ahead, with awesome views of olive groves and old-school Puglian farmhouses along the way.

Scenic Route: As you pedal towards Ostuni, take in the endless olive trees and spot some classic farmhouses—perfect for a quick photo break or just to enjoy the vibe. It’s a laid-back ride with lots of natural beauty to soak up.

Hit up Ostuni: When you get to Ostuni, aka the “White City,” you’ll see it’s all about those stunning white-washed buildings and cute little alleys. Wander around, take in the views from above, and chill in one of the coolest towns around. It’s the perfect place to relax after a day on the bike.

About Ostuni

Ostuni: Italy’s Own White Gem 🌟

All Dressed in White: Ostuni is a standout with its gleaming white walls and buildings that sparkle under the sun. Known as the “White City,” it sits on a hill offering killer views over endless olive groves. Seriously, this place shines!

Labyrinth of Cool: Walking through Ostuni is like wandering through a maze of light and shadow. The city’s twisty, narrow streets lead to hidden cafes, cool little shops, and spots with views that’ll make your Instagram friends jealous.

Step Back in Time: The heart of Ostuni beats around its stunning Cathedral, a piece of Gothic beauty with a rose window that’s just wow. With roots going back to the Stone Age, every building here tells a story of ages past.

Eat Like a Local: Pull up a chair at a street-side restaurant and dive into some local flavors. Think hand-made “orecchiette” pasta, fresh off-the-boat seafood, and yes, olive oil that’s to die for. Ostuni’s food scene is as vibrant as its streets.

Visiting Ostuni is more than just a trip; it’s an experience packed with history, flavor, and lots of white-painted charm. It’s the perfect place to chill, explore, and soak in the vibes of southern Italy.

row of red bikes lined up

Day 4: Cruise from Ostuni to Avetrana 🚴

Gear Up: Ready to leave the stunning White City behind? Strap on your helmet for a breezy 34-mile trek down to Avetrana. Today’s ride cuts through the heart of Puglia’s countryside, so you’re in for some seriously scenic views.

Ride and Relax: Glide through tranquil rural areas, spotting old olive groves and sprawling vineyards along the way. It’s the perfect chance to chill, enjoy the fresh air, and maybe stop for some cool photos amidst the picturesque landscapes.

Hit Up Avetrana: Once you get to Avetrana, don’t miss out on the local castle. The Castle of Avetrana isn’t just an old building—it’s a piece of the town’s heartbeat with plenty of tales to tell. Dive into its history and uncover the mysteries it holds.

Today’s journey blends a bit of everything—great cycling, awesome landscapes, and a touch of history, making it another epic day on your Italian cycling adventure.

About Avetrana

Avetrana: Puglia’s Chill Little Secret 🌿🏰

Laid-Back and Lovely: Avetrana is that low-key cool place in Puglia that might not be all over your social feeds, but it’s 100% worth a visit. It’s relaxed, friendly, and has that real-deal small-town vibe where everyone seems to know your name after a day.

Castle Vibes: At the heart of Avetrana, you’ll find its old castle. This isn’t just any old pile of stones—it’s a piece of history that’s still standing strong, filled with stories of yesteryears. Poking around here is like stepping into a historical drama—minus the drama.

Green All Over: The town is nestled among some killer nature. Think endless olive groves and rows of vineyards—perfect for wandering or just kicking back and enjoying the view with a good glass of local wine.

Take It Easy: Avetrana runs on chill time. The town square is the go-to spot for laid-back hangs, people watching, and feeling the heartbeat of the place. It’s where you can really soak in the slow, sweet life of southern Italy.

Snack and Sip: While you’re here, dive into the local food scene. With all the amazing produce from around Puglia, meals here are all about fresh ingredients and simple, mouth-watering flavors. Don’t skip the local wine—it’s a winner.

Avetrana’s not just a stop; it’s a chance to unwind, step back from the rush, and enjoy a slice of the chill, charming Italian life.

harbor of Gallipoli Italy with 3 small boats

Day 5: Roll from Avetrana to Gallipoli 🚴🌊

Kick Off: Say goodbye to Avetrana and hit the road for Gallipoli. You’ve got a breezy 28 miles ahead with the Ionian Sea keeping you company. It’s a sweet ride with some seriously cool beachy views.

