8-Day Odyssey of Unforgettable Beauty, Culture, and Flavor Discovering the Soul of Sicily

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Sicily Ruins
ruins of taormina

Day 1: Arrive in Taormina - The Gateway to Your Sicilian Odyssey

Welcome to Italy!

The first page of your Sicilian story unfolds the moment your plane lands at the buzzing Catania Airport. You’re not just arriving in Italy; you’re stepping into a realm rich in history, culture, and unparalleled beauty.

Your Transfer Options

While our packages offer the flexibility of a self-transfer to your lavishly handpicked accommodation in Taormina, we’re delighted to enhance your arrival experience with a dash of tailored luxury.

Optional Upgrade: Private Car and Driver Transfer on Arrival

For discerning travelers looking for an elevated start, you have the option to book a private car and driver transfer right to your doorstep in Taormina. Journey through breathtaking Sicilian landscapes in a luxurious vehicle, your personal driver ensuring your utmost comfort and ease. Arrive at your lodging not just in style, but also with the relaxed mindset that sets the tone for the incredible days ahead.

Taxi Availability at the Airport

Should you choose not to opt for the private transfer, rest assured that taxis are conveniently available at the airport to facilitate your journey to Taormina.

Overnight in Taormina

As the Mediterranean sun gracefully bows out for the day, settle into your exclusive Taormina abode. You’ll find your lodging brimming with Italian allure, meshed seamlessly with contemporary amenities, all curated to perfection by Italy4Real’s decades of expertise.

Let the enchantment of your first evening in Taormina beckon you towards the extraordinary experiences that await. Here’s to a journey that promises to be as magical as the Sicilian nightscape itself.

Siracusa view of sea

Day 2: Catania, Siracusa, and Ortigia - A Tapestry of History, Beauty, and Culinary Delights

Embark on a Journey through Time and Taste

Step into your day with an eager sense of anticipation as you prepare to delve deeper into the multi-layered beauty that is Sicily. Today’s itinerary takes you on an intimate, small-group tour through two of the island’s most iconic locales: Siracusa and Catania.

Morning: Uncover the Mystique of Siracusa & Ortigia

Begin your day in the dual wonders of Siracusa and Ortigia, a unified metropolis steeped in ancient allure and bordered by the crystalline Mediterranean. Accompanied by an expert English-speaking guide, traverse through timeworn streets and along the mesmerizing waterfront. Unearth the enigmatic histories, myths, and architectural marvels that make this city a jewel of Sicilian heritage.

Experience the Archaeological Wonders

Take your understanding of Sicily’s rich past a notch higher with a visit to the Siracusa archaeological park. Here, Greek amphitheaters and Roman ruins coalesce to create a dramatic landscape, a vivid testament to the island’s diverse historical influences. Our knowledgeable guide brings these relics to life, offering insights that transform mere stone into storytelling monuments.

Afternoon: A Culinary Voyage in Catania

Refuel with a delicious, authentically Sicilian lunch that tantalizes your tastebuds and ignites your love for the island’s unique culinary tradition. Once sated, continue your journey to Catania, a city as known for its Baroque architecture as for its gastronomic gems.

Savor the Flavors of Catania

Participate in a specialized tasting experience where you’ll sample a selection of Catania’s finest local offerings. From savory to sweet, discover why Sicilian cuisine is the stuff of legends.

Overnight in Taormina
Retreat to the sanctuary of your Taormina accommodation, your senses awash with the day’s rich tapestry of experiences. As you relax, reflect on the knowledge gained, flavors savored, and wonders seen—precious threads in your unfolding Sicilian story.


Day 3: Taormina - Your Day, Your Adventure

Freedom to Explore at Your Leisure

Today, the itinerary is yours to design as you relish a full free day in the picturesque town of Taormina. Nestled between the Ionian Sea and Mount Etna, Taormina offers a myriad of experiences that cater to diverse interests. Here are some suggestions to help you make the most of your day:

For the History Buffs: Visit the Ancient Theatre of Taormina

One of the most celebrated Greco-Roman theaters in the world, this architectural wonder offers not only a peek into ancient history but also an unparalleled view of Mount Etna and the sea below.

For Nature Lovers: A Cable Car Ride to Isola Bella

Take a thrilling cable car ride down to Isola Bella, a charming island nature reserve. Its crystal-clear waters make it a haven for snorkelers and swimmers alike.

