Fantastic Cooking Classes in Rome: Fresh Market Experience

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This is not a typical cooking class, but a half day in the life of a local professional chef and restaurant owner of one of the trendiest cafes in Rome: That’s Amore restaurant, near the Trevi Fountain.

You will taxi to the meeting point in a historical square in the heart of Rome, where you will meet your chef and tour guide. You will then go on the daily routine of hundreds of chefs in Rome when creating new dishes for their restaurants.They visit the world famous Campo di Fiori outdoor food market, held each day in the piazza.

The Roman market is amazing and waiting to be explored, full of colors, textures, sights and sounds; a true immersive culinary experience. The finest fruits and the freshest vegetables. The most colorful pastas, peppers and the most outstanding selection of tomatoes you have ever seen!

You will be taken through the Roman market from a chef’s perspective, and hunt for the ingredients for the day’s menu. Visit the meat shop, the bread shop and the seafood shop; meet the people and select your proteins.

Once you have your goods, you will take a wonderful stroll through some of Rome’s most historic areas of the city, as you head toward the professional kitchen where you will learn and prepare an amazing meal during your cooking class in Rome. When you enter the cooking space, you immediately realize you are in a very special and exclusive place.

You then learn from your guide that you are in one of the rarest apartments in Rome, because it is on one of the only islands in Rome. An amazing tid-bit you will learn more about during your class.


When you think of a cooking class in Rome, you likely envision a row of chairs, with you sitting and watching someone cook. If you ask us, that’s not a proper cooking class in Rome. Hey there! Ready to whip up some Italian deliciousness? Dive into our “Fantastic Cooking Classes in Rome: Fresh Market Experience” and get ready for a day full of fun, flavors, and fresh finds. Picture this: you’re strolling through a vibrant Roman market early in the morning, picking out the freshest, yummiest ingredients with our super cool chefs. Then, apron up – it’s time to get hands-on and cook up some authentic Italian goodness. Whether you’re a kitchen newbie or pretty savvy with a spatula, this class is all about fun, experimenting, and, of course, eating your creations. Looking for a day filled with good vibes, great food, and maybe learning a trick or two? Hit us up at or visit our website. Don’t miss out on this tasty Roman adventure – let’s make some delicious memories!

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