Scenic Route: Today’s all about those seaside vibes. Pedal past beautiful beaches and epic cliffs that look like they’re diving right into the sea. Take it easy, snap some pics, and just soak up the sun and the sights.

Hit Gallipoli: Once you get to Gallipoli, dive into the old town. It’s packed with cute cobblestone streets that lead you down to a picturesque harbor. Stroll around, explore the shops, and maybe chill at a café by the water to watch the boats bobbing along.

Gallipoli is a total gem with its mix of history and gorgeous seaside setting. After today, you’ll see why it’s such a hit for anyone cruising down Italy’s coast.

About Gallipoli

Gallipoli: The Ultimate Beachside Chill Spot 🌞🌊

Beach Vibes All Day: Right on the heel of Italy, Gallipoli’s got the hookup with some of the clearest waters and coolest beaches around. If you’re all about sunbathing, swimming, or just lounging with a book, this is your paradise.

Wander the Old Town: Imagine a quaint little island linked by a vintage bridge, filled with narrow cobblestone streets, awesome old churches, and the freshest seafood spots. Gallipoli’s old town is exactly that—perfect for lazy strolls and seaside snapshots.

Fresh Catch Scene: Hit up the fish market in the AM to see the local fisherfolk in action. It’s bustling, vibrant, and a real-deal display of Gallipoli’s fishing culture. Definitely a must-see for the early risers!

Dive into Culture: Want a bit more than beach time? Gallipoli’s got museums and energetic tarantella dances that are super fun to watch. It’s a great way to feel the local pulse and maybe learn a few dance moves.

Nightlife on Point: When night falls, Gallipoli lights up. From chill beach bars to thumping nightclubs, the town’s got a nightlife scene that’ll keep you moving till the sun comes up again.

Gallipoli isn’t just a spot to catch some rays—it’s a place to live up the beach life, explore some cool history, and party by the sea. Whether you’re here to chill or to celebrate, Gallipoli delivers big time.

Gallipoli Italy building and people near water

Boats on land in the port of Otranto Italy with dark dramatic sunset

Day 6: Ride from Gallipoli to Otranto 🚴🌊

Gear Up: Morning in Gallipoli means it’s time to hit the road for a cool 34-mile ride to Otranto. Today, you’re cruising along the Adriatic coast, so expect some killer sea views as you pedal through the stunning Salento area.

Coastal Cruising: The journey to Otranto is all about those awesome seaside views. Feel the sea breeze and take in the lush landscapes of Salento—a perfect backdrop for today’s ride.

Hit Otranto: Roll into Otranto and make your first stop at the impressive Norman cathedral. Check out its amazing mosaics and dive into some deep history. Then, wander through the historic center’s narrow streets, popping into cafes or just enjoying the laid-back atmosphere.

Otranto packs a punch with its mix of history and stunning seaside settings, making it a fantastic spot to explore and chill after a day of cycling. Whether you’re soaking up history or seaside vibes, Otranto’s got the best of both.

About Otranto

Otranto: Sun, Sea, and Stories 🌊📖

Beachside Hangout: Right on Italy’s Adriatic coast, Otranto is the ultimate spot for beach lovers. Imagine sunbathing, swimming, or just chilling with epic sea views. It’s all about that relaxed Mediterranean feel here.

History at Every Turn: There’s tons of cool history tucked around every corner. The star of the show is the Norman cathedral with its huge, ancient mosaic floor that tells stories from centuries ago. And don’t miss the crypt—it’s as cool and eerie as they come.

Lazy Lanes and Cool Cafes: Drift through Otranto’s historic center where every twist and turn brings something new. It’s a tangle of quaint streets, with whitewashed houses and vibrant cafes perfect for people-watching or sipping an espresso.

Cultural Cocktail: Otranto’s got a funky history as a meeting point between East and West, and you can see this cultural blend everywhere—from the buildings to the bites. It makes this little town uniquely fascinating.

Foodie’s Paradise: You can’t visit without diving into the local eats. Seafood’s the big draw, with dishes like crispy grilled octopus or rich sea urchin pasta that are next-level delicious. Pair it with a local wine for the perfect meal.