For the Romantics: Sunset Stroll on Corso Umberto

Corso Umberto, the main street in Taormina, is lined with boutiques, cafes, and gelato shops. As the sun sets, the street takes on a magical glow—perfect for a romantic stroll.

For the Foodies: A Culinary Journey in Taormina’s Side Streets

Venture off the main paths and into the quaint side streets to discover authentic Sicilian cuisine. Whether it’s a fine-dining establishment or a humble trattoria, your palate is in for a treat.

For the Shopaholics: Treasure Hunting in Local Boutiques

Taormina is a hub for Italian fashion and artisan crafts. Spend your afternoon exploring boutiques that offer everything from luxury Italian brands to handcrafted local goods.

For the Art Aficionados: Visit the Art Galleries

Explore local art scenes by visiting some of the town’s galleries. With a range of styles from traditional to modern, Taormina’s art galleries offer something for every art lover.

Overnight in Taormina

As you nestle into your sumptuous bed for the night, you’ll carry with you the cherished memories and possible new friendships formed during your free day in Taormina, adding yet another enriching layer to your unforgettable Sicilian sojourn.

Cefalù air view

Day 4: Taormina to Palermo, With an Enchanting Stop in Cefalù

A Journey from East to West, Peppered with Sicilian Marvels

Today marks a transformative chapter in your Sicilian odyssey as you transition from the serene Eastern shores of Taormina to the vibrant Western vibes of Palermo. But before reaching your final destination, an entrancing stopover in the coastal jewel of Cefalù awaits.

Morning: Departure from Taormina

Your driver will greet you at your Taormina lodging, setting the stage for a day of exploration and wonder. Sit back and enjoy the luxuriously comfortable transfer through Sicily’s contrasting landscapes, each mile offering a fresh tableau of the island’s natural grandeur.

Mid-Day: An Independent Exploration of Cefalù

Savor the liberty of an independent exploration in Cefalù, a town where every nook and cranny whispers tales of ages gone by. Cefalù seamlessly marries historical gravitas with breathtaking natural beauty, providing ample opportunities for discovery and relaxation.

Discover the Norman Cathedral: A UNESCO World Heritage Site

The indomitable spirit of Cefalù is best epitomized by its magnificent Norman Cathedral. This architectural marvel is not merely a testament to human ingenuity but also a UNESCO World Heritage site. As you wander through its hallowed interiors, the intricate mosaics and awe-inspiring Byzantine frescoes offer a silent but potent narrative, transporting you to a bygone era.

Explore the Coastal Beauty

After your historical interlude, step out into the charming streets of Cefalù. Whether you choose to take a leisurely stroll along its sandy beaches or sip a Sicilian aperitif at a seaside café, the town serves as an idyllic backdrop for your personal escapades.

Evening: Arrival in Palermo

As your private driver navigates through the final stretches of scenic roadways, brace yourself for the energetic embrace of Palermo, Sicily’s spirited capital. Your hotel here is a sanctuary that complements the city’s blend of buzzing activity and cultural richness.

Overnight in Palermo

The tapestry of your Sicilian journey gains additional texture and color as you retire for the evening in Palermo, the city’s nocturnal symphony serving as a lullaby for the adventures that lie ahead.



Day 5: Best of Palermo - A Tapestry of Culture, History, and Culinary Delight

Walk Through the Veins of Palermo’s Multifaceted Heritage

There’s no better way to unearth the rich tapestry of Palermo’s history and culture than by taking it step by step—quite literally! On Day 5 of your Sicilian journey, get ready to delve deep into the heart of Palermo with an intimate small-group walking tour, guided by local experts who bring the city’s stories to life.

Morning: A Journey Through Time and Architecture

Begin your exploration with an amble through the city center, a showcase of Palermo’s stunning Baroque and Normann-Arab architectural heritage. As you walk, the city itself narrates a visual story, each turn revealing a different chapter of its multifaceted past.

Piazza Pretoria: The Square of Intrigue and Artistry

One of your first stops will be the enigmatic Piazza Pretoria, commonly known as the “Square of Shame.” At its heart stands a mesmerizing marble fountain, ornate with statues that have earned it its intriguing nickname. Flanking this iconic square, the regal Praetorian Palace stands as a testament to civic grandeur, currently housing the Town Hall.