Otranto is all about taking it easy with a backdrop of stunning beaches and intriguing history. Whether you’re here to soak up the sun or soak in the culture, it’s a place that’s sure to keep things interesting.

Otranto Italy areal view of city and bay

Lecce Italy main square and stone church

Day 7: Otranto to Lecce 🚴🏛️

Final Stretch: Gear up for your last ride, a sweet 28-mile cruise from Otranto to Lecce through the heart of Salento’s countryside. It’s your chance to pedal past those iconic olive groves and enjoy some of the prettiest views around.

Countryside Vibes: Today’s all about enjoying those last miles, with the open fields and old olive trees keeping you company. It’s peaceful, it’s pretty, and it’s the perfect wind-down to your cycling adventure.

Hello, Lecce: Once you roll into Lecce, you’re in for a treat. Dubbed the ‘Florence of the South,’ this city is a feast of Baroque architecture. Wander around the historic center and you’ll find stunning squares and elaborate churches. Every building and street here packs a punch of dramatic style.

Finish off your tour with a bang in Lecce. Explore at your own pace, take loads of pics, and maybe cap off the adventure with a tasty gelato or a sip of something local. Lecce’s not just a city, it’s a grand finale.

About Lecce

Lecce: Where Baroque Gets a Fresh Spin 🎨🚀

Street Art, Old-School Style: Picture this: Lecce is basically an outdoor gallery with its flamboyant Baroque architecture, where every building and statue looks like it’s made for your Insta feed. It’s like the historical charm got a fresh makeover and now it’s showing off.

Walk This Way: Exploring Lecce is super chill. Just lace up your sneakers and hit the streets. You’ll bump into cool spots like the flashy Basilica di Santa Croce and the stylish Piazza del Duomo without even trying. It’s all walkable and totally stunning.

Coffee and Treats: Hanging out in Lecce means you’ve gotta hit the local cafes. Pop in for a sharp espresso and a pasticciotto (those pastries are addictive!), and just soak in the local buzz. It’s about enjoying the laid-back vibes one bite at a time.

Party with the Past: There’s always something popping off in Lecce, from artsy fairs to live music that turns historic plazas into dance floors. The city’s got a knack for blending its rich history with a punchy, modern rhythm.

Night Moves: As the sun sets, Lecce doesn’t slow down. The nightlife scene here is varied—cozy up in a wine bar, or find a lively spot to groove until late. There’s a place for every mood.

Lecce is more than just a city; it’s a vibe. It combines the grandeur of the past with a vibrant, youthful energy that makes you want to stay longer. Whether you’re here for the art, the atmosphere, or the after-party, Lecce keeps things interesting.

Lecce Italy ancient ruins in front of modern building

Day 8: Departure Day 🛫

Sweet Goodbyes: It’s that bittersweet time to say goodbye. After one last breakfast at your hotel, packed with memories from the past week, it’s time to wrap up this incredible adventure. You’ve biked through some of the most beautiful parts of Italy, and now those memories are yours to keep.

Smooth Exit: Don’t worry about the logistics—your private transfer is all set to take you back to the Bari airport or train station. Just grab your bags and head out with a heart full of unforgettable experiences.

Keep the Adventure Going: Not ready to end the Italian experience? Consider jumping onto another adventure like our 8-DAY FOODIE TOUR OF NORTHERN ITALY. It’s the perfect way to blend fitness with flavors and keep the good times rolling. Chat with your booking agent for all the tasty details.

Safe travels and remember, Italy will always be here, ready for your next journey!

Departure Dates

Departure Days:

April to October: This tour is fully customizable, allowing you to select your specific departure dates. Pricing will vary based on the actual travel dates you choose. Whether you’re looking to travel in the vibrant spring, the warm summer, or the crisp early autumn, we can tailor your biking adventure to perfectly suit your schedule and preferences.



Customize Your Ride 🚴
Take the reins on your Southern Italy biking adventure! With **customized pricing**, choose from cozy to luxurious accommodations, pick your perfect departure date, and fine-tune every detail of the tour. Want more stops or fewer activities? We’ll tailor everything to fit your budget and style.

Tailor-Made Adventures 🌟
Fancy spending extra time in a quaint village or adding more thrills with extra activities? We’ve got you covered. Our tours are designed for flexibility, allowing you to set the pace and personalize your itinerary. It’s your trip, done your way.