The Royal Palace and Palatine Chapel: Glimpses of Royalty and Divinity

Your journey continues to the Royal Palace, an emblem of Sicilian governance now serving as the Regional Parliament. Nearby, prepare to be awestruck by the Palatine Chapel. This ecclesiastical jewel is resplendent with golden mosaics that portray biblical stories in a mesmerizing display of color and craftsmanship.

Religious Wonders: Martorana Church and Palermo Cathedral

Your path will also lead you to awe-inspiring religious sites like the Martorana Church and the Palermo Cathedral. These sacred spaces offer more than just spiritual solace; they are also architectural masterpieces that lend depth and dimension to Palermo’s rich cultural landscape.

Afternoon: A Culinary Finale

After hours of cultural immersion, indulge in a delightful culinary pause. Savor the traditional tastes of Palermo with a choice of a Sicilian cannolo or granita. These authentic treats provide a fitting end to your cultural and gastronomic pilgrimage through the city.

Overnight in Palermo

As the city’s evening lights begin to twinkle, take your newfound knowledge and enriched palate back to your luxurious accommodation. Rest well, for tomorrow promises new adventures and experiences in the next chapter of your captivating Sicilian odyssey.


Day 6: Erice & Marsala - A Day of Elevated Experience and Liquid Gold

Journey into the Heart of Traditional Sicily

As you awaken to another Sicilian day, prepare for an exhilarating departure from Palermo’s urban rhythm. Today’s small-group tour is a sublime blend of historical allure, culinary wonder, and natural majesty as you explore two of Sicily’s most charming destinations: Erice and Marsala.

Morning: Erice, The Hilltop Sanctuary

Your day begins with a comfortable minivan ride to Erice, a medieval town perched high on a mountain. With an expert guide to lead the way, wander through cobbled lanes enveloped by ancient stone walls. Erice offers not just historical richness but also panoramic views that stretch from the hilltops to the glistening Mediterranean Sea below.

Taste the Divine: Local Granita Sampling

Enhance your experience of Erice with a sample of local granita, a Sicilian frozen treat that perfectly captures the essence of island flavors. Whether you prefer fruity or creamy varieties, this small indulgence adds a delicious touch to your morning exploration.

Afternoon: A Culinary Odyssey in Marsala

Your journey continues towards Marsala, a name synonymous with luxurious wines. Here, a specially curated Sicilian lunch awaits, showcasing the very best of local cuisine. Savor a range of dishes, each a piece of Sicilian heritage on a plate, paired flawlessly with Marsala wines in an unforgettable tasting session.

The Salt Route: A Picturesque Drive

Post-lunch, your minivan will navigate along the iconic Salt Route of Marsala. Witness an extraordinary landscape dotted with historic salt mills and mirror-like salt pans reflecting the azure skies. It’s a visual feast, a serene counterpoint to the rich flavors and aromas you’ve just experienced.

Evening: Return to Palermo

As the sun takes on a golden hue, signaling the approach of another Sicilian evening, your minivan will carry you back to Palermo. You’ll arrive invigorated, your soul enriched and your senses heightened by a day of multifaceted experiences.

Overnight in Palermo

With memories of hilltop vistas, culinary delights, and salt route serenity, surrender to the comfort of your luxurious Palermo accommodation. As you rest, take a moment to reflect on a day that added depth, flavor, and color to your unfolding Sicilian narrative.

Agrigento Temple Valley

Day 7: Agrigento Temple Valley - Where the Divine Meets the Delectable

Embark on a Journey to Ancient Splendors and Culinary Wonders

As the Sicilian sun rises on Day 7, it marks the start of a truly regal experience. Awaiting you is an exploration of Agrigento and its renowned Temple Valley—each moment curated to evoke a feeling of sublime transcendence. Set off from Palermo in a plush minivan, your comfort guaranteed, and your intellectual curiosity whetted by a licensed English-speaking expert guide.

Morning: Agrigento, a Mosaic of Cultures

Upon arriving in Agrigento, you’ll find a city where Italian and Greek influences dance together in an enchanting choreography of culture. The atmosphere is rich with the history of civilizations long past but never forgotten.

The Valle dei Templi: A Pantheon in Stone

The highlight of your day is a visit to the awe-inspiring “Valle dei Templi,” or Valley of the Temples. This archaeological gem is a sanctuary of Doric-style temples, some of which are remarkably well-preserved. As you wander among these ancient edifices, each column and each stone whisper secrets from thousands of years ago. The grandeur of the temples against the natural backdrop of the Sicilian landscape creates a surreal, almost otherworldly, ambiance.