Get Your Personalized Quote Today 📧
Dreaming of a biking journey through Southern Italy? Reach out to us at info@italy4real.com for a personalized quote. Let’s bring your travel dreams to life with a custom tour designed just for you. Contact us now, and start pedaling towards an epic adventure!



Pedal Through Puglia: A Casual Matera to Lecce Bike Tour
Duration: 7 Nights / 8 Days
Ease Level: Medimum – we have E-Bikes or manual if you want a challenge.
Distance: 182 mile (293 km)  broken into chill daily rides from 21 miles (35 km) to 37 miles (60 km), lasting about 2-6 hours

Ready for a relaxed bike ride through some of Italy’s most storied landscapes? This easygoing tour takes you from the ancient cityscapes of Matera to the baroque elegance of Lecce. Along the way, you’ll wheel through the stunning villages of Alberobello and Ostuni, and catch the sea breeze near Avetrana, Gallipoli, and Otranto.

What makes this ride really special? We’re cruising through several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These sites are recognized by UNESCO for their unique cultural, historical, or scientific significance to the world, which means they’re protected for future generations to enjoy. It’s a chance to pedal back in time and immerse yourself in the authenticity of Puglia, soaking up its rich heritage and breathtaking landscapes. Come see why this part of Italy is truly a treasure worth exploring by bike!

Fitness Disclaimer for E-Bike Tour

Please note that while electric bikes (e-bikes) are available for this tour, a baseline level of fitness is still required. Participants must be capable of riding an e-bike for extended periods and manage daily rides with a minimum distance of 20 miles. E-bikes provide pedal assistance, which can help ease the physical strain of cycling; however, the ability to maintain balance, navigate varying terrain, and handle the bike for several hours each day is essential. We encourage all participants to assess their fitness level and biking skills to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on this tour.

What's Included


What’s Included in Your Grand Southern Italy Biking Adventure 🚴‍♂️🇮🇹

To ensure a memorable trip, Italy4Real meticulously curates a range of services and offerings for your 8-day biking tour through Southern Italy.

Inclusive Services and Offerings:

Personalized Local Support: Get full access to our local team in Italy via phone, text, or WhatsApp. We’re here to help in real time throughout your adventure.

Curated Accommodations: Stay in fully inspected hotels located in the historic hearts of cities, each offering private baths and daily breakfast.

Comprehensive Touring: Enjoy structured itineraries that highlight the best of Southern Italy, ensuring you experience all the must-see sights.

Effortless Transportation: Travel smoothly with arranged transports that make getting from point A to B seamless and stress-free.

Digital Companion: Enhance your city explorations with complimentary electronic city guides, packed with insider tips and essential information.

Not Included

What’s Not Included: For Your Information

  • Airfare to and from Italy. However, we offer free research and pricing services for finding the best airfare—an exclusive service only for Italy4Real customers.
  • Travel insurance, which we strongly recommend for your peace of mind.
  • City taxes to be paid directly at the hotel.

Pricing Transparency: Our Euro-Centric Approach

We place a premium on offering extraordinary value in concert with exceptional services, hence all our package prices are stated in Euros. Here’s why this matters:

Clarity in Financial Dealings

By presenting prices in Euros, we ensure you receive the most straightforward and competitive rates, devoid of hidden costs that often lurk in U.S. Dollar quotations due to ever-changing exchange rates.

Staying Ahead of Currency Trends

Our team of Travel Specialists is perpetually monitoring the value of the Euro against other principal currencies. This proactive approach enables us to guide you on the ideal moment to lock in your payment, thereby maximizing your financial well-being.

Billing Made Clear

Each invoice you receive is meticulously crafted to display the current exchange rate, ensuring absolute clarity in your financial transactions. With Italy4Real, what you see is what you get—no hidden fees or unanticipated charges.

Payment Flexibility Tailored For You

We solidify the exchange rate between the U.S. Dollar and the Euro solely at the time of your concluding payment, allowing you the leeway to capitalize on favorable exchange rates as they arise.

Your choice of Italy4Real as your European tour partner is deeply valued. We consider your satisfaction and the value we provide to be the cornerstone of our service.

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