Return to Palermo: A Night to Remember

As your deluxe minivan transports you back to Palermo, you’ll have the opportunity to relive the day’s experiences, cherishing the sublime blend of history, architecture, and culinary mastery. Rest assured, this is a day that will remain etched in your memory, a precious jewel in the treasure chest of your Sicilian adventure.

Overnight in Palermo

With a heart full of gratitude for the day’s revelations and a palate satiated by Sicilian flavors, retreat to your luxurious Palermo accommodation. Let your dreams be populated by ancient temples and divine Sicilian feasts as you rest up for the concluding day of your unforgettable journey.

Sicily with Italy4real

Day 8: Farewell to Sicily - A Journey's End, But the Memories Live On

A Morning Toast to Your Adventure

As the Sicilian sun breaks through the dawn of Day 8, it casts its golden rays over your final morning in this enchanted land. Rise to a delightful breakfast featuring an array of Sicilian and Italian specialties—a fitting start to your day and a beautiful conclusion to a journey that has captivated your senses and touched your soul.

End of Italy4Real’s Unforgettable Service

With the last sip of your Italian coffee and the final bite of your delicious pastry, it’s time to say ‘arrivederci’ to Sicily. Though our dedicated service ends here, rest assured that your relationship with Sicily, its landscapes, and its rich heritage is a love affair that will continue to flourish in your memories.

Taking Sicily Home With You

As you pack your bags and prepare for your departure, you might find yourself not just folding clothes but also carefully tucking away the precious moments you’ve gathered over the past week. Whether it’s the awe of standing amidst ancient temples or the simple joy of tasting a perfectly crafted cannolo, each experience is a keepsake, a tangible part of Sicily that you will carry home with you.

Thank you for choosing Italy4Real for your Sicilian adventure. Our nearly 30 years of experience have been devoted to curating unparalleled travel experiences, and it has been our utmost pleasure to add your journey to our legacy. Safe travels, and may the allure of Sicily call you back for another unforgettable odyssey.

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sicily Taormina


SOLD OUT for 2024

Please see our other Sicily tours here: https://italy4real.com/sicily-tours/

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This is a semi-escorted tour which means you travel alone but have the full support of our guides, drivers and staff at each point during the tour. Some sightseeing tours will be small group for the sightseeing portion only.

Immerse yourself in the mystique and charm that is uniquely Sicilian. As you touch down in the sun-drenched paradise of Taormina, Italy, you’re not just starting a vacation—you’re embarking on a voyage through centuries, civilizations, and captivating landscapes. 

Journey to the time-honored cities of Siracusa, Ortigia, Cefalù, and Palermo, each a treasure chest of history, art, and local traditions. Stand in awe amidst ancient Greek amphitheaters and Roman ruins, monuments so storied they have earned UNESCO World Heritage status. Allow your senses to come alive as you savor mouth-watering Sicilian cuisine, a delightful amalgamation of Mediterranean flavors, ingeniously crafted to please both the eye and palate.

Let our knowledgeable guides lead you through cobblestone streets, where hidden gems are waiting to be discovered. Unravel the mysterious allure of Palermo, a city that blends grandeur and grit in an indescribable harmony. Our meticulously curated itinerary seamlessly blends exploration and leisure, transforming your 8-day sojourn into an eternal tapestry of experiences that will resonate with your soul.

With Italy4Real, it’s not just about sightseeing—it’s about experiencing something timeless. We are committed to elevating your journey to a realm of sophistication and personalized luxury that you won’t find elsewhere. Here, every detail is attended to, every experience is a narrative, and every moment is a brushstroke in your vivid tapestry of memories.

If you’re ready to discover Sicily in a way that honors both its timeless essence and your sense of wonder, then this 8-day odyssey is your invitation to the extraordinary.

What's Included


What’s Included: Your Journey, Tailored to Perfection

Italy4Real believes in crafting not just vacations, but unforgettable experiences, each moment designed to indulge your senses and enrich your understanding of Sicily’s rich tapestry of history, culture, and cuisine. Here is what’s included to make your trip nothing short of extraordinary:

Your Peace of Mind: Full Support Throughout Your Journey

For any needs or queries, our local Italian staff is at your service via phone, message, or WhatsApp, ensuring that your Sicilian adventure unfolds seamlessly from start to finish.

Accommodations: Your Sicilian Residences

  • 3 Nights in Taormina: Stay in handpicked accommodations blending luxury and local charm.
  • 4 Nights in Palermo: Revel in the distinct culture and history of Sicily’s vibrant capital.

Meals: Start Each Day the Italian Way

  • Daily Breakfast: From creamy cappuccinos to freshly baked pastries, each day begins with an Italian feast for the senses.

Tours: Intimate Discoveries with Expert Guides

  • Small Group Tour – Best of Palermo: Immerse yourself in Palermo’s UNESCO wonders. Meet the guide at a pre-determined location in Palermo and drop off at the same location.
  • Small Group Tour – Erice & Marsala: Explore medieval Erice and the stunning Salt Route of Marsala. Same meeting and drop-off arrangements as in Palermo.
  • Small Group Tour – Agrigento Temple Valley: Discover the ancient Doric-style temples with an expert guide. Meeting and drop-off points in Palermo are predetermined.
  • Small Group Tour – Catania, Siracusa and Ortigia: Dive into the fascinating cities of Catania and Siracusa, beginning and ending your journey in Giardini Naxos.

Transfers: Travel in Comfort

  • Private Transfer from Palermo to Taormina: Make a luxurious stopover in Cefalù en route.
  • 2-Hour Stop in Cefalù: Explore this coastal gem at your leisure, setting the pace for your own discoveries.

Not Included

What’s Not Included: For Your Information

  • Airfare to/from Italy: Customize your air travel as per your convenience.
  • Travel Insurance: An essential aspect, not included in the package.
  • City Tax: Payable at the hotel upon arrival.
  • Transfers for Guided Visits: Unless specified, transport to meet your guide is not included.
  • Return Transfers Post Visits: Transportation back to your hotel after guided visits is not included.
  • Guided Visit in Cefalù: Explore this captivating coastal town at your own pace.

Each element of your Sicilian adventure, from the tours to the meals and accommodations, is a brushstroke in the masterpiece that is your Italy4Real experience. With us, you don’t just travel; you journey through history, culture, and unparalleled quality.

Departure Days: Seasons of Enchantment

Experience the allure of Sicily during its most captivating months. Our carefully curated journey is available for departures on the following days, each chosen to enhance your exploration of this magical island:

  • From 25th March to 31st October: Departures every Friday and Sunday. Time your travel to coincide with Sicily’s most vibrant seasons, when the island is a tapestry of blooming flowers, sun-kissed beaches, and lively festivals.

Featured Hotels: Your Home Away from Home

At Italy4Real, we understand that a fulfilling travel experience isn’t just about the places you visit, but also the places where you rest and recharge. Here’s where you’ll be staying:

In Taormina / Giardini Naxos

  • Rivage Boutique Hotel: This exquisite property offers an intimate retreat amid Taormina’s picturesque scenery. From elegant rooms to top-notch amenities, this hotel serves as the perfect base for your Sicilian explorations.

In Palermo

  • Bastione Spasimo Boutique Hotel: Immerse yourself in the cultural tapestry of Palermo while staying at this boutique gem. With its unique blend of historic charm and modern comforts, Bastione Spasimo Boutique Hotel transforms your stay into an immersive experience.
  • Opera: A feast for the senses, this boutique hotel captures the artistic and musical essence of Palermo, offering an atmosphere that is both luxurious and steeped in local culture.

Each of our handpicked hotels serves as a cocoon of luxury and comfort, mirroring Italy4Real’s commitment to providing you with an experience that’s nothing short of extraordinary. With nearly 30 years of expertise, we’ve fine-tuned the art of delivering trips that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Understanding Accommodation Codes: Decoding DBL, SGL, and TPL

When perusing our handpicked tour offerings, you’ll come across terms like DBL, SGL, and TPL next to room choices. Understanding these terms can help you customize your perfect vacation:

DBL (Double Occupancy)

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SGL (Single Space)

Ideal for solo travelers, SGL rooms feature a single bed and are tailored to offer the privacy one might desire while journeying alone.

TPL (Triple Occupancy)

TPL rooms are fashioned to accommodate three guests. Typically, they feature either a double bed plus a single bed or three individual beds, making them a flexible choice for small families or a trio of friends.

The pricing for each of these room categories reflects the room’s capacity. If you have any more questions or require additional details, our Travel Experts are ready to help. Choosing Italy4Real means opting for a European adventure tailored to your unique tastes and preferences.

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